This Is Just Wrong: E46 BMW 330i Pickup Truck

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BMW 330i Pickup Truck 1 750x500

We have seen a lot of weird conversions in the past, from the M5 Ute to the X6 2-door, but this last takes it a …

We have seen a lot of weird conversions in the past, from the M5 Ute to the X6 2-door, but this last takes it a step further.

A member of the E46fanatics forum takes the BMW fanboyism, or not, to a new level and $10,000 later, he converts an E46 BMW 330i into a pickup truck.

The project began with a totaled E46 Coupe featuring the ZHP performance package that made the 3 Series famous at the time. Initially, the owner intended to repair the car, but the idea was quickly replaced by the plan of using the front-end from the BMW attached to the bed from a Chevy Colorado. The conversion also features a ustom rear window, shortened sunroof track, and BMW gas cap integrated into the shortened bed.

The results of this mating? Well, you can see it below.

BMW 330i Pickup Truck 2 655x436

[Source: e46fanatics via Carscoop ]

16 responses to “This Is Just Wrong: E46 BMW 330i Pickup Truck”

  1. Austin says:

    … I want it…

  2. One of a kind that’s for sure…

  3. StraightSix says:

    I already imagine on the highway like: ”I didn’t buy myself a new Audi to be passed by some shitty pickup!” hehe :D

  4. Laszlo says:

    frikkin’ awesome ! way to go Dude, this is as original as it comes. What a way to save a salvage car. I love it.

  5. TUCAN says:


  6. 330i says:

    wtf is wrong with this people…..

  7. Lariv says:

    Surprisingly I really like it.

  8. Tom says:

    as bad as it is, its done really well haha so props to the creator. soo weird looking tho

  9. lurkz says:

    its unique. i think an e30 pickup wud b awesome. to each his own.

  10. Gord says:

    This got me thinking, what about an M5 pickup lol ?

    • Laszlo says:

      ITS BEEN DONE !!! I have pics ! E39 M5 as the E60 crap would not carry its own weight. Plus to make it as good looking as a chevy pickup, it would need tons of money. bungle screwed up that car.

  11. E46 Tuning says:

    It is just plain crazy what some people consider to be E46 Tuning I have to respect the work but could have done something else with it

  12. skip miller says:

    put over 40,000 miles on her since the build!!
    it truly is the ultimate driving machine-ute

  13. says:

    did bmw build 1 that looks like mine????

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