Renderings: 2012 BMW 3 Series and 2014 BMW M3

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2013 bmw 3 series rendering 750x500

UK Magazine AutoExpress dedicates several pages in their print edition to the next generation F30 BMW 3 Series and the F32 BMW M3. Next generation …

UK Magazine AutoExpress dedicates several pages in their print edition to the next generation F30 BMW 3 Series and the F32 BMW M3.

Next generation BMW 3 Series is due out in 2012 and it is built on a new modular platform. The F30 3 Series models return to the “slimmer look”, dynamic lines with squat proportions and short rear overhangs.

As seen in the renderings below, the typical proportions of a 3 Series remain, but the exterior design is more toned and muscular, bringing some the aggressiveness and design lines seen in the recent models, including the F10 5 Series.

2013 bmw 3 series 655x553

BMW is getting back to basics with clean uncluttered shapes, plus lower and wider kidney grille openings. The sedan model has a longer wheelbase, at least 1.5″ longer than the current generation. The F30 will sport a “pushing nose”, somewhat similar to the E89 Z4 front-end.

The hood design will also most likely mimic one found in the Z4 and the new 5 Series, with more aggressive, but still fluent design lines. The rear flanks from the taillights towards the rear door, are left with a subtle line that links to the shape of the lights and the bootlid sculpture.

BMW will live under the umbrella of EfficientDynamics, and technologies like aerodynamically designed wheels, solar roof panel for extra energy efficiency in the use of interior controls, brake energy regeneration , stop-start technology, and pre-heating technology for the engine, gearbox and differential, will be incorporated into the new model.

2013 bmw 3 series rendering 655x437

Next generation 3-series engine options will include a full range of turbo and naturally aspirated 6-cylinder motors, 4-cylinder motors, and possibly even a new 3-cylinder motor.

The all-star BMW M3 will continue to sport the aggressive and super sporty bodystyle we have seen in the past. The new M3 will also feature a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine producing somewhere around 450 horsepower.


A prototype of the new 3 Series is rumored to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011, while the F32 M3 will be unveiled in late 2012 or early 2013.

27 responses to “Renderings: 2012 BMW 3 Series and 2014 BMW M3”

  1. Efoza says:

    look carefully and you can see the perfect use of the 5 GT design lines.

    • Laszlo says:

      luckily absolutely NOT. The 5GT is ugly beast. I hate to say that even bangle could not make that ugly of a car and he is a master of bangled up cars…

      this is a very remote rendering. The “srtist” just mixed the current 3 with the current 5.
      Useless to do anything like that. besides whats the point doing anything like this ? When it will be here we will see. If ugly we beat it with a stick, if we like we buy it. I hate renderings…

    • Lariv says:

      Do you own a 5 Series GT?

    • Nnnn says:

      Efoza, do you spend a lot of time hanging out in bus stations?   You sound like a great conversationalist.

  2. viper says:

    that 3er looks horrible,,,,i žf a 80 out of 100 say that bmw makes ugly cars then there is something wrong with their designer team , they suck , bmw a vw makes prettier cars than you

  3. Woo Hoo says:

    Who cares, anything less than a 5 series is entry level, no status

  4. Bryce says:

    That M3 rendering is simply stunning!! I love these renderings, but unfortunately I’m not sure how close they’ll be to the final product since the unveiling is still a year away.

  5. T says:

    Where do we begin?

    First of all these are not “official” they are using “official” descriptions but executing them incorrectly. Some of the details are correct but are over exaggerated in execution.

    With the advent of the Concept 6er Coupe I was afraid that the 6er will become the basis for the next 3er Coupe. And in truth , yes the next 3er Coupe becomes like a mini-6er by adding a more premium edge to the traditional sporting image of the 3er Coupe but it is performed differently so that it is recognisable as a “Premium Entry” BMW Coupe.
    The design direction continues with an appearance that seperates sedan from Coupe like the E92 had done. The seperation has done well for BMW it gives the 3er it’s own identity and that is something that will be carried over.

    Some details from the 6er will be interpreted on the 3er Coupe in their own way such as headlights mimicing the current car with indicator units located underneath, a swooping diagonal typical BMW characterline that adds more depth to the upper part of the car. A similiar break line in the lower flanks is evident but does not rise as high as the 6er , although the upper lines do not connect with the lower “wave” if you draw a line between them it is nigh on perfect.

    The rear of the car retains the 3er enclosed bootlid but the rear lights wrap around more with the L-shape of the unit higher up in the bootlid. From the rear wing of the car the rear lights wrap around and shoot diagonally upwards to the lid , it enhances the new sporty character of the new 3er Coupe.

    The BMW 3er Gran Turismo is not a complete facsimile of the 5er GT .
    Knowing the 3er segment all too well . BMW have gone for a more traditional mix of coupe and sedan , the roof is lower and the car is more dynamic looking.
    It is stretched by using the extended wheelbase platform for the F30 3er for the Chinese market , the brief for the 3er GT is individual style , performance and comfort but also for driving enthusiasts.

    The next M3 is so far ahead that it is too early to confirm what it will look like as the ideas for the appearance are still in development. They have ideas on the raft of engineering and powerplant etc but be rest assured the next M3 will not feature LED foglights because as covered before on the foglight matter “we need the space to allow air to cool the brakes” .

  6. Tom says:

    Def not. Bmw gonna produce something amazing for the next 3er. They have to and they know it. Still a good rendering but I don’t think it’ll be close

  7. Beerman says:

    Not even close to reality!! ;)

  8. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    Did BMW say they will not put any ”lines” of LED Day light running light (except for their Active Hybrid models)? Haha, they’re present in both of the renderings above…

    Still a good rendering, but somethig is just not right. It looks like a 3er + 5er + 6er = A mess… BMW said they will feature some of the E89 Z4 desing lines and elements and yet I failed to see one in both of the renderings. The M3 looks really cool, but still looks like a mashed up E92 and the F30. Hopefully we can get a better and more accurate rendering next year especially from JONSIBAL. Not that I’m neglecting or saying that other renderers are bad, they’re good but until today JONSIBAL has got the most accurate rendering ever…

  9. plaxico says:

    closest depiction yet, love the rear end ,front looks dull

  10. JakeM says:

    It’s a rendering, but it looks like a shrunken 5 series which in turn looks like a shrunken 7 series. That’s not a bad thing at all – just an observation.

  11. amarant says:

    I don’t think this is going to happen. looks like a minimized 5er. …

  12. Woo Hoo says:

    Of course it will happen, more parts to share, which lowers production costs.

    Well done BMW…not.

    • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

      Mhm..? So what about the Audi A4 and the Seat Exeo (that shares a bloody more stuff)? Now I can get an A4 for a bit cheaper, or more likely the same price as the Mondeo…

  13. Babken says:

    Excellent design.

  14. X5SoB says:

    Horatiu, can you get rid of the “Click here to see” feature? That way if a comment gets voted off, it stays off. We could get rid of viper that way!


  15. BMfan says:

    @X5SoB, absolutely in support plssss.

  16. Danijel says:

    The front side of the car looks disastrous, as a new model of a Korean car, the back side of the car does not look bad, In fact, it looks great, if compared to previous models.
    Aggressive, but it is much better and more original and to thus keep the BMW character (front side).
    I mean, huge money is spent on quality and performance of the car, but the design does not meet expectations .Series 5 is excellent, series 3 should be even better.

  17. Taivante says:

    BMW, you know at the core of the heart of any BMW fan is the 3series and its M. So i suggest you do everything in your capacity, to make the best 3 and M you can. With this rendering i will be ashamed to stand with a Mercedes or Audi fan knowing our 3 looks like this, i mean… Did you see the new C-class? THEY WILL BUTCHER US!!

  18. Rob says:

    Looks like an Audi 6 ….

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