Rendering: BMW Compact – The Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle

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German magazine AutoBild places on their latest cover a rendering of the new BMW Compact model. The front-wheel drive vehicle is said to launch in …

German magazine AutoBild places on their latest cover a rendering of the new BMW Compact model. The front-wheel drive vehicle is said to launch in 2013 and according to some BMW sources, the rendering is fairly close to the final design.

The Compact is BMW’s interpretation of a front-wheel drive city car. The typical BMW design elements give a new impression of a totally different idea in BMW design.

The overall shape of the car differs completely from the typical MINI or conventional 3dr hatch format, the closest intention on the market today is possibly the Honda CR-Z.

AutoBildCover20012011BMW1 655x488

The designers have gone for an edgier three-dimensional appearance. It forgets the use of lines to enhance wheelarches and now becomes more three-dimension as it is now stamped so you can see the widening of the rear quarter. One idea intended here was to signify the new direction for BMW. The design is expanded and the cues mentioned previously are accompanied by an enclosed normal glasshouse that is pushed inwards allowing the metal around the rear to enclose the glasshouse allowing a line that curves around the rear window forming the typical BMW kink impression in metal instead of the glass that swipes strikingly through the doors to the front wing.

The A-pillars follow the direction shown with the Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept and continue down into the front wing leaving a typical BMW wheel at each corner look; triangular shaped lights sit upon each corner of the rear. The roof is towards the rear a typical BMW sloping roof.

With the typical BMW double round headlights placed one slightly below the other one, the idea is the inclusion of indicator signals directly underneath the angel eyes. The front of the car gets a smaller twin kidney grille, again more three-dimensional as the front of the car allows the grille to be pushed further back.

BMW are not just going front-wheel drive to further improve their emissions targets, but also to provide a profitable strategy by developing a new platform structure, modular in form to accommodate both MINI and BMW.

The front-wheel drive is part of a strategy to help the next generation MINI and its future variants to become more profitable and more cost effective for BMW to produce.

Expect to see a concept form of the BMW Compact in 2012.

28 responses to “Rendering: BMW Compact – The Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle”

  1. pimeto says:

    No way that this going to life… Autobuild can render as much as they want… pointless!

  2. bob says:

    For an English version, including a rendering of the Z2, see February issue of CAR:

  3. T says:

    “No way that this going to life… Autobuild can render as much as they want… pointless!”

    Yes. It can.
    Dont forget BMW evolved from Single lights to double lights. And as Adrian Van hooydunk says that future BMW designs will incorporate the wealth of BMW signatures from not only our present but also our past.

    The signature front end allows BMW to add identity to it’s new FWD car.
    For such a car to stand out and be accepted it has to be completely eye-catching in it’s execution , the dynamics will be one conversation but BMW want you to stop and stare and be attracted by the design.
    And this car in real life does. This is very sexy for a compact hatch.

    The single light is powerful enough but at the side closer to the grille you can see three bars which are actually LED bars for increased illumination.

    I should point out that the next BMW 1er Coupe and Cabrio also receive a similiar look that makes them more form their own identity, instead of being derived from the original hatch.

    • pimeto says:

      I really dont mind if they go with one headligh… this will be interesting.
      But i was talking about this ugly rendering… i dont like te desing, this is not BMW!
      As i dont like the headlights of the new X3 series.
      They might think that going back to the roots is a good thing, and it might be a good thing – but if you have a crappy designers…..nothing good will come out!
      So, i think they dont need to do experiments like this and then try to convince everyone that its cool and good looking – spending money and energy on commercials and propaganda!
      Pointless! The reason i love BMW is that they keep to their desing, stylish and so progressive technology wise!

    • Doug says:

      It’s interesting that bmw is devising a “unique look” for the FWD cars, since otherwise people won’t be able to tell the difference.

  4. viper says:

    that looks like a scirocco , a ballzy move from bmw however I doubt this rendering its obviously NOT going to happen.

  5. FreudeKing says:

    This is so ugly and disguisting that there are no woards to describe! But then again, if they have decided to throw away the BMW tradition of rear wheel drive, then they might as well throw the two circle headlight design element in the bin – BUNCH OF USELESS MAGANEMENT.

  6. alen says:

    I’m the biggest BMW lover out there, but I’d rather take the bus, than drive a BMW looking like THAT!

    The side view is neutral, similar to all current models… but the headlight design, and the lower air intake… Like Nissan Juke, but worse… As someone said earlier, after seeing a 2012 3 series rendering : “Now we know how the new 3 series will not look like…”

  7. Jonas says:

    I would focus more on improving the current models than introducing more pointless classes like a compact (what’s the difference with a 1 series?). Also the GT-models, I don’t really see the added value of these…

  8. Vaybach Khan says:


  9. erik says:

    those are some ugly ass headlights

    • Doug says:

      If you think of them as art deco, they’re actually kind of cool. Just…. not on this car.

      It’s actually as if someone took the old 5 series’ tail lights and said, “ok, these are cool. Let’s rearrange the basic elements and…..then let the artists flesh out the details. I need a fresh napkin.”

    • AKSHAT says:

      those are unique and awesome headlights.
      can’t u seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????????????

  10. JakeM says:

    I don’t have a problem with a FWD BMW at all.

    Everyone complained about the 335i before it was launched citing that “BMW is cheating” by using turbos. Oh yes, I remember those days when cars like the Mercedes E55 AMG / Porsche 911 Turbo etc. were slammed because “AMG/Porsche didn’t know how to extract a lot of horsepower with a naturally aspirated engine and needs turbos (“cheating”) to do so but BMW does it without turbos…bla bla bla”. Oh yes, stupid comments like that were all rampant over the Internt. But when the performance numbers of the 335i were revealed, everybody shut up and bought one and the silly comments all but disappeared. BMW has used turbos in the past – but most “BMW fans” don’t know about this it seems to me. Most “BMW fans” I meet in my neck of the wood don’t even know that BMW has an impressive motorsport heritage with 4-cylinder engines for example.

    If anyone can make a FWD car handle really well and “almost drive like a BMW”, it’s BMW. This car will be for people who want a sporty and efficient car with a premium badge, but don’t really care to much about the driving aspect. For real driving enthusiasts, BMW will always offer RWD sport sedans in the form of the 3er, 5er etc.

  11. Looks cool, but it’s just a rendering – BMW will never build such car.

  12. AKSHAT says:

    This BMW’s headlights are unique.

  13. Efoza says:

    A pefect use of the 5 GT design lines. This would be one of BMW’s best sellers becuase of this.

  14. vsonix says:

    if I wanted a Golf, I’d buy a Golf :(


  15. vsonix says:

    I wonder if BMW have really thought this through properly? BMW buyers buy them because we LIKE the tradition of the marque. By all means develop all the FF platforms you want, but release them as MINI or use another brand name entirely. Non-quad headlights I can handle, but messing around with the front engine/rear drive formula is killing a golden goose!

  16. Woo Hoo says:

    BMW has lost the plot….

    It’s a VW Polo competitor… Why are they even contemplating entering that market!?

  17. bmwFan says:

    bmw has been losing its way for the last 3+ years. to me they are idiots at this point,and this coming from a 335 coupe driver.

    what really made me puke was the exclusion of LED Corona lights on the m3, why would the regular 3 series having them, and not the m3, to me that is just a wrong way of going about selling more expensive cars,

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