Stolen Detroit Auto Show BMW 7 Series Recovered

News | January 16th, 2011 by 9

The internet drama is over. According to WXYZ, the $90,000 BMW 750i stolen on Wednesday during the Detroit Auto Show was found today with minor …

The internet drama is over. According to WXYZ, the $90,000 BMW 750i stolen on Wednesday during the Detroit Auto Show was found today with minor damages, cut wires that disabled the BMW Assist tracking system.

The car was brought into town to serve as an official car for BMW executives and it was stolen by carjackers outside the Wstin Book Cadillac hotel in Downtown Detroit. The car was being loaded onto a car transport carrier when the driver of the truck and others were distracted, allowing the thieves to drive off with the BMW flagship vehicle.

The car was located three days later near an apartment complex on Telegraph Road in western Detroit. Police say they will examine the vehicle for evidence that could lead them to the carjackers.


[Source: WXYZ via Jalopnik ]

9 responses to “Stolen Detroit Auto Show BMW 7 Series Recovered”

  1. X5SoB says:

    Technically, they would be car thieves, not carjackers. At least they didn’t screw up the car, that would have been a shame. Does having this notoriety increase the value of this vehicle?

  2. thor says:

    Not surprised it was recovered within days.. not a lot of places to hide the behemoth that is the 750i. Frankly, i am surprised it was not found sooner..
    No harm done. Car thieves get to ride in a fully optioned 750i and BMW gets free pub..
    Everyone wins..

  3. Russell says:

    I think the disabling of the BMW Assist is the story, not the theft! If I saw a Hollywood movie where a car thief jumped in and then knew which wires to cut to disable vehicle tracking, I would laugh at the dodgy plot… Can you imagine how many wires there are on a 750?? Where would a thief even start? Also bad news for owners who thought BMW Assist would make their car not worth stealing.

    • wazon8 says:

      You’re kidding, right? If a thief was not an idiot, he would know exactly what to do. Do you think that they don’t make studies about a car before stealing it? There is no system that you couldn’t crack. Going for a car with no knowledge about it would be a deed of unreasonable person. Perhaps most of such people are in prison right now or will be there in near future after one of their first steal. After the collapse of Iron Curtin, Germans has made numbers of surveys about thefts of cars since 1991. As it turned out, groups of thiefs were better orginized than one could expect. In particular, they rarely proceed by cutting this or that wire. It’s indeed Hollywood fiction. What they usually do is to plug a chip with specially written software for given type of car. How do they get the proper software? It’s not hard to find a computer specialist who would do that, basing on surveys made on a car that one of thiefs or their boss actually possess or after-crush car that they’ve bought before. I bet that “professional” thiefs do the same in U.S. Moreover, as it turned out from German surveys on the matter the hardest to crack are pretty simple, but custom security devices such as some buttom that needs to be pushed before one starts a car. They’ve stated that if thief doesn’t figure out in a minute how to crack custom security system, he will leave a car in most cases.

    • Geoff says:

      Thieves don’t steal manual transmission cars. The resale value is too low. One ore reason to avoid the autotragic transmission.

  4. billmilo says:

    Jeremy Clarkson declared Detroit as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. I tend to agree.

  5. lol, whoever took this bimmer doesn’t know BMW can track it.

  6. mpg says:

    The crims probably gave it back when they realised it wasnt a cadillac.

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  7. Al says:

    I agree with mpg if it ain’t a caddy it ain’t right

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