Speculations: Future of 1M, M2 and M Cars

Rumors | December 11th, 2010 by 11
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Allow us to begin by saying that some of the following statements are considered by us as pure speculations at this point. The usual BMW …

Allow us to begin by saying that some of the following statements are considered by us as pure speculations at this point. The usual BMW insider Scott27, an active member of several websites across the web, returns with more inflammatory statements that are bound to start some interesting debates.

Let’s have a look before we begin to break them down:

  • Next generation 1M (based on F20 1-series) potentially renamed M2 because BMW considering renaming sporty 1-series variants (coupe/cabrio) to 2-series
  • Next 1M (or M2) and next M3 to possibly receive more focused special editions (i.e. track/lightweight special models)

Bmw M logo

  • Many feel that the M Division has become too focused with luxury and these additional 1M and M3s will set the bar for more focused compact and premium entry sports cars as well as their standard luxury siblings.
  • Next 1M (or M2) to be powered by 4-cylinder
  • Next M3 to be powered by 6-cylinder
  • Next 1M (or M2) could come in more variants – coupe and cabrio
  • M3 production ends in mid-late 2012 meaning no M3’s until 2014
  • Possible Z4M or X3M to fill the temporary gap, using upgraded engine from 1M coupe

Let’s begin with what we believe are true statements or at least, close to reality.

First, without a doubt, the next generation BMW M3 will be powered by a six-cylinder engine. The rumors have been going around and several BMW sources hinted towards that. Sad, but true, the V8 M3s are  history.

Second, next 1M will move towards a new series of four-cylinder engines developed specifically for the baby-M that will appear again in the next generation 1 Series.

Third, X3M…while not confirmed by any BMW source yet, there is certainly some chatter around this model and the future X3 sales will dictate the terms.

Now let’s move onto what we believe are pure speculations…at this moment.

BMW M2. For a few months now rumors around a new BMW 2 Series have been floating around the interwebs. The rummormil churns that the new 1 Series coupe and convertible will move up a class to differentiate themselves from the other 1er models. So clearly, this drives the conclusion around a potential M2 model that will fit in the same family. Our take? Way too early for BMW to decide on the naming convention, so the M2 might simply remain the 1M to maintain the new brand created.

Z4M. We have serious doubts that BMW will attempt to position another Z4 above the “is” model which by many is considered to be quite close to an M-finished product, minus a few features here and there.

More variants of the 1M. It’s a tie here. We once again believe that the 1M sales and demand will indicate if a convertible version is needed or wanted.

That’s our take on all these rumors and as always, take them with a grain of salt.