Rumor Of All Rumors: BMW 1 Series Gran Coupe Sports Sedan

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BMW Concept Gran Coupe 9 750x500

Rumor of the week or even of the month, maybe even of the year comes from the usual BMW insider, Scott27. In his now regular …

Rumor of the week or even of the month, maybe even of the year comes from the usual BMW insider, Scott27. In his now regular monthly update, the restless insider brings out to the front the idea of a BMW 1 Series Gran Coupe Sports Sedan. First and foremost, this is simply a rumor, at this point a highly speculative statement, and even Scott27 acknowledges that some of the concepts discussed internally by BMW would never make it past the conceptual stage.

But nonetheless, we found this particular model to be quite interesting from a consumer perspective. The BMW insider mentions that the U.S. market is showing an increased demand for a four door smaller BMW vehicle. The 1er Gran Coupe will be a more sporty automobile powered by small engines and using the now famous rear-wheel drive platform.

The 1er Gran Coupe will mark the return to the classic BMW Sports sedan, back to E36 and E46 times when the 3 Series was considered a fairly small, compact sports sedan. The 1er GC would feature a different styling from the sport hatchbacks seen in Europe.

BMW Concept Gran Coupe 9 655x436

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe third-quarter view

So why wouldn’t BMW introduce a 1 Series sedan? Same insider says that the Gran Coupe styling would be considerably more appealing to U.S. customers, especially now on the eve of the 6 Series Gran Coupe, a vehicle that was well received when introduced last year in a concept form. The 1 Series Gran Coupe would also feature a sleeker look and would be considered a niche market, one that has been proven to be quite profitable for BMW with the introduction of the 5 Series GT.

As mentioned earlier, the car would sit on the RWD platform, would be powered by new, powerful, yet economical diesel and petrol four-cylinder turbo engines and could essentially be manufactured at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

So here is the rumor of all rumors. Would it turn into a production vehicle? Is there a need and demand for such a niche vehicle? Is BMW stretching its portfolio? Time will tell…but BMWBLOG wouldn’t bet their money on it.

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8 responses to “Rumor Of All Rumors: BMW 1 Series Gran Coupe Sports Sedan”

  1. Giom Mouton says:

    Sounds interesting… Hope it will be jaw dropping gorgeous!

  2. Woo Hoo says:

    A nice liooking UPSCALE entry level vehicle would be a nice addition… The 1er is just too ‘sport’ oriented for my taste.

  3. Hugo Becker says:

    BMW has stated that they can build any vehicle at the Spartanburg plant. And they have built X5s and Z3s in the same facility before. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did add another model into the mix, especially an X1 or 1ers.

    As Woo Hoo said, a small four door would be a nice addition, especially a RWD one with the ability to easily get passengers into and out of the back seats.

  4. G.B says:

    but i thought there is a 1 series sedan???
    i have seen one on the road before…the previuous model that is

  5. G.B says:

    sorry it was a coupe my bad…

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