AC Schnitzer at 2010 Essen Motor Show – BMW Z4 with 380 hp

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This year’s Essen Motor Show just opened its doors and courtesy of BimmerToday, we have photos of some tuned up BMWs displayed there. The German …

This year’s Essen Motor Show just opened its doors and courtesy of BimmerToday, we have photos of some tuned up BMWs displayed there. The German tuner AC Schnitzer has a large display this year in Essen and the highlight there is a Z4 sDrive35i.

Dubbed ACS4, the AC Schnitzer Z4 is powered by an upgraded N54 engine. The updated powerplant pushes 380 horsepower. The torque was also increased by 120Nm to 520Nm (383 lb-ft). With the DCT transmission, the Z4 ACS4 accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and to 200 km/h in 17.5 seconds. Top speed is limited at 300 km/h.

On the outside, the Z4 receives a new front bumper with carbon fiber inserts and an elegant rear spoiler and carbon fiber trunk lid.


Another AC Schnitzer in display is the recently announced, tuned-up BMW 5 Series Touring. The ACS5 3.5d is built of the 535d F11 model and receives an impressive power upgrade as well, 360 horsepower instead of the 300 ponies in the regular model. Even more impressive is the increase in torque to a total of 690Nm (508 lb-ft).

The AC Schnitzer 5 Touring features the aggressive M Sport package, with some changes applied by the same tuner. At the rear, the ACS5 sports a carbon fiber diffuser and large tailpipes. The vehicle is lowered by 25 mm than the standard model and it was developed and tested on the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife.


The interior of the car received high-quality finish of carbon fiber stripes and mesh pattern.


Fresh from the production lines in Spartanburg comes an AC Schnitzer tuned F25 BMW X3. The time frame leading to the event was tight and the company says that some parts of the aerodynamic package are yet to be completed. The exhibition vehicle ACS3 2.0d was tuned to 210 horsepower.

Here is a photo gallery of AC Schnitzer at Essen Motor Show 2010.

[Source: BimmerToday ]

  • viper

    l dont like ac….there are better tuners like g power and lumma , but none of them are much famous….l think the alpina is the most descent bmw tuner available.but how often do you actually see alpina on a street?

    • Lariv

      They’re about as common as Brabus’ but far less powerful.

      • viper

        brabus? that tuner is about 20times better than ac..its not just about the power they offer but alot of individual accessories too , check out their e and s classes , those cars are unmatchable

    • Heddlu_Cymru M5

      Very-very rare.. Only 1 Alpina B5 based on the E39 and also only 1 Alpina B5 based on the E60 in Kuala Lumpur. But quite a lot of ACs. None from G-Power not Lumma.

  • Steve

    That 5 series estate is gorgeous! Not too keen on the wheels but hey a brand new BMW is never bad :)