BMW Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle Rendered

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BMW Concepts 71210101230235411600x1060

Autocar UK renders the future BMW front-wheel drive vehicle. They refer to the car as a 1 Series model, but based on information from our …

Autocar UK renders the future BMW front-wheel drive vehicle. They refer to the car as a 1 Series model, but based on information from our sources, the naming convention has yet to be established.

BMW refers to the new front-wheel drive family as the UKL Sub-Compact, a small stylish city car sharing a platform with the next generation MINI.

The new cars will be aimed at the Audi A3 and will provide versatility and high fuel efficiency, part due to the new three-cylinder engines.

Based on a new front-wheel drive platform and aluminium-intensive chassis, the new entry-level BMW models will be a traditional five-door hatchback and a sporting estate. They are scheduled to begin arriving in Europe in September 2013.

BMW Concepts 71210101230235411600x1060

The 1 Series family continues to included a three-door hatchback, a five-door hatchback, a coupé and a cabriolet, all with rear-wheel drive.

According to the same magazine, design-wise, the UKL is quite different from the second-generation rear-drive 1 Series that will make its world debut at the Geneva motor show in March 2011. The primary difference between the two is that the front-drive car has its engine mounted transversely under a comparatively short bonnet rather than longitudinally under a typically long bonnet.

With drive being sent to the front wheels rather than channelled via a propshaft to the rear wheels, the layout has given BMW’s designers the freedom to dispense with the transmission tunnel running back through the interior. This should increase the amount of available space, especially in the rear.

Also, the new layout has also allowed BMW to rethink the car’s proportions, with the front bulkhead and A-pillars being brought further forward. This will increase the volume of the cabin to a level comparable with Europe’s best-seller, the Volkswagen Golf, and the Audi A3.

The front of the car gets a smaller twin kidney grille, again more three-dimensional as the front of the car allows the grille to be pushed further back.

At the rear of the car, the light units faired inwards with the body covering over the top parts of the units. A glass area wraps around, but leaves a reasonable typical BMW C-Pillar. The shape of the glasshouse is dictated by the shape of the roof allowing a slope line.

The new three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, known under the codenames N37 and N38, are set to be 1.5 liter in size. They have been designed in a modular nature and will share components with the BMW’s traditional 3.0-litre, six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

It is rumored that new 2.0 liter four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will be available as well. These engines will use a new common 500cc per cylinder base design which also uses Direct-Injection and Turbo charging.

26 responses to “BMW Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle Rendered”

  1. FreudeKing says:

    FWD BMW!!! Thanks to new management hungry for profits and bonuses, BMW will now throw away decades of tradition and excellence to join cheap trash like Audi and play buddy buddy with VW, which is not even in the premium segment. Shame on you all!

  2. FreudeKing says:

    BTW, that looks like a Ford Fiesta with BMW features (I know it is just a rendering, but BWM said they will build a front wheel drive car lower than the 1 Series, so what the hell did they expect people would compare this coming BMW to? Obviously the likes of Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yarus, VW Polo, etc.) . Just to show how low BMW is going to go to milk more $$$ out of their customers and how far they will go to milk what’s good in the BMW brand to gain some short term cash, no matter the long term impairment of the BMW brand due to such disgraceful dilution.

  3. dmlgc says:

    BMW has lost its way, you get premium price for premium sedans not for Fiesta/Toyota clones.

  4. Mant says:

    It looks like small Honda FR-V or Mercedes B class

  5. bob says:

    The rendering is stupid. Whatever the FWD class may look like, it definitely won’t look like a shrunken RWD/AWD vehicle. Different form language.

    • FreudeKing says:

      No, if you want to get an idea of what this thing looks like, look at the Smart ForTwo. What worries me most is that those Smart cars are struggling to sell like there is no tomorrow.

      • bob says:

        The (not so) Smarts are not FWD. Still clueless…

        • FreudeKing says:

          Don’t you read properly??? I said if you want to see what the car LOOKS LIKE. Not what type of drive!

          • bob says:

            You don’t think properly. That’s why you’re clueless.

            You said to look at Smarts, as guidance to how the upcoming FWD BMWs will look. That’s just as dopey as the rendering above. Front-engine cars with FWD have different forms and, hence, design languages that rear-engine RWD cars do.

            Your mentioning Smart directly implies that the upcomg bimmers will have rear engines powering only the front wheels. That’s insane! And, you’re too clueless to realize how clueless that is.

            BMW is, arguably, the most proficient at building front-engine RWD cars. Yet, here you come saying they’re gonna start building rear-engine FWD cars. That is the ONLY way they’d look like Smarts.


  6. Wooo hoo. says:

    This is the way BMW is going…unfortunately there’s nothing to be done about it.

    I’m changing brands.

  7. sharkhunter says:

    now *this* bothers me. If BMW insists on being a volume/FWD car seller, they probably should use another brand for it. I thought they should have bought Volvo or Saab for this purpose…or they could just make a Mini-styled sedan, I don’t even care when they dilute that brand wth “crossovers” =/

  8. Bryce says:

    Let me get this straight, they want to build a FWD BMW to compete with the A3 but they won’t bring the 1-series hatchback over? How exactly does that make sense? Why not just bring a RWD 1-series hatchback or an AWD 1-series hatchback over to compete with the A3.

    • bob says:

      Good point. Especially, when you consider what Dr. Reithofer said during the announcement of future FWD’ers – Most 1er customers don’t know it’s RWD.

      While I, personally, find that a little hard to believe, I suspect that might be code for they’ve identified some new premium niche(s). Seems plausible that some customers would like a FWD BMW with a BMW badge instead of MINI.

      BTW, FWIW, the December issue of ROUNDEL has a picture of a 1er hatch driving around in Maryland.

      • FreudeKing says:

        The FWD car is to compete against the A1 badged VW Polo.

        I think Reithofer made up the numbers/didn’t do a proper research just so that he can fabricate some fake evidence to support his decision to go FWD. As I said, he should be working for VW where he can start a three wheeler with 1 wheel drive

        • bob says:

          Well, when it comes to ‘fabricating fake evidence’ you’re still the *King*. LOL!

          • FreudeKing says:

            Exactly which evidence did I fabricate??? Not able to say?

          • bob says:

            Look at just about every post of yours longer than three sentences. That seems to be the duration of your credibility.

            You don’t know who Dr. Kay Segler, and why he would be in a promo for the 1M.

            You don’t know that Smarts are rear-engine RWD. If you did then, you wouldn’t have suggested that FWD BMWs will look like it. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE SMARTS DON’T HAVE ANY ROOM IN FRONT FOR AN ENTIRE POWERTRAIN.

            Everytime you pontificate about AG’s Vorstand’s motivation.

            You FALSELY stated that AvH chooses designs for BMW.

            You routinely fabricate Audi’s past sales records, so they conveniently look better than BMW’s and, then, refuse to supply the actual facts.


  9. tweer says:

    I’m pretty sure BMW isn’t run as a charity. “if you built it they will come” and buy them.

  10. T says:

    Good to go with the 1er Coupe.Convertible Lci?
    BMW 1er Coupe Active eDrive should be with you soon too.

  11. Hugo Becker says:

    I suspect we may see the FWD 5 door version on the F20 1er in the US along with RWD Coupe and Convertible models. What I also suspect is that all models will be equipped with electrically assisted power steering and that there will not be a six cylinder engine in the lot of them.

  12. Efoza says:

    perfect use of the 5 GT design and forward thinking.

  13. empower says:

    bmw has to gain economies of scale from mini simple they will not be a bmw more then 4000 mm long with fwd this is a compact. dont forget the bmw badge was on the
    BMW isetta bubble car which i know was rear wheel drive but was a buuble car. audi makes a8 fwd mercedes makes the a b class rwd plus commercial vans. so i dont see the problem of bmw making greater economies from mini unless you would like to see the bmw group swallowed up. but to be honest i can not see that happening due to the fact that bmw has made the x models lunched mini which most people on hear thinks was diluting the brand. PEOPLE DONT FORGET HOW BMW STARED. people could say that bmw making cars is sacrilege. for the people how say they are are changing brand which brand will they change to jaguar lol

    • FreudeKing says:

      What kind of argument is this??? I think you are the one who should not forget what made BMW SUCCESSFUL TODAY and not what started BMW. The bubble car was before BMW even went the premium route like it is today.

      Why do you think BMW is no.1 today??? Now you are bring out the names of the losers like Audi and Merc and say BMW should do the same as them?? You’re not making much sense. If at all FWD is used by the common brands, I would have expected BMW to be the company that will stick to tradition and what they stand for to give customers their best instead of going the $$$ route at the expense of impairing the brand in the future.

      The final point is that I have no problem if they want to launch it under another brand within the BMW Group, NOT BMW – as this is not BMW. But no, management wants to make quick profit and the easiest way to do that is to slap the BMW badge on, like VW slapping the Audi badge on the Polo and call it the A1. Too bad this will dilute the BMW brand image and exclusivity while manegement get tremendous bonuses from these little cheap inferior cars.

  14. viper says:

    ugly car. respect. they make ugly cars.

  15. ggman says:

    This might be good for BMW only if it has all the aspects of a traditional BMW

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