MINI Puts Their Skates On – Downhill Ice Racing is the Sport

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Just when you thought MINI could not possibly be any more ‘fun’ – they go ahead and join the most adrenaline-packed sport this side of …

Just when you thought MINI could not possibly be any more ‘fun’ – they go ahead and join the most adrenaline-packed sport this side of skinny dipping water volleyball in a shark tank.

Canadians have a reputation of living ‘on the edge’ and at the penultimate round of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship – top athletes will carve downhill at blistering speeds on the very edge of their skates.  Downhill ice skate racing is not a new sport – in fact it’s been around pretty well since the invention of ice skates.  But these athletes take downhill racing to the next level.  Judging by the photos, they well nigh melt the ice.

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120,000 spectators will travel to Quebec City, Canada to cheer on the crazed speed skaters as they hunt for gold on the steep ice hills.  MINI will be on hand to award the rookies and support the sport.  For the full press release, read on.

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“Ice Cross downhill newcomers to compete for MINI Rookie Award at Red Bull Crashed Ice event.
The Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship hits Quebec City March 19th.

Richmond Hill. The wait is over: On Saturday, March 19th, the Red Bull Crashed Ice (RBCI) Champion will be chosen in Québec, Canada. MINI will be the official automotive partner of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship for the second time this year, and will award the best newcomer with the MINI Rookie Award, a prize given to the fastest newbie on the course. More than 120,000 spectators are expected to watch this year’s event, as groups of four athletes on ice skates plunge down an ice-cross downhill track some five metres wide and peppered with bumps, jumps and banked turns.

MINI is particularly committed to fostering up-and-coming athletes and therefore introduced the MINI Rookie Award at the 2011 competition. The award will go to the top ice-racing newcomer in each of the four international events. After showing off their fast turns on the course, as MINI Rookie Award winners they will also have the chance to race the streets in a new MINI, in addition to receiving an impressive trophy.

MINI is reaching out to a young, sporty, lifestyle-oriented target group with its involvement in unconventional winter sports. While innovative concepts, originality and the right feeling for speed and curves are at the heart of the action at the RBCI World Championships, the MINI brand’s latest models are also in their element. In addition to highlighting the best newcomer, MINI also provides an athletes’ shuttle services with MINI Countryman for the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship, so every athlete has a chance to enjoy the MINI experience.

Québec is the fourth and final stop of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship 2011. Three newcomers have already raced to MINI Rookie Award fame: In Munich, Germany, (Jan. 15th), German athlete Fabian Mels landed the prize. In Valkenburg, Netherlands, (Feb. 5th), Croatian Hrvoje Starjacki was the fastest newcomer. In Moscow, Russia (Feb. 26th), Russian Pavel Kryukov was awarded with the MINI Rookie Award.”

You can find more information about the MINI Rookie Award online at:

4 responses to “MINI Puts Their Skates On – Downhill Ice Racing is the Sport”

  1. Laszlo says:

    Who is MINI and what does it have to do with BMW or the Mini car ?

    Might as well comment about Minnie Mouse from DisneyLand.

    The article says “.. MINI will be there and MINI is committed … sounds like talking about a person not a car brand.

    so do they win a Mini car ?

    • Shawn says:

      Hi Laszlo,

      In this article, MINI referes to the car company as part of BMW Group. As you may have noticed, we have been expanding our coverage of the entire BMW Group of products including MINI cars, and you will see much more of this in the future, including full BMWBLOG “Drive Reviews” as we have coined them.

      In this case, MINI has decided to support this sport along with Red Bull offering corporate sponsorship or funds in exchange for advertisement with the event. MINI are also offering laps around a racetrack and a trophy for the winner of their ‘rookie of the year award.’ I do not believe they are giving any cars away according to the press release attached above.

      MINI are also supporting the event by providing shuttle services around the event.

      Hope that’s helpful.

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