BMW 1 Series M Coupe shows its front and rear bumper

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BMW 1er M Coupé E82 LCI Autosport Awards 01

In just a few days, BMW will take the veil off their BMW 1 Series M Coupe, but for now, the teasing continues. releases …

In just a few days, BMW will take the veil off their BMW 1 Series M Coupe, but for now, the teasing continues. releases new photos of the upcoming “baby-M” showing more of its goodies, in this case, the a portion of the front fender and complete rear skirt.

The semi-unveiling took place at the Autosport Awards last Sunday in London and the 1M was introduced by M boss Dr. Kay Segler and multiple WTCC champion Andy Priaulx.

Our sources indicate that the BMW 1 Series M Coupe will be officially unveiled this weekend, but we will keep you updates when we officially hear from BMW.

BMW 1er M Coupé E82 LCI Autosport Awards 06

11 responses to “BMW 1 Series M Coupe shows its front and rear bumper”

  1. X5SoB says:

    This is like a really bad, agonizingly slow strip tease. Typically German, actually.

  2. Murph says:

    So far it looks good – the renderings are spot on. Cool to see Andy there helping with the ceremony.

  3. ToddJames says:

    Looks great ….

  4. Chris says:

    Geez, BMW, give it a rest. It’s a fugly 1-series with some M parts bolted on. We know what it’ll look like.

    • Laszlo says:

      I agree its a childish play and dumb idea but I would not call the 1 series coupe the
      fugly car.

      The 5GT is fugly and the older E65 7 series too, basically almost all bungle cars are but the 1 series coupe isn’t too bad. Sure its not a most stylist but not too bad.
      a good //M kit should improve on it but we’ll see when it will be clear. until that who cares ? its either good or bad, I don’t want to speculate.
      a shape can be either good or bad, we will make a decisions then. I personally got tired of these games or showing a bumper and a mirror… its too childish and belongs to a silly car company’s ad agency. BMW making a fool out of themselfs with this, they are degrading their own product.

  5. Chris says:

    5GT fugly.. agreed.

    Old 7 series fugly.. agreed.

    The things I don’t like about the 1-series are its ridiculously huge headlights and the lack of road presence. It looks too “stumpy”, like a cartoon character. I just can’t take it seriously. I’m sure the next generation 1-series will look fine, though.

  6. Peter Louies says:

    Stop the teasing and show the car. It has taken long enough.

    I just don’t understand why BMW will launch an 1M. They are already developing and testing the next 1-series. When you buy this car you have an old design when the new 1-series launches. It would be better to launch the new 1-series and then start developing an 1M on that platform.

  7. ToddJames says:

    Anyone who complains about the look of the current BMWs, (5,7,6 & 5GT) probably has not seen one in person and you’re probably routing for the other team anyway.
    These cars are gorgeous !
    I too was a little annoyed by the constant teaser of the new 1M but if nothing else BMW got you looking and waiting to are what’s under that tarp. So I guess the BMW marketing plan works….. because you’re here talking about the car AGAIN.

    • Murph says:

      For what its worth – I hated the 5 GT until I drove it last fall and changed my mind about it somewhat. In black, it has a strong road presence.

  8. T says:

    The interesting thing about the 1er is that it is instantly classic looking BMW.
    Other manufacturers in this segment use their compact hatches or produce something like a bar of soap – smooth and aerodynamic.
    The 1er Coupe invokes the BMW direction of a 2dr sedan which in this day and age is determined as a Coupe just as an SAV can be decribed now as a Coupe and indeed a four door sedan . 1er Coupe reiterates the classic look of the BMW 2002 and following that the 2dr E21 and E30 3er before the E36 started the ball rolling on a 3er Coupe. There is no doubt that it looks fantastic and is to submit a quote “one of a kind” in the fact that there is no other concept on the market quite like it. The next 1er Coupe will again follow the same path. Customers like it’s very upright and singular appearance plus the fact that it drives exactly how the sporting typical classic BMW appearance suggests it does invoking historic BMW’s with a modern twist without being retro.

    Invoking history from the 2002 to the E30.

  9. Wooo hoo. says:

    WooHOO! The compact pseudo ‘M-Car’ is about to be revealed! YAY!….

    I’d rather wait for an M5….THAT oozes status

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