Renderings: BMW 1M Convertible

Rumors | December 20th, 2010 by 6

On January 10th at the Detroit Auto Show, BMW will introduce their new entry-level M car. Officially labeled as the 1 Series M Coupe, the …

On January 10th at the Detroit Auto Show, BMW will introduce their new entry-level M car. Officially labeled as the 1 Series M Coupe, the “baby-M” is considered by many the successor of the E36 M3, the lightweight M that is considered one of the best M3s to date.

BMW states the newest M has been in development for two years (for the US market it means as soon as the 1er went on sale here, BMW was planning the 1 Series M). The chassis, compared to the 135i, is 77 pounds lighter, has a wider track (front & rear) and is just a tick longer. The car also foregoes the nominal sunroof for a 35 pound weight saving. The roof is all steel (no carbon fiber). Of course losing 35 pounds at the peak height of the car is a good thing.

Production of the new 1M will run for twelve months and speculations have already appeared around a convertible model as well. At this point, we continue to believe these are simply rumors and we will not see a 1M Convertible until the next generation 1 Series Coupe goes on sale in 2013, with the expectations that an M car will follow twelve to eighteen months later.


The fellows at Bimmerboost decided to go ahead and render how an 1M Cabriolet would look like, showcasing the usual characteristic of a convertible while keeping the M bodykit. Pricing for the new 1M will be announced at the Detroit Auto Show, but the most mentioned price point is around $45,000.


  • Bryce

    I don’t see it happening… the 1 Series M Coupe was built for motorsports, not top-down cruising.

    • rob

      Why not – there has always been an M3 convertible since the E30 and an M6 convertible for several generations, 1M convertible makes absolute sense and would be the only thing I would trade my 335i convertible for in the near future.

      Here is hoping they do it!

      • Bryce

        I know there are people that would love it… but even the M3 isn’t as built for Motorsports as the new 1M. Also, BMW only plans to build 1,000 1-series M Coupes. If they’re going to produce more of this model, they should just increase the production of the 1-series M Coupe rather than develop a convertible version just to sell a couple hundred.

  • Auday

    “he successor of the E36 M3″ I guess E36 is a type here, and you meant E30?


    Just when I thought BMW was finally going to do the right thing and make only a 1M coupe, but I guess I should have known better by now!

  • Chris

    It really is more of an euro e36 m3 successor than e30 m3, especially when you look at power to weight, specs, rear end suspension, and 6 cylinders.

    Besides e30 m3 is god’s chariot, 1 M is a great product but no e30!