BMW dealer marks up the 1M by $40,000

1M | June 30th, 2011 by 18
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BMW 1M is hotter than ever, especially after the glowing review from Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson, but is it really worth the $40,000 mark …

BMW 1M is hotter than ever, especially after the glowing review from Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson, but is it really worth the $40,000 mark up? As much as we love the car, we’re going to say…NO WAY!

According to Jalopnik and other online media, Pacific BMW dealerships in California listed a BMW 1M with a markup price of $40,000. Now it remains unclear if this is simply a publicity stunt or the dealership actually hopes to sell the car at that price point, but $94,000 is a lot of cash for an entry-level M.

BMW dealers operate independently and they are free to price vehicles however they wish, without any “official” involvement from BMW headquarters.

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We reached out to the dealership for an official statement…

18 responses to “BMW dealer marks up the 1M by $40,000”

  1. no way i’ll settle for the m5.. 40,000 dollars markup is way too much for the 1M.. not a good idea BMW..

    • Carlwkristensen says:

      Well as it’s stated in the article, this is not a direct decision from BMW, as BMW dealerships operate individually and are there for free to price however they want. But I do agree on that it is a bad idea. :)

    • M5manny says:

      The new M5 will have a markup, too, just as they always have when they are released.

    • vwrace2002 says:

      That is crazy; I was looking to get this little rocket through a broker who is a friend mine and advised me to walk out… Mark up $5,000.00. It’s still quite hefty, it almost $52,000.00 plus taxes

  2. Korsang says:

    What does markup mean? Anyway, here in Norway the 1M is expected to be priced around USD 200.000 (the M3 Coupe is USD 285.000…)

    • M5manny says:

      It is an arbitrary price dealers add on top of MSRP. It is the cost of being one of the first people to own it.

  3. James Smith says:

    Horatiu–First hope you enjoyed the M Festival and ED of your 1M.  Pacific BMW seems to be a bunch of ripoff artists according to most the Bimmerpost forum members.  People wait long enough and they will have to lower their price.  Jim Smith

  4. RSAT says:

    BMW dealers are second greediest than Wall Street Bankers.

    • M5manny says:

      And what about Mercedes-Benz? And Aston Martin? And Porsche? And Ferrari? And Lamborghini? And all of the dealers who always mark up these kind of cars when they are first released?

  5. RSAT says:

    BMW dealers are second greediest than Wall Street Bankers.

  6. Julien says:

    Just a kind reminder:
    You REALLY should not complain about your very specific princing.
    If I want to buy this car here in France, juste a few hundred miles from the factory, MSRP is 59,900 Euros.
    That will be $86,871 for you… And that’s just MSRP…

  7. 964turboCM says:

    I don’t think is greedy. You can’t blame the dealer to try.  Just look at all the overpriced stuff on ebay or autotrader.  

    The car is sold out, and if i have one, you bet I will mark that up. 392 dealers, 330 cars.  Every dealer I talked to has at least a handfull of people already have deposits for reservations.  And each dealer is getting on average 1 car. One dealer is talked to is getting 4.  And has a reservation list of over 50 deposits.   So that means there are easily 1,000 people who are not getting a car at all, and wants the car badly enough for them to leave a deposit just for a chance.  Out of those 1,000.  I bet someone has stupid money to burn.

    For reference Chevy Volt was getting $10g over just a few months ago.  911 GT3 4.0 is getting $50k+.  I have seen a Z8 sold for DOUBLE, when it first came out.  I have seen $5k for a Prius. $20k for a Hummer. $100k for for a Diablo.Nothing wrong with this picture.  You guys just haven’t been shopping for a while.

    • Guest says:

      Agreed. Prices match supply to demand, it’s simple. If Pacific BMW can get away with this, more power to them. But I suspect it’s a negotiating tool. They expect you to bargain them down to say, $10K over.

  8. Akisgr says:

    I don’t think he’s going to be a  BMW dealer for much longer , after this one 

  9. Frdnan says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all as sales over at Pacific BMW are rude and classless. I wish BMW would reign them in and teach them some etiquette.

  10. Royal says:

    Lol… sike. Some idiot will buy it… me, on the other hand, would just watch this pretty little beast sit on the car lot. The car isn’t all that for $94K+ and I wouldn’t give BMW $40K of my money to keep in their pockets or bank account… nah, I save my money. For all that, I’ll buy a M5 or the future M6. Shit..

  11. Ann Perez says:

    I called several BMW dealerships here in california and they are making me bid for this car!! 

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