Audi developing Q6 to compete with BMW X6

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The unexpected success of the BMW X6 has opened a new niche in the automobile market. According to a report by AutoWeek, the Coupe Crossover …

The unexpected success of the BMW X6 has opened a new niche in the automobile market. According to a report by AutoWeek, the Coupe Crossover segment will get a new contender. Audi is rumored to have kicked off development of a new performance-orientated crossover model to directly counter the BMW X6.

As expected, the naming convention is Q6 and it will sit between the Q5 and Q7 models. The five-seat crossover is rumored to be based around the same all-wheel-drive underpinnings as the second-generation Volkswagen Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne, both of which use a short-wheelbase version of the Colorado platform, used in the Q7 in long-wheelbase format.

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No official information have been revealed at this point, but in an interview with the German media at the Geneva motor show, Audi boss Rupert Stadler alluded to the crossover, saying, “We can imagine a model between the Q5 and the Q7 . . . a coupelike, four-wheel-driven model.”

Same magazine reports that Audi’s decision to add the Q6 to its lineup comes after lobbying calls from its North American and Chinese subsidiaries for a standard-size SUV to counter the BMW X6.

In 2010, BMW reported that its X6 sales have doubled compared to the previous year.

A bit early to speculate on the Q6 variant, but we would expect to see a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines, along with a hybrid option.

[Source: AutoWeek ]

16 responses to “Audi developing Q6 to compete with BMW X6”

  1. Frederico Silva says:

    Ahah, would like to see Audi fans criticizing Bmw for introducing this new type of vehicle (SAV) now..
    Bunch of hypocrites..
    You’ll never beat the X6, sorry..

    • Horatiu B. says:

      That segment will be quite crowded soon. I remember how hated was the X6 when it came out, but it turned out to be a great vehicle. Can’t wait to see the next generation.

  2. agg, all Audis look the same and come up with ugly alien-like headlights. We all know this Q6 will have a kak(shit) design when unveiled.
    Till this day x6 doesn’t and will never have a proper competitor.
    It’s on its own. Audis are funny cars but let’s wait and see.

  3. Fredyschiftan says:

    silly co all the time just copying BMW , just another VW in disguise trying to fool people.

  4. Fabian says:

    Lets face it, Audi can’t make good looking SUVs and SAVs and probably never will..

  5. Jom Beam says:

    Funny that they are even going to use a ‘6’ in their X6 competitor….

  6. Tom says:

    that thing is so ugly lol nothing will ever compare to the x6, its stunning

  7. viper says:

    great moves Audi (as always)……
    the X6 is a great car and seems that MB and Audi will soon have their own , better or worse than X6 , doesnt matter , they follow the trends…….
    why doesnt bmw make a cls rival or a7 rival?
    why not make a real off-road suv ?
    why not make a family car like R class or GL class?
    why not make a nazca-like supercar?
    why not make a 1000hp M5 or M6 or whatever and shut everyone’s mouth in MB and audi ?
    I wonder……they are not groundbreaking at all these days.

    • T. says:

      the X6 is a great car and seems that MB and Audi will soon have their own , better or worse than X6 , doesnt matter , they follow the trends…….

      – X6 is a great concept and the car has proven to be a huge success for BMW. Over 110,000 units have been sold to customers since it’s launch in Spring 2008 that is almost triple it’s initial sales projection.
      An X6 is planned for the next generation. But BMW are developing a smaller “Sport Activity Coupe” the X4 to take advantage of customer demand for a smaller “Sport Activity Coupe”.

      Insiders @ Porsche say that Porsche should have done the X6 first as it is more likened to their market.
      Which is why the Porsche Cajun is actually more Sport Activity Coupe than Cayenne type SUV.

      why doesnt bmw make a cls rival or a7 rival?
      – we are… It is called BMW 6er Gran Coupe , And you will see it in just over a years time.

      why not make a real off-road suv ?
      – Customers actually prefer more road based SAV’s – BMW make “Sport Activity Vehicle’s” not Sport Untility Vehicles.

      why not make a family car like R class or GL class?
      – BMW customers prefer more exclusivity as demonstrated by the 5er GT. In Europe even in times of the economic climate , at VIP events and luxury hotels BMW 5er GT is now a major choice as a VIP shuttle.
      Especially the 530d GT. in some cases The 5er GT has superceded the S-Klasse as a VIP limo.
      – BMW X5 is sufficient for BMW customers , and it still the segment and market leader.

      why not make a nazca-like supercar?
      – The consensus is here is our Supercar , then another manufacturer comes along beats it and so and so on Supercars are all about an evolutionary cycle , they last about 15 minutes until the next one comes along. Besides BMW do not have the sustainability to support such a project. Bugatti loses money for VW everyday , it is not profitable.
      The BMW i8 is all about taking a Sports car into the future , it will be relevant , cutting edge and you will be able to buy one as it is. BMW i8 will offer more innovation and technology than found in other supercars. i8 is not a conventional Sports car electrified. It is built from the ground up to do something different.

      why not make a 1000hp M5 or M6 or whatever and shut everyone’s mouth in MB and audi ?
      – BMW make cars that have lower horsepower than equivalent competitors , yet still for involvement , dynamics and character the BMW comes out top each time. Why?
      Horse power and straight line speed is not the philosophy of M. BMWM is an enthusiast brand which has more history , an M car is not just a faster BMW everything about an M is progressed from the basis car , everything is different , of course it helps that your basis car is well reknowned for it’s attributes in handling ,etc something the competitors especially Audi fail at recognizing.

      I wonder……they are not groundbreaking at all these days
      – I would say that BMW achieve more in the long run when they stick to their philosophies.
      When you get into cross-contamination between your brands you get lost in the process of what makes them great. In the end they turn out to be facsimilies of each other.
      BMW knows that they cannot do this because the change will be noticeable. Which is why BMW make sure each car has it’s own character , feel, in the way it drives and image without resorting to a vanity project to showcase your model line. A reason to why a BMW is the top choice in a range of segments.

      • Horatiu B. says:

        Thanks for the comment T. When it’s the next X6 due? 2013?

      • viper says:

        that was nice explained , I knew a lot of that but some things I just dont get.
        for example when I said about the cls or a7 response from bmw , how many years are passed since the first cls was introduced ? a lot! it was a hot car then still is today but Im not sure by the time bmw decides to actually make one will it be hot in 2015?…most likely not as much as it was and is now . my point is I dont understand why does it take so long to actually make such rival?

        why not make an off road suv , MB has one for decades called G class , if you look at it its boxy and ugly and outdated in some ways but still sells and still they plan on making it for years…you think they r loosing money with it? no…I dont see a reason why bmw didnt make such car. dont get it..

        you say 5gt is a bigger deal than GL and R and even S…sure it may have 5meters and plenty of space but come on man those are completely different types of cars , and seriously 5gt aint a pretty car , r gl and s class look way better and Im more for the looks..right now I think 5gt is pretty ugly but maybe it will grow on me.

        almost all important bmws look the same 5 , 5gt , 7…
        bmw doesnt have a big range of different cars , they pretty much look all the same , audi is pretty good at that too lately .
        if you ask me the biggest range of models and segments belong to MB. am I not right?!

  8. Otto says:

    Guys, once more BMW didn’t invent anything.
    The X6 is a X5 coupe, hence easier to identify as a “Coupe”.
    The Infiniti FX could be seen also as a SUV coupe but there’s no direct model to compare with.
    Back in the 90s, the 1st SUV coupe was the French 2 door Mega Track (V12 408 bhp, 4 seats).
    Basically, the X6 is a pure marketing product aimed to drivers who find the classic SUVs too common. Hence, the X6 sales went up as the X5 sales declined.
    The smart move from BMW was to create the SAC acronym and to make the X6 a 4 seater. For the rest it’s just a X5. There are even more differences between a 3er sedan and a 3er coupe than a X5 and a X6.
    And remember, people don’t buy the car they need but the one they desire. Ask yourself what a X5M or X6M buyer is after when he drives his gas guzzler.

    • T. says:

      Actually X6 is the worlds first premium market Sport Activity Coupe.
      It’s idea was born from the original Xcoupe Concept car, however when we were in development we learned that customers would want five doors with luggage space instead of the original Coupe.

      The excellence of the X5 and X6 is purely both can co-exist. X5 sales have not declined on the introduction of the X6 both have their sets of customers , something Audi and Mercedes-Benz are looking to immitate. Although we know that Volkswagen , Audi and Mercedes-Benz had their ideas for X6 challengers before the economic crisis.

      The beauty of the X6 project is that if you go the exclusive Ski resorts of Europe, nearly everyone has an X6. It is the bonafide choice, with people now leaving their sports cars at home in the garage and taking the X6.
      The principle idea of the X6 project is that someone would have a sports car and additional weekend suv.
      Now they have the X6 because it is a commanding sports car with performance , dynamics and looks to match.

      The idea is being applied to the X4 because again there are customers who find the X6 too big and possibly financially out of reach. X4 is very much moving forward and BMW are keen to embrace the popularity of such a concept for the Premium entry market.

      Although the X4 would be the Ceiling for the X-Line. The MINI Sport Activity Coupe based on the Paceman concept car but actually become a four door using rear hinged rear doors will represent the lower segment. The MINI will be in terms of aesthetics,engineering and looks, a very exciting car with clever functionality and represent the authenticity of the MINI brand.

      • viper says:

        not quite T.
        I didnt saw too many X6’s when I was skiing this winter in Austria. and that IS PRETTY EXCLUSIVE.
        I saw too many Audi Q5’s , Q7’s and A6 Allroad , Tiguan’s , new Touareg’s , probably equally MB GL 320CDI & 400CDI and BMW’S X5 and X6 , I saw more X3’s than X6’s ….plenty of new ix35 Hyundai’s and Range Rovers who with all due respect is a yacht..
        btw Im not sure about the X4 , I mean it’s boring , deja vu if you ask me , the X6 was groundbreaking although there were some cars before X6 that looked similar but nevermind.
        Im more for a true supercar and sls and ferrari rival and a cls rival rather than have yet another X car.

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