Real Life Video: BMW 1M – Listen to that engine…

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bmw 1m studio 1 655x3531

Our friends over at Skiddmark brings us the first real life video of the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The right-hand 1M was made …

Our friends over at Skiddmark brings us the first real life video of the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The right-hand 1M was made available to selected press at a BMW facility near London.

For the first time, we have a chance to see the 1M live, without the video processing available in official footage. The video outlines some of the best features of the new 1M and gives us another perspective.

The BMW 1M will make its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show in 2011.

bmw 1m studio 1 655x3531

20 responses to “Real Life Video: BMW 1M – Listen to that engine…”

  1. XC says:


  2. pimeto says:

    Woah, from the back it looks awesome! I love those stoplights.
    Infront….. that cute expression is not my fav, but with that HP….. ill take it.
    I dont know if i fit in it, im 192cm…. lol

  3. Giom Mouton says:

    Simply a beautifull package! Great video – if a little sticky, but a good way to show off the design.

    Interesting little detail… on the turntable, you can actually see the air outlet inside the wheel arch infront of the front tyre through the intake (if that makes sence to anyone).

  4. Frederico Silva says:

    Is that angel eyes or not? Could not tell yet :X

  5. Paul says:

    what a crap video! 6m to show 10s almost on the end and it sounds like s***!!!
    worse M sounding engine ever. 450 will more than enough in the Uk specially when u can get a CSl here for 10k less and sounds 10 times better!!!

    • Auday says:

      I think the Video is nice, it shows the car design well, which I personally like. The sound is… yeah not so good, but I’ll wait till I hear it behind the wheel to judge. I will give this car a try before I close the door completely.

  6. mike says:

    sounds too smooth for a m series,but i like the design

    • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

      I think that guy didn’t even floor it to its maximum… No way you rev it until 5/6krpm and it sounded like that… But anyway, yeah on idle it does sounds a bit smooth.

  7. It took a long time until I finally heard the roar. Is that under normal driving conditions or do you have to accelerate it to make it sound like that or is that upon start? I drive a CLK and my engine roars when I press the gas hard but nothing like that…

  8. X5SoB says:

    Awesome sound…

    • paul says:

      Have u ever had the pleasure to listen to a CSL, or M3 V8, or a C63AMG?? Those are worth the adjective…not this car. Honest I can not think of a worse M engine ever. Even the original M5 sounded better than this

  9. Clinton says:

    My life suddenly feels incomplete.

  10. Babken says:

    Like I said it’s too underpowered for a 2011 car.

  11. FZERO says:

    Sounds a lot like my N54 335i with BMW Performance exhaust! I feel so special now. If only I had an LSD though. I really like the 1M, looks like a real drivers car.

  12. Skye Day says:

    Dude. The resonance in the room made the exhaust nearly impossible to actually hear details. But i doubt he pressed the throttle that hard at all. If they gave us a video while the car is outside i bet it would sound 20 times better. This car is beautiful.

  13. XC says:

    I don’t get what’s all the fuss about. If you don’t like the exhaust note, but still like the car, just buy one of the aftermarket systems that will -surely- be soon availiable.

    Personally, I prefer a throaty, deep, yet on-the-subtle-side exhaust note; no need to be showy: I know exactly what car I’m driving.

  14. empower says:

    under powered lol 335 hp in less then 1500kg have you seen the size of it. they had to leave some space between the £12000 M3. its only .2 of a sec slower to 62 then the m3. some there is no pleasing. there will chips that will take this car well over 400 hp. but bmw could not build a faster car then the m3 for ten grand less.

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