2012 BMW M5 pre-production first drive

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Chris Harris of EVO Magazine has the first review of a pre-production 2012 BMW M5. DCT has been confirmed! No horsepower output confirmed as of …

Chris Harris of EVO Magazine has the first review of a pre-production 2012 BMW M5. DCT has been confirmed! No horsepower output confirmed as of now.

Technical highlights

Twin turbochargers, with unspecific modifications to both intake and exhaust systems. Official response to the question of power output is: ‘Do you really think we would give it less than an X6M?’. An X6M has 547bhp. There’s a seven-speed DCT dual clutch transmission with three different shift speeds and a fully automatic mode. Saloon only for now.

What’s it like to drive?

Is turbocharging a highlight? When it makes a car this flexible and plain accelerative, it has to be. Yes, the near-insanity of the old V10 makes way for slightly reduced throttle response, but it’s marginal. On a Swedish lake, you can still make tiny adjustments to sustain that all-important 1km drift. Does it feel turbocharged? A little bit. Does it make enough induction noise? No. But this isn’t the finished car, the BMW M-gurus insist that the final product will be different in this respect.

car photo 429961 25

I only drove the car on snow, ice and the occasional patch of asphalt. It felt like an M-car in the correct sense: purposeful, but not too aggressive. The steering, chassis and powertrain each have three modes: comfort, sport and sport-plus, giving a myriad of options. The MDM (M Driving Mode) brings a higher threshold DSC intervention that requires steering correction from the driver, or you spin, It works brilliantly. Switch it all off and you have a circa 560bhp, rear-wheel-drive saloon with an LSD. If you can’t enjoy that, you’re a wally.

I can’t tell you much about ride comfort and steering yet, except that with the suspension set to comfort the car is compliant but never soft. The steering is faster than in a regular BMW 5-series.

Full review at EVO Magazine

8 responses to “2012 BMW M5 pre-production first drive”

  1. Giom Mouton says:

    My, that looks like fun! Also, really composed and in control. The exhaust note is particularly bassey – I like!

  2. Rad Dockery says:

    The M5 needs me :-)

  3. L1ndja says:

    Fucked up sound

  4. Arthuro says:

    this car won’t be a piece to keep at a showroom like the e60, unfortunately, just a fast speedy, quite heavy saloon, a rear wheel drive that can drive as good as xdrive 550 due to multiple electronic and lsd adjustments. My personal verdict for now is buy an xdrive 550 if you are an executive manager, but if are a young enthusiast, get an bmw m3 as quickly as possible if you want a NEW car or an 1m coupe…..

    p.s. or get E60 (if you have cash to maintain that car and really obsessed with it, but it is worth it))

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