How to turn your BMW seats into office chairs

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bmw z3 office chair seat converted 17 479x500

BMW fans are not only known for their loyalty for the brand, but also for their ingenuity with their bimmers. Only this time, a BMW …

BMW fans are not only known for their loyalty for the brand, but also for their ingenuity with their bimmers. Only this time, a BMW Z3 served a different purpose. Ryan Geyer of CarGuyDad decided he needs a new set of office chairs, and instead of spending hundreds or of thousands of dollars on an ergonomic cool looking chair, he turned his attention to a BMW Z4.

It just happened he had a pair of Z4 seats “laying around” and decided to use these as a starting point for his office chairs. Let’s hear from Ryan himself:

“The first thing I needed was to find a proper foundation for my new office chairs. As we already established that the hydraulic adjustment cylinder on my existing office chair had totally given up, so I couldn’t consider it as a donor. First I searched Craigslist to find some neglected office chairs which were being sold for next to nothing. While I did encounter many single chairs, no one was selling their retired office chairs in pairs.”

bmw z3 office chair seat converted 17

So what’s next? Turning to eBay and finding some new parts for a much cheaper price. The final seat bases came from Herman Miller.

With all the parts in hand, Ryan proceeded to perform some minor repairs on the Z3 seats.

“Noticeable in one of the photos was the fact that one of the seats was… Ohh, let’s say “misshapen”. The seats were purchased from a dismantler and the vehicle had obviously been in a wreck. The headrest portion of the driver’s seat was bent forward and downward pretty significantly. I started having imaginary visions of what the car must have looked like and wondered how the driver fared.

After shaking it off, I fixed the bent portion of the seat frame by removing all of the upholstery and padding then persuading the tubing a bit with some 2×4′s, some jumping, and some hammering. When all was said and done, I got the driver’s seat to look more-or-less like the passenger seat. Good enough for office chairs.”

The “manufacturing” process goes into further details, and you can read it all here, but the final product were two BMW-based office chairs for a total cost of under $150.

Not too shabby!

11 responses to “How to turn your BMW seats into office chairs”

  1. Tom Cardone says:

    So cool haha if i had an extra seat i’d definitely do this

  2. La Ma says:

    should chosen a better seat. Looks like a worn out old seat. out of a Z4 ?
    I’m actually thinking of a E36 M3 Vader seat conversion. But the cheapest and best way is to buy a cheap chinese sport seat at pepboys for 99 and turn that into an office chair.
    BMW Performance in Sp.Burg guys built a little simulator with a 32″ TV, an old racing chair and a Sony PS3. Looks good and works good.

  3. Nice post here. I am been searching for this article for long time thanks for sharing.

  4. scooternva says:

    So he was going to spend “hundreds OF thousands of dollars on an ergonomic cool looking chair”, eh? Was he going to restrict his search to gold-plated seating?

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