Mercedes overtakes BMW in the average price of vehicles in Germany

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For the first time in years, Mercedes-Benz overtakes the BMW brand when it comes to the average price of vehicles sold. According to a study …

For the first time in years, Mercedes-Benz overtakes the BMW brand when it comes to the average price of vehicles sold. According to a study by the Center of Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen, the average car cost in the first three quarters of 2010 was 24,752 euros, almost 14 percent more than in 2009.

Leaders in the average price, according to the study, Mercedes-Benz overtakes BMW with 38,533 euros compared to the 37,865 average price reported for BMW. Audi follows in third place with 36,655 euros.

Brands with relatively small numbers, such as Porsche and Ferrari, were obviously not taken into account.

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In 2011, the average price of cars bought in Germany could cross for the first time the 25,000 euros mark. In 1980, this figure was 8,420 euro – albeit under very different conditions than today.

In 2009, BMW was still in the lead with an average price of 37,090 euros. Mercedes was following with 36,717 euros.

In the study by the Center of Automotive Research, only the basic price of the vehicles are taken into account, according to the price list, options and discounts are not being considered.

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75 responses to “Mercedes overtakes BMW in the average price of vehicles in Germany”

  1. bob says:

    –> “In the study by the Center of Automotive Research, only the basic price of the vehicles are taken into account, according to the price list, options and discounts are not being considered.”

    Hello! Where do yo think profits come from?

    Further, BMW has done everything in its power to say that future sales increases will come from smaller vehicles. Their stated agenda is to exploit ‘premium’ niches.

    Would you rather have a few high MSRP sales with no options, or low MSRP sales with a ton of options?

    The key metric would be, transaction price per CO2.

    • FreudeKing says:

      I do not agree with your logic. Clearly BMW’s strategy has not worked so well afterall. What you are emplying is that BMW is selling lots of optional extras and that Merc is not, which is clearly not true. You are blatently making general assumptions here. As a matter of fact, although the percentage of CERTAIN options are extremely high, the absolute profit from selling a car is so much higher and basic financial sense would tell you to rather go for an item that has higher absolute value than a pure percentage gain.

      BMW’s plan was to increase their profit per car (as part of Strategy No.1), they did do that but they lost their market position in this regard. i.e. they were not able to increase average sales value as well as Merc, showing poor performance from management’s point of view.

      Yes, BMW is currently doing all it can to dilute the brand and go down the food chain to compete with the likes of Toyota and Kia and VW, which is evident in their intention to end BMW’s exclusivity and tradition by building a trashy FWD just to make sure they move volumes to remain number 1 in terms of sales as they finally feel the threat from Audi.


      BMW will never want to loose sales with its high margin vehicles (like the 6 and 7) so that it can gain sales in low margin vehicles like the 3 series (or whatever this mini car is going to be called). If they do so, they are losing existing customers to other brands and it is not desired.

      With the current developments of the brand, dilution, problems with RFT, ugly cars like the X1 (which hits the brand image hard), record breaking recalls. I am not surprised that high wealth customers may have gone to other brands that are more dependable.

      Just to let you know that customers are not buying tons of options as you may seem to think. The average optional extra retail price is only about 5% of the vehicle’s selling price in the premium segment. In fact most of the optional extras earn a lower % return than the high margin vehicles like the 7 Series, X6 and X5.

      And you need a brain wash, you clearly are all fixed on what BMW is telling you, remembering keywords like JOY, ED, CO2 etc. Unfortunately BMW and you would have to realise that those are just complementary stuff, BMW is forgetting what made it successful and what the core values are. I say the current bunch should be working for VW.

      But to finalise, this is not a good indication on the company’s performance, They should still look at market share. If they are incrasing market share in these higher segment as well as the lower segments, but just that they are increasing lower segments by more, then it is good. But it is not about your ridiculous options argument.

  2. Giom Mouton says:

    I always assumed that MBs were generally more expensive than BMWs. In this country in any case. With this increase for MB, I suspect the SLS has got something to do with that…?

    • Murph says:

      It’s probably that plus if you look at the number of models (at least in the US) already priced above the $100k mark you have a handful of cars to choose from. BMW only has a very small number of cars in this range (760, M6) above $100k. So even if Mercedes doesn’t put up big numbers for cars sold whose MSRP is over $100k – it’s probably enough to sway their overall avg. price per car.

    • Same here, MB’s are more expensive in the U.S too but they sell tons of C classes which are not that expensive. I don’t think the SLS would affect the numbers for that much because I don’t think it’s a high volume car but a very rare car. I live in OC/LA where I see SL’s and Bentley’s all the time and I have never seen a SLS on the roads yet.

    • Babken says:

      MBs are better then BMWs with any respect.

      • FreudeKing says:

        Too bad the entire world does not think so as the majority in this market chose BMW over Merc. That’s why Merc is 20% behind BMW ito sales and Merc is hanging on 2nd for dear life as Audi comes out with thier VW cars badged Audi.

        • Babken says:

          Something is wrong with your mathematics since BMW sells just 5% more cars than Mercedes-Benz, and that’s not a huge advantage. But instead let’s look at people buying cars made by these automakers. Rich, respectable, presidents, high position government employees, oligarchs always choose Mercedes-Benz because Benz offers unbeatable ride comfort (something BMW will never be able to do however hard they try) and superior engines that smash any BMW on the straight line. As for BMW, only fools buy them because they are slaves. Now you can conclude which is better.

      • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

        With any respect, you should go to the Benz Blog and praise their car then… Wasting time here makes you look like a retired granpa that doesn’t even know what to do with their spare time.

        • Babken says:

          I praise the BEST. and the BEST is MERCEDES-BENZ and not the cheap and unreliable BMW. By the way grandpas drive BMW as well, so forget that outdated phrase (like your outdated BMW).

  3. Babken says:

    As it seems, Mercedes-Benz makes BMW look like a cheap and weak alternative.

    • Clinton says:

      As harsh as those words are (shame on you) I can understand why you and others alike, feel that way. BMW on a performance end outdoes the competition, but the interiors compared to the exorbitantly luxurious MBs’ is quite bare. Which is no surprise, we have been on this route since the E36 spartan interiors.

      Still though BAVARIAN LOVE

      • Babken says:

        BMW outdoes the competition performance-wise? Kid, are you from 1990s?

        • FreudeKing says:

          What’s up with you calling everyone kids here? Are you an 80 year old grandpa??? That would explain your affection with Mercedes Benz.

          • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

            He’s obviously an 80 years old granpa mate.. That’s why he drives a Benz and then he’s favouring us to respect him. Hahaha!

          • FreudKing says:

            What do you care how he refers to commentors? Your first name must be Sigmund – you know you come across up tight, anal rententive. Most young people today refer to each other as kid. He’s probably younger than you and already owns a premium brand car – so how does that make you feel, Sigmund?

          • Babken says:

            No, I’m 29 years old. I call you kids, because you’re making yourselves look like fools when you compare that inferior BMW to the most prestigious brand in the world called MERCEDES-BENZ. By the way, my 2001 E320 is way better than my E39 523i or even the 530i. In everything starting from ride comfort and ending with acceleration. So I’m happy with my purchase. And the road presence is superb making everybody delighted (something my 523i could never do).

          • FreudeKing says:

            Wow, this Babken claims that he is 29 years old and is making comments about the brand new E and 5 Series based on his decade old E class compared to the E39. Give me a break!

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            Babken (Melik), if you were really 29 years old, why would you want a luxury car in the first place, Get yourself a Nissan 370Z. Im only into BMW in the first place because of the E46 M3 and the E39 M5.

            If you were talking about the W211 E class vs E39, I might agree, but the W210 is just horrible. Chrysler is using the chassis and after it and look what happend to them, Reliability plummits. Comparing a W211 to an E39 is like comparing China to the EU.

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            Also, the W210 is very unreliable if you acually research it.

        • viper says:

          what is wrong with u babken…..are you saying that you actually now understand the whole point of moa?

    • Shincai says:

      I dont understand this guy, Bakben.
      Sometimes he says BMW is the god of cars and sometimes he talks like now…
      Can I ask you a simple question? Are you retarded?

      • Babken says:

        You know what? I’m already thinking about selling my 5 Series and buying an E-Class, because once sitting in a Mercedes-Benz you notice that people look at you with respect unlike a BMW when people don’t even notice its road presence. Driving a car that bears a 3-star sign on its hood is a mere pride unlike having an idiotic blue&white piece of shit.

        • Daniel Hoang says:

          So thats why you want a benz, for “respect”. The only respect you will get from buying a benz is “oh look, grampa just spent his entire retirement funds on a car.” Find the stats for Luxury brands and age groups. Caddy, Benz, and Lexus are placed far higher than the other big brands.

          As for the statement ” unlike a BMW when people don’t even notice its road presence”.. Audi and BMW’s Understated design is a good thing. Its like people. Cool and stylish dont go around being all flashy. Its not gona get stolen either.

          Im not bashing Mercedes or anything, I think they make awesome cars, especially the AMG models. But in general, Im into sportier cars rather than comfortable and super techy cars..

          Lasty, if you really want “respect”, get a pretty blue Prius with grocers in the boot and a chiwawa on the passenger seat. Greenpeace, Mother Earth, and the LBGT movement will really respect you.

          • FreudeKing says:

            then go buy your E class you silly old fool

          • FreudeKing says:

            you just showed that you are such a loser that you buy a product because you want people to approve of you, instead of going for what’s really superior.

            Go buy your Merc and act your age. But I can tell you that everytime I see that ugly rear of your E Class, I will think you are another aged fool who cannot part ways with your affection of Merc superiority in the 80’s.

        • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

          It’s your money, not mine.. Go ahead and buy your Benz. Show to the road that you’re getting aging and old, that’s why people will respect you. *rolleyes*

          • JP says:

            lol that fat old man is going to have a heart attack reading your comments:O disclaimer to babken: read at your own risk!

        • FreudeKing says:

          Take note readers, he is talking about his E30 5 Series. not the brand new one.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      1 thousand Euro diffrence and you are calling it cheap. So that must mean Maserati makes Mercedes Benz look like a cheap and weak alernative since it the maserati cost at least twice as much.

  4. Kodey says:

    I think this was an interesting story, but what the company’s decide to do is their choice. I also find it funny how the people above me argue their points thinking that they are correct. In reality the car company’s will do as they please, and I’m sure that none of you work for BMW or Mercedes soo I’d rather you not put words in their mouths and think that you know what their going to do because really, you don’t.

    • FreudeKing says:

      The reason for the drop is not really due to poor performance by BMW. You can see that the average car prices have actually increased. There has been a change in sales mix in the BMW Group in terms of percentages, yet this is still good news for BMW as they are selling more of the lower end products such as the X1 and 1 Series without losing major high end products like the 7 Series. So all in all, to date, BMW brand vehicles have increased market share in both the high and low margin segment, it is just that the percentage increase in low end is higher than the high end, leading to a decrease in the average price per car sold.

      As I alsways say, look at market share to see the real picture. Merc has not been doing well with their A and B Class lately, leading to an artificial increase in their SP per car.

  5. Babken says:

    In my viewpoint, this result proves that BMW will soon lower themselves to VW Golf level competition-wise. That’s why I’m going to buy an E-Class and feel the king of the road, because I will drive MERCEDES-BENZ. And I’m not interested in childish cornering, but in ultimate ride comfort, luxury and straight line acceleration in which Mercedes-Benz destroys BMW easily.

    • FreudeKing says:

      It’s like saying you want to buy a laptop with leather keypad. You don’t care about reliability, process speed, capability, storage, etc…. you just want your fingures to be comfortable when typing.

      What luxury? The interior of the E class feels and looks as cheap as a Toyota camry. For benchmark interior quality and design, look at the 5 Series and 7 Series – no doubt that they are the best. lol straight line acceleration, what are you comparing? a Merc 6 litre against a BMW 4 litre NA? Go sleep.

      • FreudKing says:

        Sigmund FreudeKing, you obviously have insecurity issues. You tend to lash out inexplicably. You have an acute and overreacting super-ego because you feel the need to over compensate for lacking something. Perhaps you were not breast feed as a child. I recommend two shrink visits a week.

      • Babken says:

        Recall a BMW that can even come close to the almighty S65 AMG on the straight line, idiot. Or call a BMW that can beat the SLS AMG on the track. Or call a BMW that can touch the S-Class on both exterior and interior design. BMW loses with any respect. It means that BMW is just a mediocre brand. All they can is to make ordinary cars.

        • FreudeKing says:

          So much for reference to straight line speed, when you turn a Merc, it flips over or does not turn in properly. Sorry but I don’t drive on an aeroplane runway. Also, why not try and compare NA with same engine specs? No use comparing a 6 litre to a 4 litre.

          As for the S Class, they should be a shamed of themselves for copying BMW’s previous generation 7 Series with both interior and exterior. Tell me which car beats the BMW Rolls Royce? Merc’s ugly maybach is so behind with sales dropping like there is no tomorrow. All Merc knows how to do is to put big engines (that are not even superior) into cars to make them go. No proper design/tuning to make it the best. When last did Merc win an international engine award?

          As for comfort, recent award was given to BMW’s 5 and 7 Series for best ride comfort in its class. So goodbye outdated S Class.

          Just for your information, BMW is the no. 1 premium car maker in the world, not Merc. Yes old people drive BMWs too because they are the ones who are still in touch with reality. In fact the only car that Merc is outselling BMW is the C Class, all other cars offered by Merc fails to beat BMW as market leaeder worldwide.

          • Babken says:

            Kid, in real world straight line matters much more than cornering. Second, where did you read that the 5 and 7 Series were acknowledged the best in ride comfort? You’re ridiculous. Then, Benz copied the poor 7er interior? Vice versa. Benz invents something, then BMW copies it like a parrot because they don’t have any engineering skills at all.
            So go hang yourself, LOSER. Only losers and fools drive BMW.

        • Daniel Hoang says:

          Who said it had to be a BMW, my friends 2011 Custom Mustang GT with 525hp will not only out corner but out accelerate any benz you through at him, Even a 2010 E63 as I saw last month, and the mustang was a manual, only true drivers drive stick.

  6. BMWDriver says:

    It should come as a surprise to any analytical mind as MB has several models that are over the 100k mark; with these vehicles accounting for a higher percentage of sales in vis-a-vis BMW.

  7. viper says:

    …if that is really you which I doubt , even thoug if u really are him, I salute you my friend , I own the Benz too , the new E class is heaven compared to dull fat and ugly new 5series ….respect bmw , but the new E class is winning just by standing still.
    plain and simple , I like pretty good looking cars , 5 series ISN’T one , 7er is good in some way never so fluid and elegant like the S class and A8 , M3 coupe is good looking too , not so muc compared to audis…..the X6 is the one l like the most….the rest is not my glass of beer.
    interior design bmw knows nothing about , when you simply compare the 7 series and audi A8 you start to wonder are those two even in the same century?..of course bmw looks stone age old and outdated from inside in almost every model in their line up….lack of details , stupid same speed and rev counters from the early 90s…even skoda does it better.

    • Babken says:

      Yeah, no competition at all since Benz beats BMW with all respects starting from ride comfort and ending with performance. So let’s hope these BMW lovers (oh sorry, BMW ass kissers) will get smart one day, sell their crappy BMW and buy Mercedes-Benz. And let’s hope BMW will run bankrupt thus stopping to make a fool of their customers by charging too much for their vehicles worth VW Golf in reality.

  8. viper says:

    yeah tell them…..
    hey you checked that A25AMG….new stuff….pretty cool….over 300hp out of A class….a killer of 1m fo sure…..just kidding.. but Im glad that they are expanding their amg range….they dominate really…
    in rality bmw aint so bad…audi looks better and makes better fit and finish they pay attention to details they are way ahead of bmw…
    the benz is the best. we all know that.

    • Babken says:

      For me BMW is at the same level as VW Golf. As for AMG, I’d like S65 AMG:
      Ultimate comfort,
      Ultimate Luxury,
      Ultimate engine,
      Ultimate beauty,
      ULTIMATE bmw KILLER!!!!!
      By the way, yesterday I was a witness of a street race between a new E350 and 535i F10. And I’m once again glad I switched to the right brand. The E was so fast and agile that the BMW driver was really shocked and after the first corner he was destroyed. But the most amazing thing was BMW driver’s face as soon as he got out of his “truck”. And do you know what he did then? Shut the door with his foot. It’s all BMWs idiotic new cars deserve. And it’s all BMW deserves since today Mercedes-Benz turned BMW to a floor cloth. And that’s FINE.

      • viper says:

        thats the Ultimate car , the S65AMG…of course you could go higher with brabus but the amg should do fine , smokes every bmw , past present future and past present future…plus ALOT of other expensive cars.

        • Daniel Hoang says:

          The S63 is better.The suspension and transmission struggles to put down all those 620hp. It never was confermed to reach 0-60 in 4.2 seconds but rather around 4.5 – 5. The S63 has not only the best na v8 but it offers similer preformance to the 65 for half as much.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      FWD, its no better than a Civic Si with 12lb of boost. The A isnt sold in the US so ive never driven it yet but If Benz wants to make a good compact, RWD is the way to go.

  9. Melik says:

    OK, losers. I think it’s time to introduce myself to BMW ass kissers and unveil the mystery over “Babken”. I’m Melik, BMW fans killer and Mercedes-Benz lover. And it was me who wrote messages under nickname “Babken” because as far as I researched this blog, that guy was the smartest of you all. So I hope I could seriously eat your nerves. But like I see I have friends here as well: Viper and Plaxico. Three BMW killers.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      So Melik is it just BMW that your bashing or your just praising Benz like its god or something like that. I bet if I took a sledge hammer to you fanboys and smash your car, you probolly commit suicide since you wont have money for a new one. Theres nothing about Benz that makes it any better than any other brand. Its a car, it will take you to places and eventually break down and rust. I like how you steal names, that shows alot about yourself.

    • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

      And now you just made yourself look stupid… Ccongratulations!

      But seriously, if you really like Mercedes then it’s your choice. You call Mercedes a God or whatever that’s you problem but what you no need to do is bash BMW or any other car manufacturers and make yourself look like an idiot. Make a comfy space for youself in Mercedes. Thank you…

      • FreudeKing says:

        What a LOSER! You researched people’s comments and use their names on this blog to say opposite things! Get a LIFE!

        Do you really think this is a war zone? “BMW fans killer” lol

        You must have so much time after retirement!

  10. FreudeKing says:

    I am so sick of you trolls

  11. viper says:

    when I smoke some pissed off boy in a 330d bmw l feel like its business as usual…later when l let them overtake me…they do it with fear , and you can tell from their expression and from those in the car that they really really respect you. then I smoke them again , just to let them now whos the daddy on the road.

  12. Melik says:

    I ask you once again, pathetic bmw losers:
    Call a BMW that is as powerful as the S65 AMG, or
    Call a BMW that can handle as well as the SLS AMG.
    So BMW is just a mediocre brand with underpowered engines which can suit only ordinary people. But rich and strong will always choose Mercedes-Benz since it’s the brand that God sent to us.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Maclarin F1. Its not a bmw but is is powered by it. As for the handling, a mazda miata can out corner it hands down. Bmw makes compromises on there cars. Not the best preformance or luxury but rather straight in the middle

      Dont even bring god or any religion into cars. Mercedes benz is not a perfect car nor is anycar in the world. Theres no point of praising it . I bet you will be the one that trades in his benz for a new one every time your lease ends. You are not a benz fan. You just want a flashy car to brag.

  13. viper says:

    If I had 250k euros Id buy S65 over any existing car that there is to buy. period. pure luxury and prestige. you cant go higher…well you could with Maybach but I dont need a 6m car…even 5,2m is pretty enough for everyone.hell even less than 5 like my E . does the job just fine.

  14. viper says:

    you kiss ass fans should see how a couple of my friends bmw owners -all own 3 series , react and behave when they ride with me…..they literally talk shit about their own cars….they say that w211 is a much much better car overall than a bmw 3,5 whatever…I think only 3er beats c class in some things…not the 5 , 1 , 6 , 7 , x3….
    merc has way more cars to offer. better cars overall

    • FreudeKing says:

      Just the aspect of safety alone, BMW’s new models beats Merc big time. Not to mention other things like corporate sustainability, product and production efficiency, sales volume, performance, handling, resale value, design awards, world car of the year awards, engine superiority.

      Just face it, Merc is an old brand that does nothing best, it is just there with extensive use of chrome on the exterior and splashes some fake wood in its otherwise cheap black plastic filled interior, their engines are not good evough for any awards in the past few decades and this brand survives just to supply the aged population, who still has their mind set in the 80’s when Merc was superior.

      It is so sad that their marketing materials all use wrinkled old men with grey hair.

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