First Spy Photos: MINI Coupe

Spy Photos | February 9th, 2011 by 7

Later this fall, the new MINI Coupe will make its U.S. debut. In an short interview at 2011 Detroit Auto Show, MINI Communication Manager Nathalie …

Later this fall, the new MINI Coupe will make its U.S. debut. In an short interview at 2011 Detroit Auto Show, MINI Communication Manager Nathalie Bauters told Autoblog that the Coupe will be a 2012 model year and will be followed by the MINI Roadster six months later.

In the mean time, MINI Coupe prototypes continues their testing trials back in Europe. Courtesy of Gmotors we have the first spy photo of the new Coupe.

MINI Coupe Concept is based on the John Cooper Works bodystyle, measures 146.1 inches overall, 66.1 inches wide and 53.3 inches tall. It was designed as a two seater which brings out the idea of a MINI roadster vehicle rather than a coupe. Due to its rear-end design line, the MINI Coupe Concept lacks trunk space, the only storage space is behind the seats. The cargo space measures about 8.8 cubic feet and in the production model, it will be accessible through the a big hatch.

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Under the hood, MINI Coupe Concept uses the same engine from JCW, a 1.6 liter four cylinder turbocharged engine which produces 211 horsepower and 260 Nm (192 lb-ft) of torque.

Inside, the MINI Coupe Concept sports an exclusive range of colors and materials. A three-spoke leather sports steering wheel with multifunction buttons enables the driver to steer precisely into bends and control the audio or communication functions with maximum ease. All other control units, in turn, are arranged ergonomically on the dashboard, taking their frequency of use into account.

Horizontal lines and air vents placed far to the outside emphasize the sheer width of the instrument panel and, at the same time, the generous style of the interior, the slender center console giving the driver and passenger maximum legroom.

Pricing will most likely going to be announced this summer.

[Source: Gmotors ]

7 responses to “First Spy Photos: MINI Coupe”

  1. Lariv says:

    Wow, that’s hideous.

    • X5SoB says:

      Yes, well, I don’t see how you could form anything approaching a valid opinion from that picture. It would be like me calling you hideous based on your profile picture. I mean, really? Grow up.

  2. e30i says:

    I have a feeling this will be a major hit when it comes out! If the final version is like the concept car it’ll be brilliant, however it needs a lower suspension on the finished version then this prototype to give it that hunkered down look it deserves.
    well done Mini, this is brill

  3. Laszlo says:

    the concept looked awesome. If the bean-counters don’t screw it up, it will be the mini worth buying.

  4. cs444 says:

    If you look at the other photos you can see it has a pop-up movable spoiler on the trunk lid. It also has a serious looking exhaust, tires and break set up.

  5. nettsu says:

    it may just be me but I do think this has a boot

    @cs444 elsewhere has reported that these spy photos are the John Cooper Works version (autoblog for one)

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