Sixt Rentals Agree to Purchase 100,000 BMW’s in Germany

News | November 29th, 2010 by 25
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Sixt Rental is one of the of the major car rental companies in Germany with rental locations throughout Europe and is increasing its presence in …

Sixt Rental is one of the of the major car rental companies in Germany with rental locations throughout Europe and is increasing its presence in Africa and Asia. In a recent announcement, Six confirmed an agreement with BMW for purchasing 100,000 vehicles to enter the Sixt fleet by 2015.

The agreement extends across the entire BMW portfolio, including the MINI brand. As part of the agreement, vehicles like the 7 Series or all the entire X-family are to be delivered to Sixt by 2015. The contract stipulates that the vehicles should be equipped with the ConnectedDrive system and will be fitter with a BMW Sixt Mobile Key, a special application developed for these models.

The Sixt Mobile Key allows customers to reserve their Sixt BMW by phone.

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“The successful partnership between BMW and Sixt links premium vehicles with premium service,“ said Sixt’s CEO, Erich Sixt. “The agreement with BMW is a key component of our fleet planning in the coming years. “

The value of the agreement has not been disclosed, but the volume suggests that BMW have a considerable income from Sixt for the next few years.

25 responses to “Sixt Rentals Agree to Purchase 100,000 BMW’s in Germany”

  1. Mike says:

    I became a BMW owner after renting a 535d from Sixt and driving around Germany and Austria for two weeks. I was hooked! Glad to see their commitment to the brand and I’m looking forward to getting back over there and renting another!

  2. Woo Hoo says:

    Glad that Porsche doesn’t have one of these agreements.

    I now know I have made the right choice in my next vehicle.

  3. empower says:

    woo hoo how many sadans do porsche make. im clad bmw are not owned by vw and use there parts

    • wazon8 says:

      Witness: new planned small Porsche which will share platform with VW and Audi.

      • Wooo hoo. says:

        …Which is only ONE, how many entry level BMWs are planned?…

        Love my Bimmer, great daily driver and is more fun than say, a Camry.

        I just don’t like the direction that BMW is going. I don’t want to buy vehicle that gets confused with it’s own lower model by onlookers(parts sharing).

        • wazon8 says:

          What are you comparing? First of all, Porsche (not BMW) was always consider as superpremium brand. Witness: their prices! And right now, VW is ruining their image by making it sharing parts with model basically spreaded through whole group. Second, situation is much worse than sharing parts between models within given brand. You cannot argue that BMW share parts with models that are not even consider as premium. And that’s what happened to Porsche – it will share parts with VW. BTW, what’s wrong with sharing parts between models within given brand? Doesn’t each car maker do it? Don’t get me wrong, Porsche makes superb cars, but what VW is doing with them shows no respect for their history – they just try to earn as much as possible per model. But it’s well known politics from VW and it seems to be the worst thing to be owned by VW.

          You can talk about so called entry level models, but nothing change fact that one need to earn well first to get them. Since 1-er is in price range of VW Passat, is close to be two-times more expensive than VW Golf and possibility that someone is splitted between Passat-size car and 1-er-size car is rather meager, it’s hard to disagree that indeed 1-er is degined as sole premium car to fill the niche consisted of those who are looking for premium small car, not for a car for such and such amount of money. One needs to be interested in small cars first, before one will spend money on it. If I look for a small premium car, I am not looking for entry level car, because I cannot afford better BMW, but I am interested in it because I want BMW and it is the only small one. Of course, some will go for it, only because of the badge, but I doubt that it’s a rule. Third, 1-er fills the niche of small RWD on market and is the only hatchback with RWD eighter. Why shouldn’t BMW provide such thing, when 3-er segment grew so much these days.

          Similar story will go for any future entry models. It will stay the issue whether entry level BMW is designed for those who cannot afford one or rather for filling the niche that is not constitiuted by I-need-whatever-has-BMW-badge customers, but rather by those who have other expectations? I choose second answer.

          The “entry” level MegaCity vehicle will rather not be something for people who cannot afford other BMW. By checking the prices of electrical vehicles, it seems plausible that it will cost the same amount of money as entry model of 5-er. At least, new electic Mitsubishi is priced so high. It will indeed be for people who want to electric premium small car for driving in city.

        • oly says:

          What’s the big deal with sharing parts? Do you seriously believe entry level models are built with less quality (as far as the technical/mechanical side goes)? In my understanding a 1 series is as quality a vehicle as a 7 series, it’s just smaller and has a cheaper interior.

          That being said, I do agree that flooding the streets with 1 series does ruin the image of a premium, exclusive, luxurious car manufacturer that BMW had, but … “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” (Plato) – it’s not an easy job staying afloat in the car market.

        • BIMMER1 says:

          Neither of your comments make any sense. Porsche does have rental agreements just like this one. You can very easily rent a 911 in many parts of the world. You can even rent them and take them to the Nurburgring, although now you have to pay out the ass for insurance to do it. You have to understand that BMW sells a lot more cars than Porsche does. The two brands have distinctly different identities and cater to different markets. They might seem like they are competitors but they are really not in most cases. Porschefiles and Bimmerfiles are two totally different breeds. Until the mid 90’s Porsche thought they could just keep building 911’s and no other models and succeed. They quickly noticed they were going broke. Then came the Boxster, then the cayenne, now the Panamera, and guess what. Porsche can now afford to build the best 911 ever. Well, that’s a matter of opinion I suppose but it’s the fastest ever. Without the money from the other models, they’d be screwed. They’d probably be building the worst 911 ever. Last year BMW sold 1,068,771cars; Porsche only sold 9.2% of that coming in at 98,652. Only approx. 25-30% of those were 911’s. Meaning proportionately to BMW over the last decade, Porsche is whoring out the rest of the lineup to grow and increase profits just as much as BMW or anyone else has. Porsche may not make 20+ models of cars, but they make 20+ variants of the same model over and over again and charge vastly different amounts of $$$ for them. Some of them might as well be their very own model they are so far out of a regular 911 price range. And to answer your question about entry level cars, there have been many rumors recently about a cheaper two seater car based on a VW/Audi platform as well as a smaller SUV based on the Tiguan. So just be ready, the cheaper smaller models are coming to Porsche as well. If you want to blame someone for it, blame all of the ridiculous GOV. agencies worldwide that are strangling the car business. Then you can blame society for putting up with them. It’s ridiculous that a manufacturer gets fined if they don’t have a fleet avg. above a certain MPG. That’s the main reason why all of the hybrids and electric cars are popping up everywhere. Companies aren’t building these cars because they want to. Do you really think Aston Martin wanted to build a super compact with a 4cyl engine? Of course they didn’t.

          Without the Boxster and Cayenne, Porsche would be bankrupt and would probably be owned today by Tata. They sold out to the masses just like everyone else has. Today it’s all about maximum profit with minimum acceptable product quality. It used to be about maximizing profit while selling the best product you can make. There’s a big difference between the two. Cars built early 2000’s and on are going to have a hard time lasting 10+ years with daily use. That’s just the way it is now. If you’re buying a car to keep forever and drive to 200k miles or more, you’re better off buying a 1995 with 30k miles than a 2005 with 30k. With current GOV regulations and future laws it’s only going to get worse. Cars used to be built to last. Now they are built to be recycled and make the gov. money, all while forcing you to keep buying cars more often in turn stimulating the auto industry/economy. They don’t want you keeping cars for 8-10 years, they want you to buy a new one every 3-5 and pretty soon you won’t have a choice. You’re 6 year old car will cost $9000 to repair. But hey, cars are killing the planet so why shouldn’t we be forced to heed the green initiatives, even if they are based on bullshit.

          When all the dust settles it comes down to this. Both companies make a damn good product and you can’t go wrong with either one.

  4. Well done BMW , you will atract new customers who never drove a BMW , Im sure Mercedes and VW AUDI copy all BMW does ! they will be running after another Co. Just hope the prices will be affordable.

    • JakeM says:

      I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Germany but rental fleets use cars from all three big German luxury bands (Audi, BMW and MB). Car rental agencies like Sixt rotate between luxury brands all the time.Sixt also used Audis and Mercedes in huge numbers prior to this BMW deal. In a few years Sixt might go back to Audi or Mercedes or some other luxury brand for example.

      Also, you can bet that there was some pushing on BMWs part (offering great deals etc. so that Sixt will select them). THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME in the rental car businesses, even in the US.

      • wazon8 says:

        @JakeM: what is actually the point of your comment? Fredy siad that there was a chance that people turn to BMW after renting one from Sixt. And it’s pretty resonable claim. Moreover, BMW had nice tactic in their play with Sixt. They made funny clip with Isetta and Sixt. On the one hand, they made advertisement to Sixt, on the other hand, they received nice order. I haven’t heard MB or Audi did similar thing. (Maybe that’s what MB and Audi should copy).

        From my own observations, Sixt has been somehow much more related with BMW than any other brand for years. I don’t even remember whether I saw Audi at their parking lot. Surely, you can rent E-class or Jag XF along with 5-er in most of their branches. But BMWs are avaible at each Sixt parking lot, starting from 1-er up to 5-er. So, even though they use other luxury German brand, there is huge disproportion between number of them and number of BMWs owned by Sixt.

        • Mirko says:

          Sixt has all kinds of 7ers – even a few 760Li, though most are 730d and 740d models.

          Many large German BMW dealers have a “SIXT/BMW Implant” rental station, which then also maintains service loaner cars for customers.

  5. Tom says:

    It’s a shame BMW doesn’t bring over some of the smaller diesels that are available for rent in EU.

  6. empower says:

    you guys would love 120d and 123d. but bmw thinks that the usa dont see a 4 pot as true bmw. but i think the fact that they have turbos 2 in the case of the 123d would convince the us to buy these cars

    co2 g/km mpg bhp 0-62
    118d M Sport £24,005 119 (140) 62.8 (53.3) 143 9.0 (9.1)
    120d M Sport £25,490 125 (140) 60.1 (53.3) 177 7.6 (7.8)
    123d M Sport £27,090 135 (145 ) 55.4 (51.4) 204 7.0 (7.1)
    Figures in () represent automatic transmission

    320d EfficientDynamics £27,245 109 68.9 163 8.0
    320d Sport Plus £29,795 125 (140) 60.1 (53.3) 184 7.5 (7.6)
    325d M Sport £31,825 151 (160) 49.6 (46.3) 204 7.0 (7.2)
    330d M Sport £34,735 152 (164) 49.6 (45.6) 245 6.1 (6.2)
    335d M Sport £38,025 174 (42.2) 286 6.0

    • wazon8 says:

      123d would be great offer for U.S. market. It has it all: decent performance with small fuel consumption.

      335d is already avaible in U.S., isn’t it?

      • Mirko says:

        The American-market 335d is detuned compared to the European 335d. An European-market 330d with the manual transmission should be quicker to 60 than an American-market 335d.

  7. empower says:

    i know it is only listed it so people could compare its stats with other bmw diesel offerings

  8. empower says:

    and woo hoo the first cayenne was a vw touareg. the cayenne diesel even had a vw engine in lol. and that was even b4 they were under the vw umbrella lol. cant wait to see your 911s with the same switch gear you find in a seat or skoda

  9. bob says:

    How many Audi’s are they buying?

    • Woo Hoo says:

      Probably about the same amount of chrysler springs….see where this is going. I’m talking about mainstream rentals.

    • Mirko says:

      Sixt has all kinds of Audis too. I’ve had A3 TDIs from them, as well as 118d, Golf, Ford Focus convertible, Passat wagon, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 3008…

      What they don’t have are Chrysler Sebrings. Sorry, American tourists hoping for a familiar ride far from home.

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