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BMW M5 | June 18th, 2011 by 16
BMW M5 F10 Visualizer

A week after the BMW M5 made its official debut, the online configurator of the super sporty sedan just became available on At launch …

A week after the BMW M5 made its official debut, the online configurator of the super sporty sedan just became available on At launch time this fall, the color palette for the new M5 includes a wide range of exterior colors and interior trims: Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic paint, Havana, Silverstone, Space Grey, Imperial Blue, Grey Singapore and Monte Carlo Blue. The latter color is already known from BMW X5 M and recently seen on M5 wallpapers .

The complete list of options is yet to be made available, but the M5 minisite reveals that Merino Leather upholstery, Head Up Display, Xenon lights, park distance control front and rear, are included as standard features.

BMW M5 F10 Visualizer Alpinweiss 655x458

With the new super sporty sedan, BMW has moved on from from naturally aspirated engines to a TwinPower turbocharged V8. The high-revving 4.4-liter (4395cc) turbocharged uses the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology, twin-scroll turbochargers, high-precision direct fuel injection, VALVETRONIC variable valve control and a cross-bank exhaust manifold that guarantees legendary BMW M-car thrust with seamless lag-free power delivery from just off idle.

The engine outputs 560 horsepower from 5,750-7,000 rpm and 680Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque from only 1500rpm. The high-rev unit should rocket the M5 to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds and under 4 seconds using BMW’s new Launch Control.

BMW offers a 7-speed DCT and manual transmission in the new M5. The M5 is limited to a top speed of 155 mph, or 190 mph with the M Driver’s Package.

Expect the full options and features catalog to appear in the near future.

See BMW M5 Online Configurator

BMW M5 F10 Visualizer

16 responses to “BMW M5 Online Configurator now available”

  1. Raddy says:

    looks nice in white

  2. Guest says:

    Blue calipers?

  3. AlanMoAli says:

    iam very like car BMW best for best BMW X5 – X6 me no having a car maiby i like car BMW730i best for best is me X5-X6 very nice very very very very nice disign

  4. La Ma says:

    still a bargain compare to other 4 door sedans in the same segment.  Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide, Maserati, even MB E-AMG is more expensive.  If the BMW is as good as it looks (it always been better then it looked) then it will be a major hit.
    I think this M5 will sell very well worldwide. Markets are stabilizing and people who has money wants these cars.  I can see a huge number increase compare to the E60 M5 which was selling well even thought it was bangleized.

  5. Viper says:

    that monaco blue color kicks ass but I must say I am a bit disappointed with the lack LACK of colors for seats dash and other interior gadgets…IT just looks all too simple and ordinary. and there is no ambient lightning inside , how stupid is that

    • Ahmad Haziq says:

      Those will come definitely. I still remember the E60 M5 also had little options in its first year then came the Individual and bla3… However, is ambient lighting important in a car like this? I don’t mind for not having one because this is a high performance saloon and not a 7-Series. And it’s not stupid to not have one…

    • JRobUSC says:

      How is there no ambient lighting inside?  Have you never been inside an F10 5-Series at night?  It’s the second most lit up BMW interior I’ve ever been in, behind only the 5GT.

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