Rumor: BMW 1 Series M Coupe GTS/CSL in 2012?

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special edition bmw 1m coupe by jonsibal d343yk9 750x500

Rumor of the day is brought to you by Jon Sibal and it involves a rumored 1 Series M Coupe GTS/CSL style coming out sometimes …

Rumor of the day is brought to you by Jon Sibal and it involves a rumored 1 Series M Coupe GTS/CSL style coming out sometimes in 2012. A source close to Sibal mentioned that BMW is hosting inside talks around a Performance Program for the 1M.

JS: Will the new Performance Program be handled by the M Division or would that be a separate division on its own?

BMW source: When the car was being conceived we sat down and discussed what could be done to extend the appeal of the car. Dr Segler came from MINI so we thought about MINI-ising the 1M in terms of what is available for the enthusiast in terms of scope. The ideas were put forward but the budget made this impossible for this generation. But what we have will be carried over to the next generation because there will be more time and more money to do so.

special edition bmw 1m coupe by jonsibal d343yk9 655x491JS: Is there a possibility of a “CSL” type version of the E82 1M Coupe at the end of its life cycle?

BMW source: Anything is possible, we have ideas and the creativity to expand. In the end it all comes down to the reception of the car. 1M is more personal than any other M car. It has to be more upfront with the customer because it is developed entirely for the customer who want something pure.
As it stands E82 production will be online till summer 2012, 1M will finish around the Spring. We have Cabrio production lasting till late 2012 in which they have produced a Cabrio model. We have a Cabrio unofficially. Reaction to the Coupe will determine the Cabrio’s existence as will the GTS/CSL type car.

As always, we take these rumors with a grain of salt, but we certainly agree that the success of the 1M will dictate future variants of the entry-level M.

Some of you might remember the M3 CSL, a very low production, one-off model based on the E46 M3 and using its 333 horsepower engine as basis. The CSL stands for Coupe Sport Light and as the name suggests, it came with a lot of carbon fiber parts. CSL came with a lighter carbon fiber roof and interior paneling, light seats and the buyers had the option to opt-out the radio and air conditioning unit. BMW built the car i only two colors: Silver Gray and Sapphire Black.

BMW made a limited run, less than 1,400 units of the M3 CSL (E46) vehicles between June and December 2003. Unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., due to the short production cycle and the complications and expense of clearing DOT and EPA standards for the North American market, BMW never brought the CSL to the United States.

To somehow satisfy the U.S. consumers’ needs to upgrade their M3, some parts from it were later made available on the regular M3 as part of an optional Competition Package.

We can only hope that a lightweight 1M would come to the market in the future, either based on the current bodystyle or the upcoming 1 Series redesign in 2012-2013. In the mean time, we look forward to the Detroit Auto Show debut of the 2012 1 Series M Coupe.

[Source: Jon Sibal ]

27 responses to “Rumor: BMW 1 Series M Coupe GTS/CSL in 2012?”

  1. X5SoB says:

    Limited edition. BMW does this sort of thing. Probably will happen. Bring it on!

  2. wazon8 says:

    Is it possible that it will get future M3’s 450hp engine?

    • viper says:

      no genius , how can you have 1seires M whatever to have the same power as the bigger M3…dont make sense to me , your a fanboy you should know better.
      also I think this is a major failure this 1M

      • wazon8 says:

        Contrary to you, I am not an idiot, so I am aware that this car will be more expensive than m3 e92 and will be faster. The only thing it should not do is to outperform m3 gts.

        • viper says:

          so what ur saying is that a 13y old is stronger than already experienced 22y old? in lets say arm wrestling?
          geez what a theroy

          • wazon8 says:

            What’s your point here? Why is this analogy supposed to make any sense at all according to you? Are you really so f***ing stupid that you believe that BMW M-division would make CSL-like version of 1M for few thousend euro extra per unit?! Man, 1M as it stands right now is pretty close to M3 accoring to people who clocked it time at Ring and you try to convince me that it still would be slower than M3 e92 after getting more refinement from M-engineers. That’s ridiculous. Yes, 1M CSL-like will be more expensive and faster than M3. What’s wrong with that? It won’t steal nothing from M3, since the price difference will be significant. Tell us, how much does one need to pay extra to standard M3 for getting GTS and what’s the predicted price difference between M3 and 1M? You’re an idiot, if you believe that this car cannot be more expensive and faster than M3!

          • viper says:

            the price for GTS is almost double… pay 135000 euros for what? for minus 200kg and some 30hp more? you are indeed an idiot wazon.I dont care what you say , my logic goes beyond you , 1er cant be faster than 3er thats it…if its otherwise then so be it.stupid.

          • wazon8 says:

            Go back to school. You need to get some lessons from reading with understanding, if you think that M3 GTS is nothing more than M3 e92 minus 150kg and plus 30hp. Surely, your “logic” is beyond me, since you represent kind of thinking that realizes no general rules and is blind on formal analogies between resosnings. Yes, it’s beyond me, how one can be excited about 80.000 euro price tag for AMG refined SL 65 and be so relucant about 60.000 euro tag for wholly redesigned M3 GTS.

            And final question: why the hell cannot 1M CSL-like be faster than M3 e92? It’s already few sec. behind M3 at Ring, so -accodring to you – after reducing mass, applying performance tires, incresing output, applying improved suspension, it won’t earn these few seconds. Man, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but it’s as if you say that M3 e92 cannot be slower than M3 e46 CSL, just because it’s newer. Try to give some justification for this other than “then so be stupid” (BTW, what the grammar from our best logician ever).

  3. Giom Mouton says:

    If they build it, it will sell! Especially with that treatment.

  4. Tom says:

    The 1Ms front fascia will definitely resemble thIs. Such a great rendering, props. Can’t wait for the new generation Ms, gonna be mind blowingggg :)

  5. Steve Davies says:

    Horatiu, this rumour is not likely within the next few years at least. When I was with the BMW execs last week we talked about the 1 Series M Coupe and as you probably know this forthcoming 1 Series M Coupe is a runout model, a proof of concept if you like, to conclude production of the first-gen 1 Series and test the appetite of consumers.

    It’s a real shame how small the production numbers are for the 1 Series M Coupe – only 450 cars are allocated to the UK for example and this number will not be extended. Then I was told that the facelift 1 Series due in 2011 will not be applied to the 1 Series M – the same situation occured with the M3 CSL which retained the older E46 front-end after the rest of the range was facelifted.

    When I asked if the 1 Series M Coupe would return again in future, I was told NOT within the current generation range, but perhaps in future. The next few years will the busiest ‘ever’ for BMW in terms of new model launches and there are too many other important models arriving for BMW to distract themselves with niche-niche models.

    I could be wrong – you never know what’s really going on deep in the bowels of BMW’s R&D activities, but nobody I spoke to within BMW was expecting the 1 Series M Coupe to be anything other than an end-of-line niche model that ‘may’ be repeated again sometime in the future.

    We can explore this point again at our photo shoot with the final-production 1 Series M Coupe next week…

    • viper says:

      the truth is that bmw could make better cars , make concepts into reality , make invincible M cars , however there are politics who dont want to make this happen , and it never will.
      ask urself a question , how come they always cancel a great car? their excuse is it will not be profitable , or to it wont pay off , or there is o market for lets say M5 CSL..?!?….make a super ultra M5 , and it wont sell?..a supercar wont sell? a coupe wont sell?
      those are stories for little babies

      • plaxico says:

        True …..while BMW is still dwelling bout with this supercar stuff Merc is working on a car thats gonna ”grow on the trees” (literally). Future is here and now and its called Merc-Biome.

        • Steve Davies says:

          I’ve spoken with those who have driven the forthcoming M5 and it’s stunning – the M engineers are really happy with their new flagship and the engine is one of their best ever.

          As for the Merc Biome, yes it’s a nice concept bur a very long way from reality – BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics will be coming soon and priced above £100k. The simple reality is that BMW will be releasing more new models in the next few years than they ever have before (more than 20+ if you include Mini), so we should temper our expectations for further new models.

          I’m really looking forward to the Mini Coupe, which we’ll see in 2011…

          • viper says:

            l doubt that. the m5 may drive well , but seriously would you go out on a date with a pig or a cow , that car is pretty ugly , the ugliest 5 series ever..thats a major minus if u ask me…that car just doesnt make me happy when l see it , so why would

          • viper says:

            l doubt that. the m5 may drive well , but seriously would you go out on a date with a pig or a cow , that car is pretty ugly , the ugliest 5 series ever..thats a major minus if u ask me…that car just doesnt make me happy when l see it , so why would I drive it or even like it?..there are so many people who absolutely hate the looks of a new 5 series….I think it looks chineese , a bad copy of a 7er..for example the E class looks nothing like the S class , however it looks better , the best ever , nothing like the 5 series , the worst ever.

  6. T says:

    There is many options for this car that had to be shelved because of the limited budget and production window. Every BMW begins with ideas on a piece of paper through serious table discussion. It is then the ideas are submitted however in the case of the 1M it is very much a project that had to twist a few arms to become a reality of course there is regrets that we should have done this earlier but as they say better late than never.

    Next time around there will be a significant budget and more development time to work on the F22 Coupe which is at engine development stage at the moment.
    There are plans though to extend the next generation 1M (M2?) and M3 in a similiar metamorphisis like the Porsche 911 and have more focused enthusiast models aswell as the regular quasi-luxury compact and premium entry sports cars.

  7. T says:

    They would like to take the M3 out of it’s comfort zone and the M3 GTS was the opportunity to show it can be done. And as a concept it has convinced BMW that the M3 is such a car that can be progressed in the way as a 911 can be progressed. But in a more straight-forward focus.
    Although BMW would offer the luxury sports car and a more enthusiast-focused offering a year or so after initial launch. Many agree that the 1 and M3 would be the right candidates for more lightweight technology and more performance. Such a stumbling block is countered by certain legislation such as in the US for example where the M3CSL and M3 GTS met opposition to which BMW did not federalize these models because of cost to bring the standards expected by the legislators.

    The next generation 1M retains it’s typical Coupe form but resorts to a four cylinder engine , with the M3 returning to Six Cylinder power.
    Both models will have signifcant power advantages over the current models also the 1M will begin to make sense with the next generation M3 as many believe the two are almost to close for comfort.

    With the next generation 3er Coupe inheriting a more premium appearance like it’s new big brother the 6er. Both 1 and 3er represent BMW’s outlook in the importance of the compact and premium entry segment for Coupes.
    If you take for example the best selling 3er Coupe model – the 320d Coupe.
    A customer can purchase the 320d Coupe , but still equip the car with high end options say to the level of a 650i Coupe. Which with the next generation will feature many options, features and technology from the Premium luxury segment.
    This is signifcant because of the mass volume of the 3er and 1er it will allow BMW to price these features competively for the compact and premium entry segments.

    If you keep up with current events BMW’s war cry is to “Lead not to Follow” that is why the Vision Efficient Dynamics is a different kind of sports car concept.
    BMW are well renowned for why be anonymous when you can stand out? When it comes to joining crowded segments all competing for one thing.
    Vision Efficient Dynamics is just as signifcant as an Image car to determine the rest of BMW’s products because one day what you see on the Vision Efficient Dynamics will fliter through to the rest of the product range be it on design or innovation. Of course the Vision Efficient Dynamics is not the only Sports car concept in development at BMW. The small four-seater MegaCity Vehicle is a worthy candiate for a micro sports car using the same technology and materials as the Megacity Vehicle.

    Although this is a proposal for the MCV family it does not conform to the current 20 BMW vehicles due by 2015. But in that 20 there is something for everyone.

  8. RayS says:

    M1 should have the 450HP; M3 should have the 530HP; M5 should have the 600HP
    and all should weight under 3K lbs., torque should be equal or greater than HP, with these specs, BMW will regain its stature in the GT and GT2 class.

  9. T says:

    BMW M is more about how what a car can do in a straight line , M is not just about figures , figures detract from the whole experience. Not everyone can drive a car at these speeds on a public road nor in BMW’s case do all M owners take their car to a track in fact of total unit sales you have about 10-15% that do so.
    The same goes for Ring times – not everyone can make it to Germany.

    BMW M see what is adequate for the car it develops. M’s main engineering concentrates on putting much distance between an M car and the BMW it is based on. It also helps that the standard car has to be the best drivers car in it’s segment in terms of dynamics and chassis before the M engineers work their magic.
    Something Audi are not very proficient at.
    Mercedes-Benz AMG have begun to limit the performance of their cars and focus on the handling aspects The new CLS AMG for example receives 518 hp , whilst the new M5 will see an increase over the engine it is based on from the X5 and X6M it wont be stratespheric in performance as no doubt Audi are working on for the next RS6.

    The issue here is that Performance is not everything and that is what makes BMW M great , they are not enhanced BMW’s but totally seperate engineering concepts.
    The 1M is not just a enhanced 135i it has been made to do things differently and it succeeds. M5 is the same it has always been the segment leader and it took the E63 AMG to take it’s crown last year , the new M5 is about to take that crown back it is everything you expect from M and more.

  10. empower says:

    what a rendering i love this car the tricolour is fantastic the rebirth of the 2002 turbo

  11. Woo Hoo says:

    Milk it! Milk this compact cart for everything it’s worth!

    It will nevr have the status or panache of a M3.

    My neighbor could put a ‘limited’ badge on his tercel…and it’s still a POS tercel.

    In the words of My President, “You can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a pig”

    • Fritz says:

      This is no joke, the picture was not planned and certainly not to go public. There is a 450 ps version coming, 1m coupe GT3, for cup version tuned up ti 480 ps. Plan is to bring it on 24 hours in june, afterwards an “street” gt3 version will be released.

      Originally was planned the other way, but time is running out. The first “hidden” version will enter the norschleife for tests in a couple of weeks, but will look like the normal 1 M coupe. Do not led you mislead by the exhaust pipes, yes they will have 4 on the back, but if you look from the side, you will see s strange curve passing just before the rear wheels, that will be the final place. The 450 PS versions are already tested, the final version will be up to 470-480 to compete with his big brother and the z4 GT3, however these last 20-30 PS are currently challanging the technical team.

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