BMW catches ring of workers stealing up to $4 million in parts

News | November 30th, 2010 by 15

Several reports went out this week on a possible ring of workers stealing parts from the BMW plant in Munich. BMW has yet to release …

Several reports went out this week on a possible ring of workers stealing parts from the BMW plant in Munich. BMW has yet to release a statement on this, but reports mention that a ring of eighteen workers have been stealing parts for years.

According to Bloomberg and Autoblog, it seems the individuals would stop the lines for fake quality control checks and make off with the goods to be sold on the open market. The most lucrative business reportedly centered around reselling seats over the internet.

Total damage? 3 million euros ($4 million).


Munich prosecutors are investigating whether as many as 15 more people were involved in transporting the products and whether the amount stolen may be higher. Authorities began looking into the matter in early October and have searched properties throughout the state of Bavaria.

  • Hugo Becker
  • Doug

    What value are they putting on these seats? $1000 each? It took the investigation long enough for 4,000 seats to go out of inventory?

    • FreudeKing

      I blame this purely on poor management and the new management team with their loud and proud strategy to cut cost and fire workers. This has lead to a lack of poor internal controls and a lack of segregation of duties within the organisation, leading to tremendous losses for the company and shareholders. I mean, for someone to be able to steal this large amount of parts to go unnoticed until now is a real shame for the company and its management.

      So the external auditors had better re-evaluate the control and inherent risk of The BMW Group as clearly management’s pursuit of profits creates an extensive risk at an overall financial statements level.

      If this is what is happening even with the protection of their own assets, I shallow to think to what extent BMW would go to cut product quality and quality controls to make more profit from each customer

  • Efoza

    As long as the parts do not belong to 5GT models, the prosecutors can take their time,

    • Woo Hoo

      Efoza… you made me LOL.

  • Steve

    don’t blame them, you can’t beat ‘Die BMW Original Teile’

  • Woo Hoo

    Perhaps if their parts weren’t so overpriced….

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  • Zoli

    Nice building!

  • Zoli

    They make good cars!

  • MoZ

    well, what you gonna do.

  • sinter

    :)) nice! even in Germany.

  • Used Cars Las Vegas

    My guess is that it’s very likely that these parts ended up on Craigslist or Ebay… Selling parts is BIG business. Any time you have a business with high end items, whether it be Beemer parts or designer handbags or even MAC Cosmetics you will have a few rogue employees who will skim some product and sell it off. It’s unfortunate but rampant in any business.

  • Danny Shore

    Seats are super overpriced. I was looking for sports seat for my 2002 330i and a new seat was approximately $3,000. It destroyed my dreams of ever having new sports seats in my e46.

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