Executive Road Warrior: BMW 535i GT Review and Road Test

5 Series GT | December 20th, 2010 by 8
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Executive Road Warrior reviews the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo, the highly controversial member of the 5 Series family which managed to exceed the sales …

Executive Road Warrior reviews the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo, the highly controversial member of the 5 Series family which managed to exceed the sales expectations. Here is an excerpt from the review:

“One of the reasons that the GT may be confusing to some car enthusiasts is that it has a 5er Series designation, the driving position of an X5, the interior room of an extended-wheelbase 7er, and the driving dynamics of a 5er Sedan.

Indeed, the GT is built on the same (F01) platform of the flagship 7er Series sedan. Its height (61.4”) and length (196.8”) are more car than SUV but the width (74.8”) and wheelbase (120”) say SUV.

bmw 535i gt 655x345While the GT looks high and indeed has a high driving position, getting into it does not require a ladder since it has a low floor, one that is marginally higher than the 7er.

The 535i GT is powered by the new 3.0-liter single-turbo direct-injection engine that now also powers the 335i, producing 300 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque. Turbo lag is virtually non-existent and, despite its heft, the GT can go from zero to sixty mph in 6.2 seconds.

The six banger has more than sufficient power to move the GT and it is perfectly mated to the eight-speed automatic transmission (manual shifting is possible by sliding the transmission lever into M). Behind the wheel, it feels like a BMW, although a slightly heavy one. The steering is light and precise (more 5er Series sedan like than X5 or X6 like) and the optional active steering system also steers the rear wheels. Even in tight corners, the GT feels tight and composed while providing a supple and comfortable ride for passengers. Brakes are responsive and there is no question that BMW’s traditional dynamic strengths are in evidence.”

Full review at Executive Road Warrior

8 responses to “Executive Road Warrior: BMW 535i GT Review and Road Test”

  1. plaxico says:

    I like the third page where he actually reviews the car.

  2. bob says:

    To state that the F07 is built on the same F01 platform is a little confusing, if not slightly misleading.

    Where BMW is at now, despite the designations, is that they no longer think in terms of individual *platforms* but of *modules*. To remain competitive in an absolutely brutal industry they’ve further streamlined the construction/production of the big BMWs, 5-6-7-RR Ghost, so that they share various modules. BIW’s are still different, of course.

  3. Kenee says:

    The GT is one hell of a car and these types of reviews highlight this fact. I never forget the saying within the car design sector- the design which works is the one which is initially mostly hated. Look how the GT is turning out to be a success on the sales figures – despite all the BMW haters bashing it!

    I think it is now safe to say that BMW has once again come up with a car which is giving everyone room for thought. Just like the X5, which was also hated when it first surfaced in 2000, the GT seems to be doing the same.

  4. I absolutely love this car. I was a bit unsure when I first saw pictures of it, but loved it when I saw it at the dealership. Anyone know how strong the sales numbers are so far?

    • Kenee says:

      The sale figures are very good in certain parts of the world and increasing in other parts. In Germany the car is doing very well but in UK it is only just picking up. In the US the sales are also picking up very fast now that the 535 is the lead car.

      One of the main problems with the GT is the way it has been marketed by BMW. This car should have been called it the 7 GT and that way it would have sold a hell of a lot more just based on its concept and name fitting one another. As it happens now, it is now taking time for people to get used to this misleading marketting blunder by the BMW marketting department.

      In short, this car is fab but the way it has been marketted is extremely poor.

  5. PJ says:

    Why has this car not got a chrome window line? This is a highly luxurious vehicle and the chrome line adds to the class. BMW’s style of only allowing higher end models with bigger engines to have this chrom line is making their cars look very cheap as most of their sales are from smaller engines.

    Audi on the other hand has nice chrome trims around the window that makes the entire car more dynamic and visually appealling from the side. Please revisit your cheap look strategy for smaller engine model range because I don’t like it at all. Toyotas should be the cars that are too cheap to care about chrome exterior trims, not BMW.

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