Rendering: New 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan

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Next generation BMW 3 Series is due out in 2012 and the car will be unveiled later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The …

Next generation BMW 3 Series is due out in 2012 and the car will be unveiled later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The rendering masters at Schulte Design take a chance and attempt to “draw” the lines of the next F30 3 Series.

Built on a new modular platform, the F30 3er models, returns to the “slimmer look”, dynamic lines with squat proportions and short rear overhangs. The typical proportions of a 3 Series remain, but the exterior design is more toned and muscular, bringing some the aggressiveness and design lines seen in the recent models, including the F10 5 Series.

BMW is getting back to basics with clean uncluttered shapes, plus lower and wider kidney grille openings. The sedan model has a longer wheelbase, at least 1.5″ longer than the current generation. The F30 will sport a “pushing nose”, somewhat similar to the E89 Z4 front-end.

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The hood design will also most likely mimic one found in the Z4 and the new 5 Series, with more aggressive, but still fluent design lines.

The expected range of powerplants includes 6-cylinder engines, complemented by a new range of 4-cylinder engines and possibly even a 3-cylinder variant for Europe.

The 203 M3 will feature a six-cylinder engine as well.

[Rendering: Schulte Design via Bimmer Magazine ]

22 responses to “Rendering: New 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan”

  1. alen says:

    In my opinion everything looks great. except the front air intake (under the kidney grills). I also wouldn’t like the new 3 series to be a small F10…

  2. Andrew says:

    Looks fantastic

  3. Geoff says:

    It won’t look this aggressive. Betcha $100.

  4. Doug says:

    It looks like a disproportionate amount of character is put into the “face”.

  5. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    I think it looks fantastic eventhough it’s just a rendering. I mean, seriously I like it!

  6. wazon8 says:

    Let it be this way. Great car!

  7. Fuck yea! says:

    It wont be that aggressive, we all know that, the front end will probably turn out soft and too conservative :(
    I sure would like see it turn out very square and with shark nose, it´ll lood mean and oldschool bmw-ish

  8. Laszlo says:

    …BMW is getting back to basics with clean uncluttered shapes…

    Oh come on, just say it… it will loose the bungleness finally.

    The horrible shapes of oddly proportions and concave and convex cavalcade which was bungle’s signature lines, are gone. Clean elegant shapes and uncluttered lines are coming back and leaving the bungleism to head to the cemetery. The bungle cars were good to drive horrible to look at. They will leave the used car lots soon heading to the crusher. When the E39 will still go strong the E60 will be gone forever.
    luckily bungle parted ways and BMW can head into a bright future with the new designs. Anything better then bungle design, so yes I like it. Much better then the current 3 series.

    • bob says:


      The F30 is/will be a ‘bungle’ design…joining its siblings of the current generation – yes, completing the second full lineup done under Bangle’s direction.

      All one needs to do for reasonable confirmation is to ascertain whether or not the F30 resembles the Concept CS’s design language (of ’07). Since the answer is, Yes, then the credit goes to CEB.

      Furthermore, to rule out it having been developed under AvH, identify “SOP” for the F30; then go back far enough to cover the duration between “Design Freeze” & SOP; plus the amount of time before Design Freeze that it took the Vorstand to complete their approval process; and(!), adding still the time it took to do the actual design work. It occurred during CEB’s tenure.

      While CEB is no longer involved with BMW, due to industry leadtimes, his products have kept coming. And BMW’s sales are increasing…

      • Brett_McS says:

        If you look at all the 5-series’ side by side up to the latest (as was done recently in Wheels magazine) the “Bangle” 5-series (ie the previous one) stands out like a sore thumb. The design progression resulting in the F10 is an obvious continuation of the line before the Bangle 5. So perhaps Bangle repudiated himself, but repudiated he remains.

        • bob says:

          People will not see what they don’t want to.

          ROUNDEL had an article written by an E36/7’er (LCI), who had the silly notion that the E89 returned to the “DNA” of the E36/7. Nope. The E89 would not look as it does if the E85 hadn’t proceeded it. Yet all three are Bangle BMWs.

  9. StraightSix says:

    I would only add a chrome bar across the front of the mask’s lower side. Similiar like the E60 facelift had. That would make it perfect. Wouldn’t you agree?

  10. james says:

    woooow… hope this is it !! Looks very well balanced, the front air intakes perfect !!!

  11. 007bond says:

    who wouldn’t pull to the right if this pulled up behind!

    • Jag says:

      people in the UK, Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and some other countries – they have left-hand traffic :))

  12. X5SoB says:

    GET A GRIP, IT’S JUST A RENDERING!!! Hopefully the lower air intake is close to reality.

  13. avi says:

    The new 3 looks just too wicked I like

  14. Egg Chen says:

    2012  3系列F30太犀利了!!!

  15. Egg Chen says:

    2012  3系列F30太犀利了!!!

  16. Lucas Sganderlla says:

    Holy crap this was not even close

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