Due to leaks, BMW changes tailights on 25,000 1 Series vehicles

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Word came down the pipe that in Germany, due to water leaks in the taillights, BMW is currently changing them on about 25,000 vehicles. This …

Word came down the pipe that in Germany, due to water leaks in the taillights, BMW is currently changing them on about 25,000 vehicles.

This is not a safety issue, so a recall has not been issued. According to our sister-magazine BimmerToday and, the parts are replaced if the customer is at the dealer.

Half of affected customers are said to be helped already at no charge.

The problem occurs when the water penetrates through the LED tail light, but brake lights, turn signals, rear fog lights and reverse lights are not affected.


The only affected body types are the Coupe (E82) and Convertible (E88); five-and three-door hatchback owners are not affected. The problem seems to occur on all the production years of the E82 and E88.

  • n8n

    I just hate these ads of japan cars… it’s so embarassing…

    • Horatiu B.

      Why is it embarrassing? They get delivered by Google, competitor companies choose to advertise on the sites where they can attract customers. We have to run a business here…

    • Laszlo

      what do you talking about ? what jap car ? i don’t see jap car just a bunch of jap car looking bmw…

  • ChrisM135i

    I can confirm this leak completly..! My dealer already changed the taillights of my 135i a few months ago.. He said the change is running through warranty and it could lead to a call-back issue, if we would wait

  • Mohammed Al-Momen

    There was a recall, which I did and there is some sort of repair kit that replaces the lights and the seals.

  • FreudeKing

    OMF, yet another defect from BMW affecting all 1 Series Coupe and convertible. This is on top of 10 major recalls this year alone. If this is a recall (which I don’t think it is), it will be the 11th major recall (highest in the company’s 94 years history)!

  • Othman Nouss

    My 135i convertible which was purchased june 2010 also suffered the same problem 1 month after purchase. The dealer here also replaced the burnt tailight, not sure though whether they replaced the other one…

    • FreudeKing

      Speaking of burnt tail-lights. BMW’s recent tail-lights are extremely cheap (due to poor quality materials as a result of cost cutting strategy at the expense of customer satisfaction and product quality). If you are driving the E90, both facelift and pre-facelift. Do not Switch on your rear fogs for too long (LIKE AN HOUR) becasue the cheap plastic casing will melt!!!!! – CLEARLY THEY DID NOT TEST THIS PROPERLY! OR THEY COULDN’T CARE LESS.

      • BIMMER1

        BMW hasn’t put a decent tail lamp assembly on their cars since the e36, and even those were problematic with age. The e38, e46, e53, and e82 have all had lots of tail lamp issues. Particularly the e46 with their ground issues causing the tail lamp connection to melt the connector.


    This is in addition to the issues they had with the seal material which was giving off a gas that caused the LED’s to fail. As well as the issue with the third brake lamp lense coming apart and separating from the car. Geesh!

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