First BMW 1M Delivered At BMW Welt

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Just a few days ago, we posted the first photo of a BMW 1M delivered at the BMW Welt in Munich. This is the first …

Just a few days ago, we posted the first photo of a BMW 1M delivered at the BMW Welt in Munich. This is the first 1M delivery to a customer, in this case, a Canadian citizen that made history for himself.

Member of 1Addicts, “WLKSFTLY” received a special VIP treatment from BMW which included a visit at the BMW M facility in Garching. To celebrate the moment, BMW allowed the lucky customer to interact with some of the engineers directly responsible for the 1M.

Here are some of the things related by these engineers:

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  • Front Strut Bar – If you din’t see it on the marketing cars….you will…There is a massive metal ring on the top of each strut tower that has beams attached to them that run back to the firewall. Completely different than the 135i
  • Extra Water Cooler: Driver side front
  • Upgraded Power Steering Cooler
    Upgraded Rack Ratio
  • Completely different tune, although on a very similar engine. – We were describing how we were driving the car trying to make the appointment at M and one engineer told me, “the only reason you haven’t spun it is becuase you left the traction control on….” He also dropped that this would occur because….there is more under that pedal than might be printed in a brouchure….
  • Lightweight Flywheel, a lot lighter, as described to us, its as light as could possibly be used in a dual mass application.
    Dry Sump Light weight transmission, totally new for this application
    New Driveshaft, lightweight to addapt to the new transmission
    M3 Differentialwith dynamics for the shorter wheelbase considered with integrated cooling fins
  • Complete M3 suspension – Control Arms, Shocks, and other components. The shocks use the stock points as the M3s do, however, they are completely different for compression and rebound, similarly the bushing are the same size etc, however, are cast for the 1M application, Sway Bars and something else I’m forgetting right now..

Last but not least, some videos of the 1M in Black Sapphire.

In the next few weeks, BMWBLOG is also preparing to take delivery of a 1M in Valencia Orange at the BMW Welt, and our entire trip will be documented, from ordering to pickup, to M Festival and Nurburgring, drop-off and re-delivery back in the US. Stay tuned for a few months of 1M exclusive coverage, both from Germany and United States.

6 responses to “First BMW 1M Delivered At BMW Welt”

  1. La Ma says:

    brand new car revved to 7 grand on the 1st few days ? thank you, please state your vin, so I’d never buy this car :-)

    • Horatiu B. says:

      These days engineers say that there is no need for a break in period.

      • George says:

        of course they will say that- the sooner your oil leaks or gets consumed, the sooner you will get their new upcoming model- aka in 3-4 year of the lifespan of the car…

      • La Ma says:

        Sure, no need to change the oil either. its all life time fill. But whats the life time ? 7 years and 100k miles is the BMW “Lifetime” Well, I have 4 BMW currently, and none is less then 7 years old and 2 of them is over 100k miles. They all get 3-5k miles oil changes, no hard driving and excessive revs when they cold, and no, they are not dead. Their lifetime is still there :-) In fact my M3 just got turned into a track car with 169k miles ! New lifetime for that car !

        It is same rules as ever, a break-in period is needed to make sure all things will wear-in and wear-out :-)
        I’d restrain myself for the first 1500 miles, when the 1st oil change would happen. Then gradually increase the rpm and speed level. After about 3-5k miles and 2nd oil change, I would explore the limits and top rpm range, but not until.

        Am I overly protective ? Might be, but if this is my car, I foot the bills. If I’m at the performance Center and they put me into a new car I will floor it.

        But I would like to add that the BMW Performance Center does breaks the cars in, before they get to the programs. All M cars are driven at least 1000 miles before they get to full duty. The lead instructor usually takes small groups to an event (race, show etc) and they drive cars there. The spring time Sebring race is one of the event where they drive the M’s what they will use in a next few months. Cars do get upgraded and changed but all cars have a break-in time.
        This from a group of people who gets to paid to “destroy” the M cars on a daily basis. Their job is not just to drive them, but to drive them to the limit. With this they get valuable data from professionals how the cars fare the abuse and aggressive driving.

  2. David O'Neil says:

    Amazing car and color! I am picking up mine in August, cannot wait!!! The M car I have been waiting for years. yes, the M3 is a better car, but this new 1M makes my heart pump

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