Preview: Next generation 2014 BMW X5 and 2015 X6

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With almost three years before the public debut, Automobile Magazine brings to light new information on the next generation BMW X5 and X6 SAVs. According …

With almost three years before the public debut, Automobile Magazine brings to light new information on the next generation BMW X5 and X6 SAVs. According to the popular magazine, both models are based on a new components set known in-house as “X for all.”

For the X5 and X6, “X for all” means new axles derived from the F10 5 Series sedan. According to BMW, these will reduce the weight by up to 330-pounds. As a result, the lightest X5 replacement is said to undercut the two-ton mark by a small yet significant margin.

In the new design, BMW intends to offer the optional active steering, a self-leveling air suspension and Adaptive Drive, which employs adjustable anti-roll bars. As with all the new BMW models, the future F15 X5 and F16 X6 will incorporate technologies like lane departure warning, night vision, park assist, active cruise control and traffic sign recognition.

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Design wise, the interior goes through an extensive revamp. The magazine says the cabin layout will resemble the one found in the 5 Series GT, with a focus on luxury and driver orientation.

According to our own sources, the new 2013 BMW X5 is said to feature more flowing character lines and sculpted surfaces that will broaden the design of the X family. At the front end, the new X5 will feature a more imposing kidney grille, larger and wider than in the current model. The headlights will get the LED treatment and the shape will follow the design seen on some of the recently unveiled models.

The taillights will be slightly redesigned as well. Using the layering concept seen on the Vision concepts, the T-shaped taillights add more depth to surfaces and are less wrapped around the body.

On the side, the character line is being enhanced, as we have seen on the new X3 as well. Expect to see more convex/concave shapes with 3D layering enhancing its masculine look. It is unknown at the moment if the dimensions of the new X5 will be increased, the current X5 can already accommodate 7 passengers if needed.

For the 2014 X6, BMW will work to improve the practicality of the Sports Activity Coupe. A redesigned stern improves visibility and creates quantifiably more rear headroom. Wider rear doors ease entry and exit. The new X6 also gets a more dynamic looking greenhouse.

To make use of the new four-cylinder turbocharged engines, the entry-level X5 and X6s will be equipped with 2.0 liter diesels developing 245 hp and 260 lb-ft, and a 2.0 liter gasoline unit – 245bhp and 260 lb-ft.

Perhaps the most exciting engine BMW has up its sleeve, though, will be the twin-turbo diesel shoehorned into the X5/X6 50d. The high-performance oil-burning straight-six develops 405 hp, but it may not reach the U.S. shore. Hybrids are still in play and the new variants will feature a 110 hp electric motor housed into a ZF nine-speed automatic, and will initially be paired with a 350-hp inline-six.

The new F15 BMW X5 will debut in 2014, and the F16 X6 a year later.

[Source: Automobile Magazine ]

11 responses to “Preview: Next generation 2014 BMW X5 and 2015 X6”

  1. K Hysenaj says:

    2.0 diesel 245hp????????????????????????????

  2. S Almazrouei says:

    what ,, 2.0 only ?????????

  3. dzlfnatik says:

    The diesel is the motor to get. US buyer will be hamstrung with a lousy hybrid system that will consume the 330 lb.weight savings while Europeans will lounge comfortably in their strong diesel via a reasonable emissions policy. 

    The twin turbo X50d at 405 hp is great but unnecessary. It’s the torque you want in a truck based SUV. IF this motor can be made efficient and cost effective with a min. of 500 ft.lbs. of torque, BMW will more than achieve its objective to offer a lighter and more fuel efficient veh with vastly more power. 

    There is no mention of the X5/X6’s aluminum chassis which will pair off even more weight, if they decide to offer same. It’s about weight loss paired with a diesel and a boosted 6 cyl gas motor. 

  4. Jd jacobs says:

    I drive an 2011 X5,and seriously,being a die hard bmw fan…it just kinda looks like a big X1. Not so impressed. I think the x5 should redisgn and go a totaly dirfent rout. Still love my x5 though…til death us do part

    • dzlfnatik says:

      Thanks for the heads up regarding your ’11 X5. When I test drove the X5, I felt the interior was a little small for me (6’3″) despite the increased room over the previous model. I drove the X3 and felt too confined. The X3 would be great for my wife though with the turbo 6 & 8 spd.  We are waiting it out for the 2014-15 X5 changes which blogs indicate are: More room inside (bigger wheelbase?), lighter curb weight – that’s critical in my book, hopefully the more powerful diesel & 8 spd like the one that’s out in Europe now, keep the BMW look – maybe wider fenders like the X6 (that’s cool!).  And reliability improvement. Can’t wait for that stump-pulling diesel power and 30 mpg hwy!! To me, the interior is great as is. 

    • Jstnkm says:

      I have a x5.0 too and I agree, it’s too small i got it originally for trips use only and I’m usually jam tight in storage space, not a big fan of the box on roof idea either so I’m stuck using the back as storage. I just wished it had Alittle bit more room in the back. Maybe some more power, I Definately going to take a look at the m versions next.

  5. Roger says:

    If the weight of the vehicle is reduced to just over 4000lbs and a hybrid motor is also applied that gives between 60 to 100 ft lbs torque , then the performance will be on par with the Mercedes GLK 2.1 liter diesel. With a possibility of better fuel economy. The nine speed transmission will work wonders to monopolize on the lower powered engine along with the reduced weight. I’m quite sure BMW has done its homework as the current x5 is a wonderful vehicle and will have to be at least competitive in a very competitive sector.

  6. Sherif Abbas says:

    When it will be available in the market?

  7. Jocuri says:

    The are some new vidos of X5 but to me looks smaller that the actual model

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