Video: 2013 BMW i3 Spied During Cold Weather Testing

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The first electric vehicle to launch under the new BMW i sub-brand was once again spied during cold weather testing. BMW i3 will make its …

The first electric vehicle to launch under the new BMW i sub-brand was once again spied during cold weather testing. BMW i3 will make its official debut in 2013, but a concept version is expected to be unveiled later this year.

At launch, Megacity will be offered in a two-door, four-seat configuration. The car will measure around 157 inches. In the future, the MCV sub-brand will include two additional models.

First one due in 2015 and dubbed ICV, short Intracity Vehicle, will be a two-door, two-seat car. In 2017, UCV – Urban Commuter Vehicle -will extend the length of the initial MCV and has four doors while hosting five people.

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BMW Megacity is powered by a lithium-ion battery with 35 kWh of capacity placed below the vehicle’s floor. Rear-wheels approach remains in BMW’s philosophy and the power is sent to the rear wheels through a rear-mounted 150-hp electric motor. Driving range is expected to top at 100 miles and top speed at 95 mph.

The price of the i3 is not yet decided, but BMW sources mentioned in the past that the i3 will be above 40,000 euros in Europe.

BMW also said is looking at different channels to put these cars on the street, one of them is the Zipcar-like approach, a car sharing process more and more popular around the world.

[Source: Gmotors ]

9 responses to “Video: 2013 BMW i3 Spied During Cold Weather Testing”

  1. Max says:

    Looks like a fun day for engineers.

    • bob says:

      Especially, if your definition of “fun” includes, but not limited to: A) being far, far away from loved ones; B) working long hours is the only option; and, C) freezing your ass off in the Artic. =8^)

  2. jude says:

    In our lifetime we will see the extinction of the internal combustion engine

  3. bob says:

    Are we 100% convinced that this is truly a *spy* video?!

    Look in the background, and note how far away the rest of civilization is. Yet the video is right on top of the prototype.

    BMW chose this spot in Sverige in order to be as isolated as possible. In some BMW promo videos, they state that if an ‘unmasked’ prototype seems to be tested, it only goes out after dark. Further, if they notice any spyphotogs along the way, the whole convoy will turn around. IOW, the risk of being ‘caught’ is on-the-way to the testing site NOT at-the-site.


    • Andrus says:

      This is not an official video, though there will be one as BMW was filming something their own.

      The video was shot from a distance – reason why you can’t hear much of the driving.

      Of course BMW will stop testing if they don’t want to reveal what they are doing, but as the car is heavily disguised they are not that much worried(we have seen it with all models basically).

  4. wazon8 says:

    One thing really bothers me: why haven’t we seen i8 driven this way yet?

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