BMW Vision EfficientDynamics To Be Priced Near $200,000

Vision EfficientDynamics | December 16th, 2010 by 43
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Insideline sat down with BMW’s Sales and Marketing Director Ian Robertson who revealed to the magazine that the future BMW hybrid supercar, the Vision EfficientDynamics, …

Insideline sat down with BMW’s Sales and Marketing Director Ian Robertson who revealed to the magazine that the future BMW hybrid supercar, the Vision EfficientDynamics, will be priced at around $200,000.

According to Robertson, the hybrid supercar will “redefine how we look at high-performance sports cars,” when it enters production in 2013.

The VED debuted at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show and it is shaping up to be one of the most awaited BMWs to come. Robertson said to same Insideline that little will change for the production reality. “We haven’t finalized price point yet,” he said, “but it will compete with Ferraris and high-end Porsches.”

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Speaking at the official launch of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe in London, Robertson indicated that the price would be “less than £150,000 ($240,000),” which suggests a U.S. price of around $200,000. This puts the BMW VED in a segment with the upcoming 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell.

As we mentioned in the past, the Vision supercar will be built under the umbrella of Project i and assembled at the Leipzig plant in Germany. The VED will be constructed largely of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), which Robertson claimed is 30 percent lighter than aluminum.

The assumption is the supercar is likely to appear at the 2012 Olympics in London.

43 responses to “BMW Vision EfficientDynamics To Be Priced Near $200,000”

  1. Babken says:

    USD200,000 for the worst looking car ever made by any car maker? I wouldn’t pay even USD1 for this underpowered truck. Instead I would buy an E63 AMG and humiliate this gayish toy.

  2. bmwFan says:

    200K????????? is bmw mental? i’d rather get a ferrari italia

  3. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    “We haven’t finalized price point yet”

    Relax guys… Sheesh!

  4. SEAN says:

    damn people, its an impressive car with impressive specs, a lot of research put into it, calm down.
    ‘worst looking car ever’, that’s ridiculous…

  5. Laszlo says:

    I dunno, it does look stupid. SLS is much better looking, the Ferrari… well I won’t even consider mentioning a car from Ferrari with a BMW. Sorry I like BMW’s and have now 4 of them but only because I can not afford a Ferrari.
    At least the Z8 looked the part of being a 128k usd car. this thing with the 1.5 diesel engine might be a super hi-tech techno gizmo but it looks stupid with the skinny tires, the weird doors and the funny paint job.
    Sorry BMW your ads are childish, the marketing is childish and this car looks like a childish car. Does BMW controlled by a bunch of pimple faced 16 years old now ?

    sure a few celebrity will plunk down the 200k if not for else but to be seen in a 200k car but its a loser car for 200k.

    • bob says:

      A word to the wise. Second guess BMW’s management decision-making at your own peril!

      Anything BMW says publicity they say to their competitors. We don’t fully know what they have planned. So, good chance of a pleasant surprise.

      If the rumors/speculation are true, e.g., AUTOMOBILE, there could be two(2) VED’s.

      One would be what we’re already aware of; an eco-friendly techno tour-de-force. In terms of new hi-tech/advancements, a spiritual successor to what BMW Technik GmbH did with the Z1 only greener, if you will. Footprint of a 3er, the interior space of a 6er, and the performance of a M3.

      The other would be a more conventional supercar (“M100”) – using the same overall package – with an est. 450hp petrol engine, replete with conventional tires, EfficientDynamics refinements, etc.

      Commercially this could be brilliant! If people are really willing to put their money where their mouths are, they’ll buy the diesel-electric variant…and be willing to pay up for it. Traditional bimmerphyles will probably opt for the *regular* variant. Therefore, both demographics are covered. A marketing boost, too, as the conventional variant will benefit from the other’s ‘halo’ to a certain degree.

    • JD says:

      Funny paint job? You know that the wacky spirals are purely because it’s a prototype right? It’s a play on the camouflage used on all the other BMW, and Mini, and even Audi prototypes. The final paint options aren’t revealed yet, so save your comments for later.

  6. Bryce says:

    I don’t know how you guys can complain about the price point when we don’t even know the specs, the final design, or the technology that it will have.

    Worst looking car ever? It hasn’t even be released.
    SLS is much better looking? The SLS is a finished product, this is still in production!
    Looks stupid with skinny tires, weird doors, and funny paint job? Again, how do you know what tires and doors it will have… and you definitely don’t know what color options it will have?

    You guys must really hate BMWs to bash them two years before an unveiling.

    • Paul says:

      if you go to bmws site it says it has 17 wheels…another “classic” bmw just like the Gt. that one aint exactly flying of the shelves is it? 200k ? When an R8 eats this thing for breakfast at half the price ??? Ahahah is it 1st of April allready???

      • Murph says:

        What R8’s are being sold at half the price? Please tell me, I’d love to buy one at less than $100k.

        Seriously, go look at the price of a new R8 V8 or V10 – neither start below $100k and with options, easily can reach up an other $20k over their starting MSRP. That said, the next gen R8 and Gallardo will surely go up a hefty amount in price – just like the 458 Italia over the F430 – so in 3 years when this car comes out – it will probably be very well-aligned with the pricing of its respective segment.

        People need to calm down – take it at face value that this is a ballpark figure of where the car COULD come in. Nowhere does it state a definitive price for a car that literally nobody has driven or reviewed nor have official performance numbers been released.

      • ToddJames says:

        HaHaHa…. The R8 is a joke.
        If you wanna talk about a half price comparison let’s look at the M3 vs R8. Except for the supercar like roofline there’s nothing supercar about it. Unless you wanna call the M3 a supercar too, (minus the ridiculous overpricing) because the M3 is all over the r8 like ugly on your daddy…. :-)

  7. John says:

    Haters can Feed on the Facts and Prices the car won..So your lousy comment mean Jack Sh*** So move on…

  8. LBOOGY says:

    this car is great! my penis along with this car is going to be a masterpiece!

  9. John Hietter says:

    I was hoping the car would be priced more along with the audi R8 so it wouldn’t be completely unattainable. However, they have invested a lot of money in carbon fiber and new technologies so it is understandable that prices will be high at first to recoup investment costs. If this proves to be a success, which I have a feeling it will, I bet this tech will trickle down and we may eventually see a smaller z4 size version that is more affordable.

    • Paul says:

      ur almost right…even if audi lost money on every R8 it sold, the image that car gave the brand is worth 10 x more than the loss. if bmw makes a car that ull only see in pics online and maybe in knightsbridge in london or LA what will that do for brand awareness???

  10. RayS says:

    Price includes 5-year warranty, 100K, no maintenance, now, that is a a good deal!

  11. BMWDriver says:

    Not interested really.
    Although at $200K, that seems a bit too high in relation to the competition, now that is only my limited opinion.

  12. RK says:

    I certainly doesn’t look like it can compete with high end Porsche’s and Ferrari’s in terms of performance, only in price.

    It really will need to complete price wise with an R8 or 911 in my book, but then again it seems you can always find someone that will pay for something!

    If I am going to buy a high end sports car, getting 62.5 mpg is nice, but I am buying a performance car, it better perform and I wouldn’t pay much more for the fuel economy. At 200k, I can’t imagine anyone would consider this car compared to a ferrari or v10 R8. It only has 328 hp, should have loads of torque though, if it is 3000 lbs it might have a fighting chance performance wise, but it is hard to hid the weight of batteries.

  13. Badger says:

    Tesla roadster.
    Fisker Karma
    a lot less cheaper…

  14. JMLBMW says:

    I for one… think that the car is by far… one of the best looking machines on wheels! The price is right inline with everything else in it’s class. Full CFRP with Aluminum… very exotic! Not to mention that it will no doubt have every current and future gadget available!

  15. billmilo says:

    It will sell like hotcakes.

  16. viper says:

    overpriced….200k for what?…a green car?….I dont buy this plug and drive cars , hybrids and all that…..give me a V10 or V12 for that money….I dont care about c02….theres more c02 produced when making this car rather than drive ur old old school 6.7 chevy ….Id buy used slr , a ferrari , sls , r8 , lambo , aston martin for this money…..looks better , drives better… who needs this car?…your saving the world by buying it?..HAAAH

  17. Babken says:

    With every new generation of cars and novelties BMW tends to leave all the core values that distinguished the brand and made it the best. Now even Infinity leaves no chance to BMW in terms of performance.

  18. viper says:

    lnfinity cars look at least five times better. bmw makes ugly (well balanced and good for track handling) cars. the rest is just like go check out whats audi doing or if you have money go to benz dealer.

  19. X5SoB says:

    What is wrong with you people. The level of stupidity on this thread is unprecedented. And trying to talk sense to stupid is futile and inherently stupid as well. Some people just don’t get it that the VED has no competition currently.

    • Doug says:

      No competition? Of course it does. At the same price range, at the same performance range, and even in the hybrid supercar we’ve seen a number of prototypes by other mfr’s and the porsche 918 is being made.

  20. Doug says:

    I have a question. It is indicated that the CFRP is 30% lighter than aluminum, but that doesn’t sound like *quite* enough of a gain for the price. How much lighter still is “dry” carbon fiber in resin ? What about other materials, especially titantium, now that metal 3d printing is producing commercial products?

  21. Max says:

    “We haven’t finalized price point yet,” he said, “but it will compete with Ferraris and high-end Porsches.”
    It means it probably will have the upcoming M3 engine with ~450 hp + electric motor. Otherwise this car will be a dissapointment for BMW guys because in this price range there are better cars to buy already, not to mention the upcoming porsche “Spyder” hybrid.

  22. viper says:


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