Rumor: Next F30 3 Series to be longer than the current model

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Motor Trend has some new details on the upcoming 2012 BMW 3 Series. While we consider these simple rumors at the moment, we wanted to …

Motor Trend has some new details on the upcoming 2012 BMW 3 Series. While we consider these simple rumors at the moment, we wanted to take the time to bring them forward. According to the popular magazine, the F30 3 Series is expected to feature a wider track, as well as a longer wheelbase. The F30 platform is said to be shared with the next generation 1 Series which will appear in late 2011.

The report says the new 3er will be 2″ longer than the current model and looks-wise, it will come closer to the new 5 Series. The exterior design is expected to feature softer lines, with shorter overhangs allowing for more interior space.The hood centerline is slightly raised, a design gimmick that allows for improved pedestrian protection.

The rumormill continues to churn when it comes to the new platform’s suspension. Motor Trend believes the platform is effectively an update of the existing hardware, with a five-link rear end, most of which is forged aluminum, and aluminum-intensive double-joint struts up front. Because the platform incorporates new electronics networks, the car will come with optional adaptive dampers as well as the active front steering currently offered.

Rumor: Next F30 3 Series to be longer than the current model

The powerplant offerings are in line with what our previous reports. A series of new four-cylinder turbo engines that will replace some of the current six-cylinders. As expected, a high-end six-cylinder 3.0 liter engine will continue to sit at the top of the line-up with an output of 320 horsepower, as seen in the upcoming BMW 640i. The eight-speed ZF transmission will continue to be offered due to its fuel efficiency rating.

In Europe, the base gasoline engine will be the Mini Cooper S’ 1.6 turbo, tuned up to about 150 horsepower.

Geneva Motor Show in 2012 will most likely host the launch of the new F30 3 Series.

[Source: Motor Trend ]

  • kcsnyud

    it would be sad to see it look like 5er and be longer cos its already bloated and first impressions are not good

    • Heddlu_Cymru M5

      Earlier this year or last year there was a post where they illustrate the length of the car and upon doing some research, the car is actually still a little shorter than the E34 5er. I couldn’t remember the actual length of the car but I did remember I said the car was still shorter than the 5er.

  • vsonix

    time to bring back the 3-series Compact parallel to the 1er I reckon.

  • Empower

    BLOATED its the smallest car in the segment whats 2 inches improved rear leg room which was been one of only a few weaknesses of the 3. it leaves room for the 1 to grow and appeal to more and take sale from the jetta. The coupe needs to grow and have more presence the a5 looks a bit more grown up. Roll on the 4 series for those how think the 3 is to common gt along the lines of the 6 gt and a sports back in the form of the 5 gt and do the same with the 1 and make the 2 series

  • Brett

    A longer 3 is ok, but i’d rather see a less common 4 series thats more like a collectors car, just to add a little more prestige and journey into a new segment

  • Andrew

    So – what’s up with the koala face in the rear passenger side window?

    • X5SoB

      Yeah, I thought that was pretty funny!

    • Alvin Wong

      Perhaps it’s the Genuine BMW rear window shade for the F30.

    • Doug

      looks like a sunscreen for a baby. maybe for a child acceptance test

  • X5SoB

    I read elsewhere that the wheelbase was going to increase by two inches but the overall length would stay the same. Even your own post points in that direction, you said the overhangs would be shorter…

  • Laszlo

    if I need a larger car then the 3 series then I buy the 5. Whats the point making the cars bigger at every model changes ?

  • us1

    shorter overhangs? that rear overhang looks huge!

  • Woo Hoo

    …The more to separate it from that stripper entry lever compact 1er. Given that they will share parts, this had to happen. Buyers will turn their noses at a 3er otherwise.

  • Doug

    So, in what manner is it sharing a platform with the 1? Does this mean that the 1 will have the same track width and wheelbase? I had assumed the main reason for this is to make room for the 1 as the “small” bmw.

    And…. “softer lines” gives me a sickening feeling that they’re de-Bangling this design as well. That is, a more conventional design with less art and character, like the new 6.

  • Efoza

    Good use of the 5 GT design base

    • kcsnyud

      the 5gt looks weirddddddddddddd

    • Doug

      Ohhh I thought you’d left, because I hadn’t seen an irrelevant and inapplicable 5 GT comment in awhile

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