BMW, Mercedes Increase Sales Growth in China

News | April 18th, 2011 by 9
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BMW and Mercedes continue their impressive growth in China. A report by Bloomberg states that the sales growth are rapidly increasing at more than nine …

BMW and Mercedes continue their impressive growth in China. A report by Bloomberg states that the sales growth are rapidly increasing at more than nine times the pace of wider industry. The two premium automakers sold combined 102,497 vehicles during the first quarter of 2011, a 76 percent increase over last year. Industrywide growth is reported to be 8.1 percent.

BMW’s 3 Series sales in China surged even after the tax breaks and subsidies ended. The 3 Series base price starts in China at $45,3000.

Mercedes is seeing great results as well. According to the same magazine quoting Klaus Maier, president and chief executive officer at Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz business in China, the factories are at full swing in Germany to support production capacity for China. Mercedes sales surged 86 percent in the first quarter to 43,991 vehicles, while BMW increased vehicle sales in China 71 percent to 58,506 during the same period.

bmw mercedes logos11 655x345The Chinese market leader, Audi, has also seen a 25 percent increase to 64,122 cars delivered in the first quarter.

The three German brands may beat forecasts for 2011. Audi has said it expects sales to rise 11 percent to 280,000 in China this year, while Mercedes projects growth of 15 percent. BMW predicts a “double-digit” increase in 2011.

At the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show, BMW will unveil a China-made plug-in hybrid version of the 5 Series Sedan, along with the new BMW M5 Concept. BMW introduced its smallest 1 Series to the company’s lineup in China last year and in 2013, the BMW i vehicles are expected to make their way into the congested Chinese cities.

“The luxury portion of the China car market is steadily growing and we’ve invested a lot in promoting the brand and improving after sales service in the past years,” Wu Xiao, chairman of Brilliance Automotive Holdings Ltd., BMW’s Chinese partner, said in Hong Kong last month. “I expect our growth to far exceed our competitors.

9 responses to “BMW, Mercedes Increase Sales Growth in China”

  1. Giom says:

    Audi, the market leader? How did that happen?

  2. Giom says:

    Audi, the market leader? How did that happen?

    • Anonymous says:

      Audi (together with VW) approached the Chinese market much earlier & much more seriously than eg. MB & BMW did. Therefore the had a time advantage in building a dealer network & also (even more crucial ) local production facilities. And even offering China-specific products (A6 LWB). Since locally produced cars are much cheaper than imported ones (due taxes & custom fares), Audi was able to boost it sales. And being the first locally produced German premium car / brand, with a China-specific product, make Audi a #1 foreign premium brand there. And therefore it has been extremely popular among corporates (especially of state or municipality owned companies), and local politicians.

      But lately MB & BMW also invested heavily in local dealerships, production facilities & local-specific products. Not to mention the marketing activities. Incl. deals with local authorities. And all these actions are already paying of: BMW & MB are already catching up with Audi.

      • EMPOWER says:

        After the head start AUDI had BMW are only 5600 after 3 months this year. BMW will soon overtake audi. and when the sub 1ers come online there will be no catching them. it seems the Chinese relies that audi’s are just re-badged vw’s They only had Audi to choose from. They were being sold counterfeit premium cars lol . With bmw’s they are buying a real premium vehicle

    • IEDEI says:

      Audi is the market leader in many markets—including most of Europe, China, and even Germany……times have changed—a new paradigm exists.

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  4.  Looks like China is a huge market for luxury car manufacturers. Big sedans and luxury SUV’s tend to be quite popular there.

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