Rumor: BMW to offer a 1M Convertible?

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News of the day comes from a BMW source who says the long-time rumored BMW 1M Cabriolet will follow the steps of the 1M Coupe …

News of the day comes from a BMW source who says the long-time rumored BMW 1M Cabriolet will follow the steps of the 1M Coupe brother and launch in a short production cycle. Since the majority of the work has been done for the Coupe version, a Cabriolet model will require little additional work.

Rumormill also churns out that the first prototypes are scheduled to hit the road in the summer when BMW begins the test cycle leading into an early reveal in 2012. At M headquarters in Garching, BMW is currently testing some 1M cabrio prototypes behind closed doors.

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Another evidence might have been presented earlier today when in an interview hosted by BMW’s minisite, the following question was asked: “Would it be possible to produce a BMW 1 Series M Cabriolet?” The cryptic answer came from BMW M engineer J. Schwenker: “It would indeed be possible, but no such plans exist at present.”

The question and answer left room for interpretation. We find it interesting that BMW’s own reporter chose to ask this very direct question about future products, something that BMW always refrains from officially answering. So it’s BMW testing the market to see customers’ reaction or is this simply a way to dismiss the 1M Convertible idea?

We are labeling this as a rumor until we can confirm with a second source.

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9 responses to “Rumor: BMW to offer a 1M Convertible?”

  1. Tom Cardone says:

    alot of hate on the facebook page comments… i think they would profit on the idea, realistically. i dont know how safe id feel driving a baby M without a roof haha

  2. La Ma says:

    no time for that. The new 1 series is in the pipeline already. It would not be profitable to make 2 different cars on 1 line. The coupe will be gone soon as well. If you fancy yourself a 1M 1st series then jump on the wagon and lease one. or buy one. I hope you lease so after 2-3 years I can buy yours :-)

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I don’t think anyone will give their lease back after 2-3 years. Or if they
      do, very very few.

      • La Ma says:

        I strongly disagree on that. In the US leases are usually 12-24-36 months. Does not make sense to lease any longer, you loose the principal reason why to lease in the 1st place.   A lease should never ever be longer then the warranty period – you don’t want to service somebody else’s car. An another reason is the price drop, 2-3 years is half the lifetime of a car. If you are not leasing at the beginning of the life-cycle then you would hit the higher depreciation.
        Also by the time your 24-36 months lease is gone, you want a new car which just been released or significantly updated.
        I see very few to have a lease longer then 2-3 years ever.   Also buying out a leased vehicle is a good idea if you drove a lot more then the limit or a car become a collector car. The end of lease residual is almost always a lot higher then the actual retail value.
        But again people who leases cars will lease all the time and will not buy-out the car ever.
        So I can safely say that 95% of leases will be on the market after the lease expires, even on the 1M model.  At that time the new 1 series M models will be on the market and they will want that.

        The few who buys the car will keep it, as if you finance a car, it should be kept 5-6 years to make sense financially.

  3. finlandWORLDhockeyChampion says:

    +giev hardtop for winter (like e46)

  4. finlandWORLDhockeyChampion says:

    +giev hardtop for winter (like e46)

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