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bmw 1m drifting

Andre de Vries, also known as ‘AdvEvo’ on most automotive forums, shows us how to drift a BMW 1M. Andre is a long-time BMW owner …

Andre de Vries, also known as ‘AdvEvo’ on most automotive forums, shows us how to drift a BMW 1M. Andre is a long-time BMW owner and has been known to drift and race on some of the fastest circuits in Europe, including Spa Franchorchamp.

In the video below, Andre takes a Sapphire Black 1M through some intensive drifting sessions and demonstrate once again what a balanced and fun car the 1M really is.

Andre also drives in the Dutch Supercar championship and is a past master at this kind of stunt. Don’t try this at home…

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[Video via SkiddPlayer ]

20 responses to “Video: Amazing drifting – BMW 1M”

  1. Alex Vintu says:

    oh yeah! if only we’d be allowed to do that :)

    • La Ma says:

      if  only we’d be able to do that ! :-)  it is hard to keep a drift long, at that speed.
      Slow speed I’m oke now,  but high speed drifts gives me a chill and this guy here does
      it beautiful.

  2. Festival de condução em molhado!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope his insurance company doesn’t find out.

  4. KillJoy says:

    looks barely controlled in that first run.  go to a track bro where people already accept you for having a small pp.  tearing down a farm road in crap conditions endangering some unsuspecting honest-working country-living farmhand coming the other way with no shoulder to retreat to when you’re in his lane is a bit selfish, don’t you think, road hog?  this kind of showing off breeds a bunch of egotistical dipshits who think this is acceptable behavior in public.  sorry to be a killjoy. 

    • Nino_f1 says:

      go drive a merc you DICK !

    • La Ma says:

      its controlled all the way !  if you say its not controlled, you don’t know nothing about drifting.

      second, the road was most likely secured – a car on each end of the section to warn him about traffic, or the spotter/video guy had a walkie talkie. This is how it is always done safe.  
      The other thing is, the video was shot in Europe and a guy is a professional driver, not a friday night vagabond, who just turned 18 and his Dad bought the fastest baddest car.

      There is a difference between driving fast and a professional testing a car’s upper limit.  

      Mrs. Ramchuck from 4322 in her 6.2l V8 Suburban with 2WD (just down the street from me) driving on the street is a lot more dangerous then this guy in his 1M drifting at 60mph.

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