Autocar drives the 2012 BMW 650i Convertible

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UK magazine Autocar publishes their own review of the 2012 BMW 650i Convertible. As with the previous reviews, this one sits on the positive side …

UK magazine Autocar publishes their own review of the 2012 BMW 650i Convertible. As with the previous reviews, this one sits on the positive side and outlines some of the best characteristics of BMW’s high-end cabriolet.

What’s it like?

Gone is the bullish and bloated look of the old model, replaced by a much more elegant and cohesive lineage. Not surprisingly, given it is based on the same underpinnings as the latest generation 5-series, the new 6-series cabriolet has grown in length and width, putting on 74mm and 39mm respectively, although height is down by a scant 8mm – all of which serves to give it a longer and more lithe profile together with a more confident and athletic stance.
As with the exterior, the interior has also been thoroughly reworked, with a unique dashboard and centre console – the latter now angled slightly towards the driver for a more cosseting feel than that of the old 6-series cabriolet. The perception of quality has also received a welcome lift thanks to the inclusion of higher grade materials and added attention to detail.

2012 bmw 6 er cabrio 1541 655x434Driving experience

Out on the open road, the new 6-series cabriolet feels terrifically solid with very little scuttle shake even over nasty ruts, and, crucially, is a good deal more entertaining than its predecessor. It changes direction with added eagerness and, despite its vast array of electronic driving aids, can be relied upon to adjust its line mid-corner.
BMW says overall stiffness has been improved by a remarkable 50 per cent, both for dynamic and ride characteristics, along with a more direct action for the front steering and, in a first for the up-market open top ranks, the addition of the BMW’s Integral Active Steering.
As far as driving characteristics are concerned, it is really a matter of what chassis setting you choose. As with high end versions of the new 5-series and the larger 7-series, BMW’s Dynamic Drive system allows you to select between three different modes: comfort, normal and sport. A further setting, sport plus, also delays the intervention of the stability and traction control systems to give you a further dimension.
Normal is the mode of choice for everyday running, providing an excellent blend between ride quality, body control and overall response. It better suits the new car’s athletic character than comfort mode, which unnecessarily softens up the suspension, introduces added body roll and takes the sharpness out of the steering.

Our Note: The conclusion is less conclusive than what we expected, so we are already looking forward at the first head-to-head comparisons against its competitors.

Should I buy one?
The new 6-series cabriolet is clearly a more complete car than the one it replaces. From the added elegance inherent in its styling, through the improved quality of its interior, increased performance potential, reduced consumption and more entertaining on-road qualities, it’s a positive step forward and a much more worthy rival to the likes of the Jaguar XK cabriolet and Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe.

Full review at Autocar

6 responses to “Autocar drives the 2012 BMW 650i Convertible”

  1. Br says:

    I found that BMWs nowadays(of the new generation) look better, sometimes, only look good in darker colour. The 7,5,6 and especially the 5GT. The new 6 series is not bad, it looks quite good at the front, but i think they should use LED lights for the turning lights as well. BMW just focus too much on cost cutting. BMW won’t lose a million dollars because of this. Also, they signed B&O for the 6 series but not for the 7, while 5 GT has more ambient lights and a better interior than the 7; the 5, 6 and 5GT all have the luxurious equipment of the 7, holy moly!! They even put a pair of crappy exaust pipes on 730d or Li in order to let others distinguish that it is the cheapest 7. Would customers want others to know that they are drving 730 but no 750? The mercedes S300 looks the same as S500 on the outside. Comfort seats are not optional, actually, the main difference between the 7 and the 5 series is that more leather is used in the 7. Also, the S Class had seat adjustments at the back more than then years ago, but frr the seven? You have to pay extra and, only for four seaters!! Total failure!! The current(not to say the upcoming LS) Lexus is much better than the 7 in terms of equipment inside, most of them are standardised! Don’t understand why don’t they go for the designs and lines exactly of the CS concept. Hope that the grancoupe and vision won’t be that crappy anymore. Audi is improving so much, merc is getting more luxurious, lexus is trying to copy from other brands, jaguar is improving, BMW? Downgrading from luxurious vehicles to premium vehicles? Oh my!

    • viper says:

      so true. but of course these fans here are blind and dont see that , like I do , you and many others…
      no point of comparing the S class to 7 , its always better , was and always will be more sofisticated and luxurious car than bmw.
      audi is getting to that point as we speak.
      bmw like you said is cutting costs, and yeah bmw has a huge variety of stupid one sided cheap looking tailpipes.

      • Daniel Hoang says:

        Of course the S class will win as a luxury car. The 7 series was supposed to be the sportier side of the large luxury sedan segment. Anyways neither of the new cars are as good as the W140 S class and E38 7 series.

    • Vaybach Khan says:

      well,i agree with you on bmw savings,and it turns out with some bad results…the latest is with 6 series,the most expensive bmw,the turn signals are not led black,and design effect is gone so the headlights look too big…like it was with seven series,its only model with old yellow angels eyes,and its most luxurious?
      but the quality of the interior and design are ahead of merc and audi,and even nowadays in technology…maybe bmw makes some decision bad,but aside the led lights or some other detail bmw is ultimate after all…i have no doubt..

  2. Jag says:

    Are you not tired of posting the exactly same words on every article day after day?

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