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Next year, BMW will bring to market the 2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe. Graduating from a concept level, the new 6er Gran Coupe is …

Next year, BMW will bring to market the 2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe. Graduating from a concept level, the new 6er Gran Coupe is a four-dour coupe that uses the same ‘backbone’ platform that underpins the current 5-series, 7-series and 5 GT. The car will offer the same mix of six- and eight-cylinder petrol and diesel engines as those cars, and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The BMW Gran Coupe is labeled as a 4-door coupe type of vehicle with a distinctive sporty character. The Gran Coupe has been designed to combine the abilities of a GT and a sports car. The roof is 100mm lower than the 7 Series models, and its rear quarters slightly more restricted. The concept carries the essence of brand values and the genes of BMW design into the future and the expectations are that these styling cues will turn up all over BMW range in the next few years. The sleek Gran Coupe retain iconic elements like the kidney-grille, Hofmeister kink and a less pronounced shark nose.

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BMW Gran Coupe made its debut at the Beijing Motor Show back in April 2010 and compared to the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept shown at Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009, the BMW Gran Coupe Concept displayed a design closer to a production model.

BMW Gran Coupe will go head-to-head with the Audi Sportback Concept (the future Audi A7), the Mercedes Benz CLS and the controversial Porsche Panamera.

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22 responses to “Spy Photos: BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe”

  1. Ramon Juarez says:

    I like the car, but it shouldn’t be called 6 series GC.. I mean, the name 8 series has already been used as the “top” BMW, why not use it again?

    • v1p3r says:

      Maybe the are keeping that open for a larger flagship model? I think there was a rumour of a larger Audi A9 and integrating Maybach into Benz as a uber Merc. I dunno, just a thought.

      I still see the 8 series as a large supercar like 2 dr with a sleek, low silhouette and about the size of the current 7

      • Viper says:

        there will be Audi A9. there are some chances that bmw (some day) actually brings back 8 series to life again. that will be a car like the CS Concept , maybe a two door version also.
        however since bmw is in crisis , audi will build the car much sooner than you think.
        the A9 will be a Flagship audi , not audi A8 as it is right now. by that time you will have a third gen. MB CLS and some other new brilliant super beautiful models.
        so to use a name 8series for this so called 4door coupe that looks like a streched 6er I dont think so. This is how the 5 series should have look like. but bmw is known for making designer mistakes quite often lately . odd?. not.

        • wazon8 says:

          Sorry, but the only premium brand that is in crisis recently is MB. Have you seen sale stats? BMW is still growing and growing. I guess you owe us an explanation what exactly you mean by “being in crisis”.

  2. Josh B says:

    Looks like its going to be a beautiful car. I can already see how it would look, inside (will no doubt be the same as the new 6) and the outside….the only difference between the coup will be its length/side profile. My only concern/question is pricing.
    If it starts at the Audi A7/Mercedes CLS price range which with it is meant to compete against, it will be substantially cheaper then the 6 coupe/convertible which begs the question, why buy the 6-convertible? I currently own the previous gen 650i (and current 750-msport which is an ace car) convertible and have not made the move towards the new one just yet, because the price has increased and its nipping on the heels of say…the masarati grandturismo convertible. I love the previous 6 because it was pretty unique, and was in the perfect price range for what i am willing to spend. If the grandsport is priced like the CLS350 it will be SUBSTANTIALLY less then the 650i, which means re-sale for the top of the range convertible will plumit, and the 6 wont be as unique, due to the greater model veriants. 
    Iv gone on a rant here, but I just dont want to see BMW fall to the ‘audi syndrome’, same sausage different length syndrome. The 6 was a unique car, I hope it stays that way. And streching it out to make more models isnt the right move for the car, along side more engine veriants. Keep it unique if your going to price it high. Otherwise buyers like me will justify the few extra grand for cars like the Masarati, CL or even Bentley GT.

  3. Gord says:

    no v12?

  4. Sajan says:

    It’s nice and dynamically it’ll be the best in the class, but I can’t escape the fact that it’s boring to look at compared to the a7. My opinion only. This is much nicer than the new CLS though..

  5. LexusLVR says:

    Looks awful. Even with the camo on I can tell that this design is going to be extremely boring and bland.

    The concept looked much better.

    This looks like an F10 5 series with the new 6er front and rear tacked on. Total FAIL.

    • LexusLVRAssIsSore says:

      Yeah looks awful doesn’t look as awesome as the Toyota Solara.  If they still made the Solara it would do the Ring in 1 minute!

      LexusLVR wish to be in a gangbang with all the male Toyota Execs.

  6. LexusLVR says:

    Audi A7 is the king in this class. Pure elegance. Futuristic design, great interior and AWD.

    After the A7 comes the Lexus ES, then the MB CLS and then the Aston Martin Rapide. The Panamera and the 6er Gran Coupe look boring as hell.

    • LexusLVRAssIsSore says:

      What is wrong with you LexusLVR?  The Toyota Avalon is the emperor in this class.   Futuristic design, great interior and FWD.

      The Avalon leaves everything in dust.

      Toyota wipes it’s ass with LexusLVR  nose!!!

  7. plaxico says:

    CLS all day long….

  8. plaxico says:

    CLS all day long….

  9. kcsnyud says:

    I see the design. It looks fkin similar to the 5er with minor tweaks to the roofline. Result? Butt-ugly.

  10. Manchester Man says:

    I think this car is a very good idea cos thered gonna be alot of people men in particular who like the new 6 series but have a preference to 4 doors because its more of a family car than the coupe. id personally rather get the coupe but theres definitely a market for the 4 door and bmw is a money making firm.

  11. guest says:

    1. You’ve place this in the wrong category – it’s not a 3 series.

    2. Any idea as to the release date?

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