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The title pretty much says it all. BMWBLOG has decided on the next BMW purchase: the new 1M. The decision has been pending for months …

The title pretty much says it all. BMWBLOG has decided on the next BMW purchase: the new 1M. The decision has been pending for months and we were looking to change the 335i in our garage with a different model.

First in line was the 335is, a fantastic car, but we felt a bit overpriced. Next, we LOVED the 335d, a remarkable yet understated vehicle that in our opinion was just as fun to drive as the more powerful 335i.

Third, well, we always had a soft spot for the M3 Sedan, a true sports car, both on and off track, and powered by one of the best BMW engines ever built, one that we will dearly miss very soon.

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And this brings us to the 1M. I personally have never been a fan of the 135i Coupe, the bodystyle seems a bit awkward, safe, but somewhat classy. Also felt the interior space would be a huge inconvenience, especially for someone 6″3. And on top of this, too much understeer for our taste.

When we first heard about the 1 Series M Coupe, or 1M as we call it these days, we were excited, despite conflicting reports mentioning BMW building an “is” version rather than an M model. Soon after first spy photos appeared and our excitement began to decrease. The car simply looked like a regular 135i Coupe with a slightly aggressive bodykit which turned out to be just a testing kit. Fast forward a few months later, and the teasing began. Different from anything they have done before, BMW began to slowly show the car, revealing certain parts and leaking specific information. To our surprise, weeks later, BMW offered a ride to some journalists in the car, as passengers. Reports started to come in and excitement began to rebuild, but not enough to move the 1M at the top of the list. By that time, the 335d was still leading as our next car.

Stay with us, we’re getting to the point we’re trying to make.

Another few months and this time, BMW gave the 1M wheel to several journalists and enthusiasts. Reviews came in and there were nothing short of being positive and enthusiastic. We knew at the time 1M might be moving up on the list, but….we weren’t there yet. If you remember, we kinda said we weren’t fans of that awkward bodystyle….

Well, December 9th, 2010 came and the car was fully released and within minutes, we were already inquiring on Twitter on what dealership will give us an allocation. YES, it took us literally minutes to decide upon it. Sure, there are some voices within BMWBLOG that are screaming naturally aspirated or Dinan-like horsepower (a hint to our road editor Shawn Molnar), but the court gave the verdict: our 2011 purchase will be the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

And this brings us to the point of this rambling, what color do we choose?
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We have all seen the Valencia Orange before, either on the 1M or the M3 GTS, a stunning color, flaming, head-turner, but does it complement the athletic design lines seen on the 1M?

What about Alpine White? That color has always been a favorite of ours, classy, timeless and simply beautiful.


Sapphire Black.. definitely an understated paint job, but for some reason, it really stands out on the 1M and makes that bodykit pop-up even more.


  • Valencia Orange – head-turner, unique, exclusive
  • Alpine White – classy, beautiful
  • Sapphire Black – aggressive, imposing

Courtesy of Phillip of 1Addicts, we are bringing these colors in front of your eyes, through a Photoshop exercise of course.

Your role in this? Vote and leave your comments and tell us what color we should get for our 1M.


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