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Canadian magazine Sympatico Autos sat down with BMW M Boss, Dr. Kay Segler, to further chat on the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. Here …

Canadian magazine Sympatico Autos sat down with BMW M Boss, Dr. Kay Segler, to further chat on the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

Here is an excerpt from the article, along with the video interview:

“Whereas others tend to go towards supersports cars which you can only afford once you turn 60, we want to offer something more affordable and I am eager to see whether this is a new trend. Some others are already announcing that they have similar cars coming – and why not? The pioneer always sets the pace.”

Segler’s not the kind of man to boast frivolously. M has had more than its share of pioneering cars: the mid-engine M1; the first uber-saloon, the M5; and the everyday racecar for the road, the E30 M3. But, Segler is as frank about his firm’s shortcomings as he is about its successes.

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Before the interview, we asked BMW Club members in Canada for questions they wanted us to put to Segler. What we got instead were complaints. The biggest gripe from this old guard – who rev their E30 M3s in anger at the mere mention of an “M Button” – is that the 1M is simply too heavy, making it impossible to get that light, nimble, balanced and connected feel that ensured the early cars easy entry into the hall of fame.

“It’s an uphill battle,” Segler admits without hesitation. “Two cylinders less is reducing weight, but on the other side the turbo is adding weight.”

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7 responses to “ interviews BMW M Boss, Dr. Kay Segler”

  1. Geoff says:

    Hahahha most awkward interview ever.

    • bobbers says:

      What a pathetic interview.

      “Will you put less electronic aids on the cars in the future?” HAHAHA

      “Will you always offer M in manual?” X M cars you idiot.

      I bet this loser calls himself a car journalsit. lol I’ve never seen a more awkward interview in my life, it was like he (segler) was talking to a wall.

    • Jack2 says:

      “1M is M’s flagship car” What a moron. This was a brutal interview!! Can this sypati-whatever interviewer even spell B-M-W?

  2. Clinton says:

    Great interview, he seemed honest. A little humorous as well; who says germans have no sense of humor ;-P

  3. ToddJames says:

    The comment about high revving turbo motor coincides with the rumors that have been making their way through certain small circles. Expect to see a high revving, (think E46 M3 with a turbo or Mclaren MP4-12C) turbo motor in the next M3. It will be a very motor and very “M” as we know it from the past with the addition of a turbo or two.

    I was going to try to explain this to some of the premadonnas on some of the other popular BMW forums but most of those kids can’t see pass their own ass.

  4. I like the 1M, I really do. I’m not sure that I’d consider this to be a “new trend”, though. While I’m far from a die-hard VW fan, my first thought comes to the grandfather of cheap speed/fun – the GTI. You also have a slew of other “hot hatches” (numerous Foci, many available in Europe that we don’t see in the US, etc). While I understand the 1M isn’t a hatchback, it’s still a hot-rodded version of their entry-level car. Add in a ton of various Mustang/Camaro performance packages, the hopped-up Japanese super-GT cars from the 90’s and it’s far from groundbreaking, IMO. Cool, no doubt, but not life-altering.

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