New BMW M5 Prototype Reviews – 560-565 hp, DCT Tranny, Air Curtain

BMW M5, Featured Posts | March 18th, 2011 by 27
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Besides Chris Harris, two German magazines also had the opportunity to test drive a prototype version of the 2012 BMW M5. Autobild and Auto Motor …

Besides Chris Harris, two German magazines also had the opportunity to test drive a prototype version of the 2012 BMW M5. Autobild and Auto Motor Und Sport got behind the wheel of the M5 in a winter testing session in Austria.

Many details shared have been outlined before, but there are a few surprises kept locked by BMW until now. First, the M5 receives complex aerodynamics features. Similar to the Air Curtain introduced in the 1 Series M Coupe, the F10 M5 features a specially designed front apron and trunk link.

The new M5 is also said to have a new Limited Slip Differential (LSD) that further improves traction. In the engine department, the same power unit rumored for months, based on the X5M and X6M engine which produces more than 555 horsepower but up to 565.

BMW M5 pic3 655x437The maximum torque should come to about 700 Newton meters.

The highly debated transmission topic can be put to rest now. Both magazines confirmed that the M5 prototype was using a 7-DCT tranny, so auto transmission is out.

BMW M5 pic4 655x437

Stay tuned in early April for full details on the new 2012 BMW M5.

Full reviews at AutoBild and Auto Motor und Sport (in German).

[Source: Autobild | AMS | via BimmerToday ]

27 responses to “New BMW M5 Prototype Reviews – 560-565 hp, DCT Tranny, Air Curtain”

  1. Ivan Wong says:

    HP numbers doesn’t matter much.
    handling is what matters

  2. Drifter says:

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to drive this beast!! Look at that drifiting!!!!

  3. Ojthemean says:

    The HP numbers are a disappointment…

  4. Ojthemean says:

    The HP numbers are a disappointment…

  5. pimeto says:

    7-DCT tranny – the shortened word for transmission is really… :( it’s not right man!

  6. F10M Lover says:

    550-565bhp disappointing stock? In a saloon? Not at all, that is fantastic. Unless you live in Europe you will never get to that in real world driving

    • Drifter says:

      Agree. In the US, no chance you will use that on a daily basis, more like on a race track from time to time

    • Spaulo says:

      too much torque. this car will feel like an AMG to drive (shame it doesnt sound like one) and not like an M at all. funny was reading an interview with the M boss the other day and he was on about how he doesnt care what others do and the bhp wars are insane and shit and yet here he goes and puts out an amg. if instead of all that hp and torque he dropped 250kg off that pig, placed a manual and gave it a chassis as good as the E30 M, a sound like the CSL and a propper NA engine that would make a proper M car. i dont get it. bmw made this segment. they have the “manual” to build it and yet every new car is worse than the outgoing model. recently read a review on all M5 and the journalist, like myself, prefered the E39. and yet they keep moving further away from that. like i said on previous posts the last true M car is the current M3. all after this are and will be shit. bring the x3 M

      • Bryce says:

        I don’t know how you can complain about BMW getting away building pure M vehicles and then ask them to bring an X3M in the same post…

        Your point is well taken… but the M5 isn’t meant for the racetrack the way the M3 and 1M are. BMW is building vehicles based upon what the consumers want, and the consumers for the M3 and the M5 are very different.

  7. viper says:

    if thats the interior then I am a bit disappointed . 560 hp is not so impressive nor is the usual 700nm’s (its big but never so impressive ), however I expect this to be a descent rival for E63 (a beautiful tough s.o.b. and a beast RS6) I hope the M5 comes in the middle , these are tough times for bmw since audi got so good with rs and usual AMG is always good ,lets just see what happens , right now my opinion is that things dont look so bright for the new M5.

    • Alex says:

      Honestly, why are you disappointed? Did you sit in a new 5er? The quality is top notch, the design is functional, and very aesthetic in my opinion, way better than in an E-class Merc. It’s will have more power than an e63, less than an rs6 but more torque than both. So it should sit on top of the pack. I don’t know why I have the feeling that it will have a little bit more than 560, it would make no sense to give it just 5 hp more than an X6M.First speculations were that it would have 580. But it doesn’t matter, power is nothing without control.

      • viper says:

        Im just not impressed with the looks outside and inside period also the power is not that impressive but ok . maybe Im wrong

        • Bryce says:

          Since when is 565hp in any vehicle not that impressive? This isn’t a supercar, it’s a saloon!

          • viper says:

            well it is….but the rs6 has 580 , the new one will have over 610 , the amgs have 630hp and torques that could move the earth…bmw why not impress us with numbers that beat the rest?

          • wazon8 says:

            The answer is pretty simple: Because they’re supposed to create a car that will be overall consistent package, which in part means that amount of torgue and power should fit to the capability of drivetrain. Something that AMG’s engineers seemed to forget about while were creating some of their cars (for example, C63AMG). That’s why one can drive M car with pleause, instead of going on war with improperly set amount of torgue in AMG’s cars, due to which car is pretty rough to control. What matters for BMW M division customers is rather how well upcoming M5 will be able to take corners, how fast it will lap important tracks and so on. Breaking 571hp is surely not the most important thing to achieve here. 565hp is more than enough. Just take a look what 555hp in X6M is able to do with this car. Then take at least 350kg away and try to assess M5 f10 performance. Not enought? It will be enough for next few years.

  8. Raddy says:

    will wait for formal release. but from first look, it needs more aggression…. and i would like to see the interior with special M features to add to the sportiness. we’ll wait n see

  9. Max says:

    How can they be sure about HP numbers??

  10. Ojthemean says:

    the fact that the already existing RS6 has more hp than the new m5 is what I dont like. Cmon. Tuners drive this engine to beyond 700HP. BMW just give us 600.

  11. There should be up to 580 horsepower as they said before… What a waste of a good engine :/

  12. Seanhdgs says:

    The new M5 will certainly look better than the previous one however, it may weigh over 400lbs more than the E60 and thats very bad for overall performance/handling. The new M5 should at least have 580 hp to match the Audi RS6.

  13. Seanhdgs says:

    The new M5 will certainly look better than the previous one however, it may weigh over 400lbs more than the E60 M5…and that’s very bad for overall performance and handling. Also, the new M5 should have at least 580 hp to match the Audi RS6. The current 550i weighs over 4,400lbs and that type of weight will offset the power increase (a bit) in the new M5.

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