Rendering: BMW Z2 comes back to focus

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After months of complete silence, the BMW Z2 Roadster comes back to focus. Back in 2009, we learned for the first time that BMW is …

After months of complete silence, the BMW Z2 Roadster comes back to focus. Back in 2009, we learned for the first time that BMW is planning a new entry-level roadster that will sit, as expected, below the Z4.

The BMW Z2 Roadster will launch in the second half of 2012 and a Coupe variant will follow as well. BMW Z2 is based on next generation 1 Series platform and it is build under the Project i umbrella and the BMW’s EfficientDynamics program.

It uses a high strength steel body, while the door skins and aluminum front bonnet, front wings and bootlid are made of composite materials. Propshaft and engine block are manufactured from magnesium. Target weight for both Coupe and Roadster is 2,200 lbs (1000 kg). The Z2 will feature front movable front spoiler to provide extra down force, opening and closing intakes and grille slats provide cooling for the engine or battery. The roof of the BMW Z2 will retain the conventional easy folding soft-top.
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The Z2 will be a rear-drive vehicle and will feature different powertrains. The options considered are an all-electric engine, a hybrid with range extender petrol engine and a new 1.6 liter turbocharged engine developing near 200 horsepower.

The latest rumors around these new models mention that the cars are being design by BMW Designworks studio in California.

The latest rendering from Carmagazine UK shows a stylish Z2 Roadster with the upside-down kidney grille rumored to appear on future BMWs. As we advanced well into the year, we expect to learn more about the production details of the new Z2.

5 responses to “Rendering: BMW Z2 comes back to focus”

  1. X5SoB says:

    So, now the 1-series is going to be Front drive? Which is it? And, how can an aluminum front bonnet be made out of composite materials?

    • Doug says:

      i thought that meant that the doors + hood are tin, and the trunklid and front spoiler are composite.

      what’s interesting is the magnesium engine block. Is that the usual magnesium alloy, or is it all magnesium? I suppose that explains the need for a front spoiler.

  2. Steven says:

    I have just brought the Car Magazine myself, and its acutally said that the BMW Z2 will be front wheels driven as well. Rubbish!!!!!!

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