Rumor: BMW considering M3 Sportwagon?

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Latest rumor on the interwebs comes from Bimmerfile and revolves around the possibility of seeing an M3 Sportswagon based on the current generation E9x M3. …

Latest rumor on the interwebs comes from Bimmerfile and revolves around the possibility of seeing an M3 Sportswagon based on the current generation E9x M3.

According to their sources, BMW is toying with the idea of building an M3 Sportswagon before the current generation M3 is being phased out. While the project certainly can be delivered with somewhat minimal efforts, we are inclined to believe the chances of seeing an M3 Sportswagon are small to none.

First, BMW has a very limited timeframe to build and most important, test the vehicle. This can certainly be achieved by a tuner or a small shop, but delivering a car for mass production will require extensive testing, both from a functional and technical standpoint.

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Second, the M3 Sedan sales have been lower than expected and BMW is already considering dropping the sedan from its next M3 line-up. A Sportswagon version would not make much more sense at the moment, despite having the potential of being a huge hit in Europe. The U.S. market still remains the most important market for M vehicles.

A note by the same BMW insider Scott27, mentions that in 2008 BMW did build an M3 Sportswagon prototype that originally evaluated against the sedan model. As expected, the U.S. market asked for the more appealing E90 sedan.

For now, we are taking these rumors with a grain of salt, but we wouldn’t mind if they turn out true.

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19 responses to “Rumor: BMW considering M3 Sportwagon?”

  1. With the next gen 3 series around the corner and M3 sales lagging?

    Any support for this rumor? Surprised you found it post worthy, weird.

  2. T says:

    An M3 Touring was one such option , there is demand for such a car in Europe. Especially for M customers who want more flexibility , and an alternative to the landscape of the C63 AMG which has just been facelifted and the Audi RS4 which will return to the market soon.

    Technically the car can be compared to the BMW 1M Coupe in conception to launch ie just under two years but with the 3er Touring debuting next year in a window which is the same as the F11 5er Touring (6 months from the sedan) there is not really much time to do so.

    But things can happen even if it seems there is no time to do so.

  3. audi fan says:

    ha ha…whatever

  4. Laszlo says:

    well, I for one would be a sure buyer. Even if they would leave the V8 out and just drop the 3.0l TT into the car – like the 1M, I would buy it. Heck I would even buy a 335iT but it does not exist in the US. a 328i isn’t going to cut it for me.
    Sure there is a market for these cars, and the cost and sales figures are irrelevant as they are built on the same platform as the regular cars. Its like having a same sausage in different length. Hmm where did I hear that expression ?

  5. Forza Roma says:

    My lord, BMW if you have a sense of automotive pride, a sense of petrol-head-ism, if you want to really make a cool car, then you will build this M3…there is nothing more amazing than an M Saloon…please look at the M5 Saloon…If i wasn’t a student and already would be working that’s the first car i’d buy. So much power, so much space and my oh my SO much beauty and passion. pure perfection. thanks.

  6. Mr M says:

    BMW is loosing direction….the company is following Chrysler footsteps, 1000 models appear and disappear on yearly basis, they all look the same and all are a waste of steel and plastic.
    I have been buying BMW since 1986, never thought the day will come to see a M station wagon…….I am crying

  7. peter says:

    Say it isn’t so! What’s next after that, an M3 minivan?

  8. Tom says:

    Yes, please!

  9. alen says:

    Ok, now, please let someone describe me why would someone buy an M3 wagon, and not an M5 wagon? What is the difference ? What could you do with an M3 wagon, that you couldn’t do in an M5 wagon? Same question stands for X1 vs X3, 5 series GT vs BMW X5 or X5 vs X6 ? I would only leave these models:

    1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, 8 series – one supercar, X1, X5, and Z4.

    M division:
    M1 coupe (no convertible)
    M3 coupe and convertible (no sedan)
    M5 sedan
    M6 coupe and convertible

    X5 or X6 M.
    Z4 M

    • wazon8 says:

      Ok, what is then the difference between M3 sedan and M5 sedan? If you find any, you should find analogical difference between M3 wagon and M5 wagon. Most likely, M3 wagon will handle better than M5 wagon due to lower weight. It will be also cheaper. People who are looking for high-perfomance wagon will consider these two facts for sure, so there are two crucial differences: handling and price tag. Do you need more?

      As for rest of your questions, it’s worth to ask: why should BMW provide narrow range of models? What’s the difference between 5GT and X5? What about weight difference, handling difference and so on in favour of 5GT without sacrificing interior space? Not enough to find point for each car? What’s the difference between X1 and X3? Well, space… I guess. Very similar difference to that of 1-er and 3-er since they’re are made -respectively – on 1-er and 3-er platforms. Finally, X5 vs. X6? Why not? People seem to like this car, so why not to give them something original. Damn, I don’t get why some people are so conservative about cars’ line ups.

  10. bmwFan says:

    like i said, bmw has lost its way, they can shove their station wagon, and their 4 cylinder engines…….. i hope they make an M van soon, retards.

  11. viper says:

    m3 wagon sure , since there are c amg wagon and rs4 , I think

  12. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    RS4 Avant, C63 AMG Wagon… M3 Touring? I wouldn’t mind if it’s coming in.

  13. T says:

    BMW have produced M Tourings since the E34 and very nearly put an M5 E39 Touring into production although we have had the E61 M5 Touring which is a rocketship with a cargo bay.

    @ Alen

    When I see your suggested line-up I see the origins of Audi and their part bin resourced specials of cars that collide in one way or another throughout the vast VW empire.
    BMW are not Audi , BMW do not follow Audi , BMW do not want to be Audi.
    BMW is independent , it makes cars it’s way , it does not adhere to multi-brand concepts because this brands architecture makes it possible.

    Customers know what a BMW is , Audi tries to immitate and assimiliate it but it hits them back in the face when the media gets hold of them , the new Audi A6 is the latest Audi to promise much but fail to deliver , Of the reports that I have read they fail to praise the dynamics and athleticism which the 5er has in abundance and something you do not get with a BMW.

    BMW are segment leaders in Europe with the MINI, 3,5 7, X1 , X5 , M3 even the new X3 is moving into position to dislodge the Q5 from the premium entry suv segment because X3 has redeemed itself it is now much more a formidable competitor especially in dynamics. Is there an Audi (except for the R8) for the volume market that leads the segment?

    New luxury they apply to Audi in the United states? Audi are like those immitation luxury goods you find in the streets of New York. Looks good but deep down it is not exactly the real thing.

  14. Brett says:

    Really nice car wish this existed so I could buy it, but BMW replaced the good tourings with GT’s in America what a mistake

  15. T says:

    Let me tell you about the situation of the Touring in the North American market.
    And let me say this does not just apply to BMW because it is a trend with luxury imports and BMW’s competitors.

    If there is a relevant SAV/SUV in the same segment as the relative Touring/Wagon then the customer is more likely to choose the SAV/SUV rather than the Touring/Wagon. As the customer sees the SAV/SUV as the more versatile option and especially with Winters as seen currently on the east coast of the US – AWD.
    In the case of BMW – The 5er Touring (E61’s) loss was the X5’s gain.
    Which now has the 5er GT as an additional choice with it’s mix of each of these concepts that offers a more versatile appeal to the customer, especially the ones who do not want an SAV/SUV.

    Currently in the US since the X3 went on sale at the end of the year , X3 is outselling the 3er Touring again for the same reasons.
    The 3er Touring will be pulled from the US market later this year.

    BMW are not the only european manufacturers who are experiencing this trend in the US. Mercedes-Benz having recently introduced their E-Klasse T-modell have a slight advantage because of the dated ML-Klasse, expect a different story when the new ML-Klasse comes on line later this year. Already the C-Klasse is not imported into the US.
    Audi again , have the Q5 which is outselling the A4 Avant. And then there is Volvo who pulled their wagons on the count of the XC models that were outselling them which led to Volvo not offering the V60 in the US Market.

    It is not a case of the manufacturer not trying , It’s just the US customer prefers the SAV/SUV rather than the Wagon. It is a different story in the European market , especially BMW’s largest Touring market which is Germany with the segments two big leaders the 320d and 520d Touring. Not only are these models highly popular with normal customers but BMW sell large amounts of these models as fleets such as Polizei , Fire and Emergency , Government and several categories of business from telecommunications , IT and energy suppliers amongst some companies that operate the 320d Touring and 520d Touring as a fleet vehicle.

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