MINI Countryman scores 5 stars in EURO NCAP crash test

MINI | November 24th, 2010 by 8

Shortly after the F10 BMW 5 Series Sedan received the highest crash testing rating from EURO NCAP, another BMW Group vehicle scores the maximum points. …

Shortly after the F10 BMW 5 Series Sedan received the highest crash testing rating from EURO NCAP, another BMW Group vehicle scores the maximum points. The newR60 MINI Countryman receives a rating of 5 stars in Euro NCAP crash test as well. The Countryman is the first modern four-door MINI and in addition to space for five passengers and dynamic driving, it also offers the best possible passenger safety.

For adult occupants, Countryman scores a value of 84 percent, the safety of children is 83 percent. The 63 percent for the pedestrian safety seems at first glance not particularly encouraging, but with today’s published list of 15 recently tested vehicles, only one vehicle reached a marginally better value, the Kia Venga.

The vehicle tested was the diesel model with right-hand drive, but the results transfer over to the regular models as well.

MINI-Countryman-R60-Euro-NCAP-Crashtest-02In the US, the MINI Countryman goes on sale in early 2011. The MINI Cooper S Countryman starts at $25,250, excluding a $700 destination charge. A well-equipped Cooper S Countryman comes just under $30,000 mark. The top model, Countryman S Cooper ALL4 has a base price of $27, 650.

See PDF with MINI Countryman Test Results


[Source: EURO NCAP ]

  • pimeto

    Why would one get this Mini instead Toyota Fj ?

    • BMW_135_M

      Ehhh.. Because it’s a Toyota?. Sure enough both cars get you from A->to->B, but Toyota is just to much plastics and got no soul whatsoever.

  • empower

    pimeto why get a 3 er over a camry. dumb ass

  • empower

    im from the uk so only just seen what a fj is. why are you comparing these two cars, the country man should be compared with a vw rabbit not a car which is nearly 2 000 kg

  • pimeto

    Im not comparing anything. Just making point that this Countryman is pointless fashion car, that people with no brains and personal issues will go for it…. moustly

    • Heddlu_Cymru M5

      … so? It’s their money so what? Are they using your money to buy their car? Pointless or not, that’s their own opinion. What important is yours. If you think that car is pointless? Owkey then… Everybody has their opinion and I respect yours.

  • pimeto

    Exactly! I share my opinion and thats it! Im not telling anyone what to like or buy, wtf is the problem here ?

  • empower

    some people like to treat them selfs.they work hard so want to spend there hard earned money on quality and something which is not common something with a bit of class. This car is aimed at people with brains someone that has used there brains to do well in life and wants to show others that they are doing good.
    But some people who want to spend a bit extra on something well engineered and stands out of the crowd have personal issues according to some lol.
    I would never buy this car but i can see why others would. The MINI brand is a fashion brand but you say that as if its a bad thing.
    Why buy a ralph lauren polo shirt when you could buy one from gap this is the world we live in and if you can afford it why not. people which question other peoples choices on what they spend there money on are the ones with issues mostly envious ones