Spy Photo: BMW X3 M Spotted?

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First rumor around a possible BMW X3 M surfaced back in 2010, and today, we might be looking at the first spy photo showing the …

First rumor around a possible BMW X3 M surfaced back in 2010, and today, we might be looking at the first spy photo showing the third M-SAV during a test trial.

According to CarMagazine UK quoting a BMW source, the new BMW X3 M is set for launch in 2012. The new M-SAV is rumored to feature a new type of turbocharged engine, with a hint towards tri-turbo setup.
CAR Magazine understands the all-new X3 M will be powered by a tweaked variant of the new M3 straight six which will power the next-generation BMW M3. Provisionally rated at 449 hp, the high-performance straight six may even feature three turbochargers (one electric, plus a pair of exhaust-gas driven ones) and a slightly bigger displacement (3.2 instead of 3.0 liters).

Spy Photo: BMW X3 M Spotted?

To add even more fuel to the fire, CAR says that all current and future X-models will be available with the full M division treatment. A statement that us at BMWBLOG considers to be a bit too adventurous.

As we mentioned in a previous article, our sources say that the go-ahead decision for an X3M model will be solely based on the success of the new mid-compact premium SAV and the response from its customers. The market demands and integration could also affect this decision, same as it did with the X5M and X6M models. The new X3 sales have been strong and will become a high-volume car for BMW.

Expect to see more spy photos in the near future!

  • Manny Antunes

    Conceivably, this “New” engine will make its way into a host of other models…. *Cough* New M3 *Cough* 

  • Manny Antunes

    Conceivably, this “New” engine will make its way into a host of other models…. *Cough* New M3 *Cough* 

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  • T.

    The picture is from an old X3 spyshot from 2010.
    The development mules are still in the workshop @ Garching, but will be seen sometime during the Summer.

  • La Ma

    Sure, there will be X3M… why wouldn’t it ?   It makes money so they will build it.  And you can ask yourself a question if you disagree with this. Do you want to make more money ?  If you answer yes, then you just simply  explained why BMW is building an X6M and X5M and will build an X3M.
    Plus, it will be awesome to drive and gives us a chance to see the new M3 engine.  The triple turbo engine seems far fetched though. I was thinking of a 3.2l single turbo with dual vane and a hybrid/electric unit in between the engine/transmission like the X6 hybrid.
    a size 3.2 or 3.4l matters too !  As history shows, every new M model is at least 15% more powerful then the old one, this new engine should be making around 470HP.  That’s no small job from a smallish 6 cyl even with a turbo. 
    Active Autowerke made 600HP out of the S54 engine with a turbo… lasts long time and runs crazy fast. So, it can be done fore sure !!!

    • ///M

      They cant make it a single turbo because it would be accompanied with an Immense Tubolag, hence the ///M engine response would be lost. the reason they might be adding the third turbo is to deliver a smoother power delivery, and try to make it as close as possible as a NA ///M engines had.

  • viper

    the picture is not x3m , btw x3m sounds good , expand the m division

  • Malosmani92

    3 turbo inline 6 3.2 ? sounds great to me as long as they keep the smooth characteristics and sound of the M3 

  • kolbasz

    My question is, why are they making X3 M, and not Z4 M…. that deserves M treatment much more than X3…

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  • Anonymous

    Both X3M & X3 ActiveHybrid have been confirmed by X3 project manager, Herr Lutz Roemer. He has also confirmed both models are greenlighted by the BMW AG Board, and are deep in development process already.

  • wazon8

    Future M3’s engine specifications sound really interesting, can’t wait for more details about this turgocharger system. 

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  • Edward K. Nieves

    Since I really cannot afford an M5, I will definitely go with the next runner up the ALL-NEW BMW X3M. More than 400hp? Possible 8-Speed? M-Tuned Suspension? Wife can drive it? I’m all for it… my kids will love it.. and my friends will never know what hit them. When is the actual launch? I am buying one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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