Comparison vs. BMW M3: New Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to get more horsepower

3-Series, BMW M3 | March 21st, 2011 by 30
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Mercedes-Benz reveals new details on their C63 AMG model. The new coupe is based on the recently introduced C-class and it is currently the smallest …

Mercedes-Benz reveals new details on their C63 AMG model. The new coupe is based on the recently introduced C-class and it is currently the smallest AMG model offered by the Stuttgart-based automaker. In the sporty premium coupe segment, the C63 AMG goes against BMW’s E92 M3 Coupe.

The 6.2 liter V8 naturally aspirated engine found in the C63 AMG produces in “standard” form 457 horsepower, but with the addition of the optional AMG Development Package, the power output is raised to 487 horsepower. The package includes forged pistons and connecting rods, and a lightweight crankshaft like the SLS sports car, red brake calipers and a carbon spoiler lip on the rear lid.

Bildvergleich BMW M3 E92 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé Front2 655x175

Bildvergleich BMW M3 E92 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé Heck 655x179

The special parts save 6.6 pounds, make the engine more responsive and allow it to rev higher than the standard version. The extra power helps the C63 AMG run to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds, a tenth of a second faster than the non-tuned engine. Top speed is also boosted to 174 mph from 155 mph for the standard AMG version. In both cases the car’s top speed is electronically limited. The new C63 AMG is also said to run about 15% more efficient than previous generation, 12.0 liters per 100 km.

BMW’s M3 Coupe is powered by one of the last naturally aspirated engines available at the Munich-based automaker. The 4.0 liter engine produces 420 horsepower and aided by the 7-speed DCT, rungs to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.Fuel fuel consumption for the M3 with DKG is just below 11.2 liters per 100 km, while the manual transmission registers a slightly higher number, 12.4 l/100km.

U.S. pricing has yet to be announced for the new C63 AMG Coupe, but in Europe the base price starts at € 72 590, just marginally above the sedan and just below the Knaupp Estate. Adding the AMG Development Package adds € 7116.20 to the base price. In comparison, the BMW M3 Coupe starts at € 68 750 € and with another € 4300, the aggressive Competition Package can be included.

As always, we took the time to visually compare the two vehicles.

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30 responses to “Comparison vs. BMW M3: New Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to get more horsepower”

  1. Gabe says:

    Typo! :) “…in ‘standard’ form 47 horsepower….”

    • Just when you thought the war was over…a grammar nazi comes out of hiding -__-

      Aesthetically speaking, they both look good. My only complaint, the E90 (91,92,93) has really come to the end of the road. Not there is anything wrong with it, because I’m sure it will go down as a all time favorite for many, but it really is about that time.

    • Pulido655 says:

      Well I got a m3 csl the engine will kill u.
      3.2 line six alloy wheels carbon fiver hood.
      Thats 0-60 4.2 sec,
      I got 1 of the best cars in the world.

  2. La Ma says:

    Well, thats easy to get so much HP from a 50% larger engine ! Its a shame that MB can not do more then 487HP from 6.2l V8 !!! BMW did 507 from 5.0l V10 over 6 years ago !
    The MB is still impressive and a fast machine. Torque king compare to the BMW but it still edges it on the handling department.

    and its DCT not DGK transmission in the BMW.

    also it was interesting how the DCT helped to make the car more efficient and yet the same time quicker ! All DCT version also posts faster lap times. DCT is really the future, the end of a manual transmission time is close. I for one will not cry as long as we will have the //M DCT transmissions !

    • wazon8 says:

      “Double Clutch Transmission” and “Doppel Kupplung Getriebe” mean the same.

      • La Ma says:

        YES, but it was DGK not DKG. Small mistake but still. I also do not speak German so I would not know the German short word.

        • wazon8 says:

          I don’t speak German eighter, but while looking at BMW folders in English or listening interviews with their representatives, you can find out that they hesitated between using one of these two shorts. In some places they called this transmission DCT, in other DKG. It seems to me that they haven’t decided this issue yet and perhaps won’t do it at all.

    • Otto says:

      The 6.2l AMG is worth 525 bhp in the E63 and up to 570 in the SLS.
      Unlike Audi, BMW invested so much in auto gear box, that you won’t see many DCTs in BMW models. Only 3 models until now. Even MB is doing a better job with the 7G-Tronic with MCT.

    • Preacher says:

      La Ma is missing some info…. Its not just displacement and hp. The bmw does get 414 out of a 4.0 v8. It lacks A LOT of torque! The merc however does have torque!  The bmw 5.0 v10 lacks a lot of torque to… Reminds me of a v-tec… The power kicks in at 5-6k… MB has done a very good job.

  3. Auday says:

    I know it’s very common to compare these two cars, but IMO they are two different cars. The C63 (and pretty much all AMG cars) are luxury comfortable cars with some body muscles and powerful engine. The M3 is (or at least is supposed be) a sports car with an acceptable ride and comfortable daily driving. The M3 is shifting a bit closer to the AMG but still miles away to be comparable. I would consider the RS4 to be the competitor of M3 in the German brands.

  4. Northtouch says:

    Ok, im not gonna lie the new Merc C coupe does look good. And as someone said below, this generation M3 is coming to an end even though theres nothing wrong with it. But just wait till BMW releases the next generation M3. Mercedes will smack there forehead and go “Oh my God” or in german “Oh mein Gott!” O.o lol

  5. Bryce says:

    Mercedes is catching up… but still has a ways to go. This just demonstrates that it’s finally time for a new M3. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the M5 and probably have a good 2 years before we’ll see the next M3.

  6. plaxico says:

    ouu yeah baby , ou yeah . The Daddy is bringing in the big guns . Oh man im nursing a semi just looking at them

  7. Anon says:

    Mercedes will never understand that throwing more and more power at that chassis will not make it better than the M3 (which lets face it, is what they are trying to do along with everyone else who makes a car like this in this category). Look at the top gear comparison with the C63, M3 and RS4. The M3 was 50hp down and STILL beat the merc by 5 seconds a lap. Throwing another 50hp in wont make much difference in terms of pure performance.

    That said, these 2 cars are quite different. The M3 is the driving equivalent of a scalpel, the Merc a sledgehammer. Both exceedingly good at what they do, but give me an M3 any day.

  8. Dude says:

    M3 is unrivaled, even after all these years. I’m wondering whether BMW can repeat this with the next one. M GmbH has got to feel the pressure. Big question: which engine will they put into the next M3?

    • goose says:

      ive heard rumors of twin turbo inline 6 but like you im stoked to see whats next. Unfortunately the naturally aspirated days are over and as an owner of a 2008 m3 sedan i plan on keeping this car for a long time

  9. Gueast says:

    Why do Mercedes even bother? EVERY ///M car has set the benchmark in it’s category for all of time. This will not chance. Mercedes is for fat old men who live in Florida. LOL

  10. I must say, the big Benz looks pretty damn good… People vote for it. (

  11. I must say, the big Benz looks pretty damn good… People vote for it.

  12. shady says:

    interesting comparison. M3 a scalpel, Merc a sledgehammer. Would you rather meet up with a bad guy in a dark alley wielding a sledgehammer or a scalpel?…

  13. Jully says:

    I think the M3 looks better from the front, the c63 looks better from the back, hard to say from the side but probably the M3…..and we already know which one is faster around a track, though they’re claiming the Merc can get to 60 in under 4

  14. sedad says:

    mercedes is stronger but m3 looks better

  15. jasem says:

    414 hp for m3 is not enough to wow you, 481 hp with c63 ….

  16. conman says:

    the current BMW M3 is our very own Ken Jennings, engineered to dominate our comparos. And, like Jennings, its success annoys some people.  Administering beat-downs on some of the world’s best cars will do that. Up against the M3 this time is the 6.2-liter V-8–equipped Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG coupe. Based on the AMG-ified C-class sedan that the M3 previously defeated

  17. ted says:

    Could those improvements be enough to wipe the grin off the M3’s front fascia? We drove from our editorial HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) to find out if  the C63 AMG coupe is the M3’s real-estate agent from Ventura.

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