Editorial: 5 Predictions For BMW In 2011

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2011 is upon us and for BMW brand the new year is announcing to be quite exciting. If 2010 was a recovery year, the upcoming …

2011 is upon us and for BMW brand the new year is announcing to be quite exciting. If 2010 was a recovery year, the upcoming 2011 is expected to be a turning point for BMW with car sales increasing in Europe and North America, and especially in China.

With over twenty new models coming out in the next few years, the family of BMW cars gets refreshed while adding new niche vehicles and a sub-brand.

A first here at BMWBLOG, we are sending out our predictions for 2011 and will draw the line at the end of next year to see how we did.

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  1. BMW will surpass Lexus as the biggest premium automaker in the US. – In 2010, BMW closed the gap against Lexus, but in 2011 with the introduction of the new 5, X3 and 6 Series, we anticipate BMW taking the lead in the premium segment.
  2. BMW will increase the awareness of their Megacity electric vehicles – We expect BMW to increase the marketing budget for their upcoming electric sub-brand, and a concept electric car will be unveiled.
  3. BMW 1M will be sold out and becomes the car of a true BMW enthusiast – The new “baby-M” is announcing to be a hit for BMW and if the pricing falls around the $45,000 mark, we predict a quick sell out.
  4. BMW announces a four-cylinder diesel model for the US market – It will be in an X1 model, or a next generation 1 Series F20 (123d), or an X3 (xDrive 20d).
  5. BMW increases the sales gap from Audi in the North American market due to increased advertising and marketing – BMW has already announced a comeback in the Hollywood scene and 2011 movies and TV shows will feature more and more BMWs, including the new 6 Series in the Mission Impossible franchise.

That’s our take for 2011, but we would love to hear your predictions as well.

17 responses to “Editorial: 5 Predictions For BMW In 2011”

  1. pimeto says:

    Oh how i hate when they say “with 20 new models”…… new models my ass.
    When you say new model, mean it like a brand new model design and innovation – like for example the new 6er….
    20 new models means 2011 editions of the current models…its cocky

    • Horatiu B. says:

      So let’s see.

      1. 1er hatch
      2. 1er coupe
      3. 1st GT
      4 1st conv
      5. 6er coupe
      6. 6th conv
      7. Gran Coupe
      8. M6
      9. New 3er sedan
      10. New 3er coupe/conv
      11. M5
      12. 1M
      13. New X5
      14. Electric vehicles

      I can keep going and this doesn’t include MINI and Rolls

      • L. Hamilton says:

        freakin fanboys… what do bmw do for you?? they give you money?? they give you cars for free??…. stupid fanatism

      • pimeto says:

        Sorry mate but its funny to me how, for example the 6 series, you make 3 models ?! From 1ser. make 4….lol
        Hatch, coupe, GT, M – those are all options that comes at different prices! Not different car models – same chases, same engines (some modifed etc), same interior…..same all…plus minus some new gadgets and stuff…. but that does not make it a brand new model to follow….. if you know what i mean.
        its like a word game….. pointless TO ME!

        • Horatiu B. says:

          They are essentially 3 different models. The Coupe and Convertible are still different, they need different testing and adjustments. Even more for the M6.

          And yes, it might be a word game, but for them, when they list them on the site, they are different models, under one family. Keep in mind that we didn’t talk about engine variations and such.

          • pimeto says:

            Well this is a pointless dispute if you ask me, but ill give my opinion for last time, to try and make a point.
            What BMW says doesnt make it a true! They, as everyother manifacturer will say and do, tell and lie if they have to to sell their products!
            So, if they insist that The Coupe and cabrio are different car models, then ok – but i dont bite it!
            One convertible roof doesnt make a brand new car model! Different functions, style, looks, etc… but not a model!
            Now, 1ser convertible and 3ser convertible – those are 2 different models. Thats what i mean!

  2. bmw99 says:

    Mmmm, BMW is alreday the the biggest premium automaker and has always been ahead of Lexus – wordwide – by miles. Your point is only true for the US at 1/3rd or the global market.

  3. rusty says:

    there is also 5er coupe in the way but it might be late

  4. samir snood says:

    Will BMW bring a 5 series diesel to the U.S. in 2011-12? I’m hoping so.

  5. Babken says:

    I’d like to see the 7 Series beat the S-Class worldwide the next year. The rest segment are controlled by BMW.

  6. Efoza says:

    My prediction is that the 5 GT will continue to outsell all cars which come remotely close to its concept.

  7. #5 is a good one. I think an appearance in the movies give cars a lot of visibility. Remember the one James Bond movie (with Daniel Craig) when James Bond stepped out of a Ford? That appearance got a ton of publicity.I think it would be nice if Bmw would make a brief cameo in an upcoming Bond film.

    Also, rather surprised to see Lexus as #1 premium car brand in the States. In my state (Califronia), I I see more Benz and BMW than Lexus.

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