Fleet News magazine names BMW 3 Series UK’s most reliable car

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UK magazine Fleet News published a new survey on the most reliable car sold in the UK. According to the survey of the country’s 50 …

UK magazine Fleet News published a new survey on the most reliable car sold in the UK. According to the survey of the country’s 50 largest contract hire companies, BMW 3 Series is the most reliable car in the UK. BMW’s top seller model is followed by the Honda Accord, Audi A4 and another BMW, 1 Series.

3 Series’ direct competitor, Mercedes-Benz C-Class comes 7th.

Most reliable car manufacturers survey places Honda at the top of the list. VW and BMW coming in second and third, respectively.

Fleet News magazine names BMW 3 Series UKs most reliable carTo be on the safe side, the research included 1.5 million vehicles owned or managed by the top 50 leasing companies in the UK.

Fleet News editor Stephen Briers said: “This is the largest reliability survey of its kind, so any vehicle with a top 10 placing will represent a safe bet for any organization or private motorist.”

Most reliable cars:

1. BMW 3 Series
2. Honda Accord
3. Audi A4
4. Nissan Qashqai
5. BMW 1 Series
6. Ford Fiesta
7. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
8. Toyota Avensis
9. Honda Civic
10. Volkswagen Golf

Most reliable car manufacturers:

1. Honda
2. Volkswagen
3. BMW

[Source: Fleet News ]

  • StraightSix

    VW on second place? Based on what? I guess that includes all of it brands. There is no other way that Volkswagens themselves are that good.

  • Roy Thompson

    The danger of averaging I guess.

    I’ve had three 3 series’ and each one ahs had pretty large problems such as gearbox failures, suspension, steering rack, air bag system, boot hinge snapping… All of which would have cost a bomb to replace out of warranty.

    This is over three separate cars, even I’m not that unlucky.

    • Shincai

      I think you have brain problems instead.
      I’v owned an E36 and an E46 and both were very reliable if serviced right of course.

      • FreudeKing

        Boot hinge snapping??? Did you buy a second hand car that was in an accident. You expect me to believe that?

  • Heddlu_Cymru M5

    Any cars can be reliable if you take care of it well and service it correctly… Otherwise, you’ll find problem for youself.

  • Roy Thompson

    I think the brain problem is the people who can’t accept reality myself :)

    For what it’s worth (not much) my E9x ‘s have all been main dealer serviced.

    The hinge snapping was on a 320i Touring, known problem so I was told by the dealer, not very common but certainly not unheard of, apparently a weakness in the double hinge.

    Of course you can just not believe me, although why I’d make it up is beyond me! Next you’ll be extolling the virtues of RFT’s!

  • Flash

    Roy you are one person, you do not represent the average. If those problems happened to half of BMW’s customers they would not be in business.

  • Roy Thompson

    I understand that Flash, that;s what I meant about the danger of averaging, it belies the peaks and troughs. What I can telll you as a long time BMW driver, and one who frequents UK forums, there are a lot of dissatisfied BMW customers out there, getting poor support form dealers for faults that shouldn’t really happen.

    I live in the South of the UK and there is exactly ONE reliable, honest dealer of all of the ones I have used, so no I have to travel 80 odd miles to get a decent service.