Survey: Audi drivers sexier than BMW ones

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Sexual desire and cars are often grouped together and plenty of biased or unbiased studies show interesting results. In late 2009, a weird study said …

Sexual desire and cars are often grouped together and plenty of biased or unbiased studies show interesting results. In late 2009, a weird study said female BMW owners wear sexy lingerie, then a year later, a UK survey firm declared BMW drivers the angriest on the road.

Today, a new survey brings to light the idea of who’s sexier behind the wheel, and according to a UK firm, Audi drivers are more physical appealing. says 21 per cent of men rated women Audi drivers as the sexiest – and women agreed, voting male Audi drivers top with 31 per cent.

Male BMW drivers are considered second sexiest by women, with 25 per cent. Men’s second choice was female Mini Cooper drivers, with 14 per cent.

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Even more weird results come from the high-school-like “car sex”. The survey says the car sex capital of the UK is Brighton, where 68 per cent of of drivers admit to having done it.

The survey found other a quarter of men and a fifth of women have admitted flirting with another driver. Around 10 per cent have admitted dumping a boyfriend or girlfriend while in a car.

With so much time spent in our cars, nothing surprises us anymore.




10 responses to “Survey: Audi drivers sexier than BMW ones”

  1. Manchester Man says:

    Majority of women dont know that BMWs are a real drivers car and has a far superior chassis to an Audi…. they are just concerned with looks ie LED lights!.

    • LexusLVR says:

      And most BMW drivers are stuck up whiners like you who talk tough yet don’t take their 316i unto a track because they know an A4 1.8T will whoop their ass. BMWs are so overrated. At least Audi makes sexy cars that look good and have much nicer interiors than any BMW.

      • Bro WTF are you talking about…old 316i’s and A4 1.8T’s…That has nothing to do with anything. I feel like you lost in a A4 1.8T to a 316i back in like 97 or something. It’s 2011, get with the times… 

    • Lo_ridah says:

      Oh yeah driver`s car and superiority… Please tell me more about how many WRC/ Le Mann`s 24hrs have the bmws ever won ?

      • freudeking says:

        Audi won because bmw no longer participates in Le mans. The last year bmw was there, it trashed audi. What about dtm, hey? audi have been winning much and last year, bmw came back for the first time in decades and audi just lost to bmw by miles! It just shows who the superior company and cars are. Go on supporting your VW cars with a 4 ring badge on, afterall everyone knows they are basically vw with a different skin, shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as bmw and merc.

      • freudeking says:

        If you cannot afford a real premium car like bmw, then go drive your VW audi but please don’t embarrass yourself by trying to make it sound like it is better than the best car in the premium segment to which vw audi doesn’t even belong.

  2. Of course Audi drivers would be considered sexier. A BMW exerts so much sexiness by it self, you barely pay the driver any attention.

  3. Dude says:

    Girls like gay boys. Nothing new here :-)

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