Executive Road Warrior: 10-month look at the BMW 335d

3-Series | November 11th, 2010 by 12
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Executive Road Warrior gives us their 10-month status report on the BMW 335d. “Even with its unparalleled power, the BMW 335d is the most fuel-efficient …

Executive Road Warrior gives us their 10-month status report on the BMW 335d.

“Even with its unparalleled power, the BMW 335d is the most fuel-efficient cars ever sold by BMW of North America, which opened operations in 1975 as the official U.S. importer. As a result, the 335d can travel almost 40% farther on a tank of fuel than its gasoline-powered sibling. On long drives there are fewer – if any – refueling stops, and I’ve been able to go 750 km (466 miles) without having to stop for fuel.

We’ve had the 335d in our test fleet for almost a year and it’s spent time passing slower cars on German Autobahnen, driving up twisty Alpine roads, and driving the challenging Lime Rock track. It’s lived up to BMW’s reputation for providing Freude am Fahren (the joy of driving) and it demonstrates responsive yet refined road manners – without sacrificing passenger comfort or driver joy.

2011 bmw 335d 655x435The steering feels perfect and gives the driver just the right amount of road feel and resistance. The throttle responds perfectly to driver input. There is slightly more engine noise but, with the windows closed, the driver hears a pleasant diesel growl.

While a manual transmission isn’t available (BMW says that a manual transmission that could handle the engine’s torque would be cost-prohibitive), the ZF-manufactured automatic transmission’s shifts are perfectly timed and the normally silent engine emits a low but muscular growl under acceleration.

The 335d is, with a 0-60 mph time of 6.0 seconds, slightly slower than the 335i (0-60 in 5.6 seconds) For passing maneuvers, where going from 70 km/h (44 mph) to 150 km/h (93 mph) seems to happen almost instantaneously, the 335d has no peer.”

Full comprehensive review at Executive Road Warrior

12 responses to “Executive Road Warrior: 10-month look at the BMW 335d”

  1. Laszlo says:

    COOL, But what about the swirl flaps ? When they become loose who’s picking up the tab ? All the savings can go away in seconds.

    read more about it here


    its news to the US owners as diesels are fairly new and rare in the US. But in Europe it is a known issue and a costly one.
    I’d remove those swirl flaps on day that the warranty expires.

  2. plaxico says:

    please child…
    we all know 3er is a poor mans choice if one cant afford the almighty Merc c class.Why would anyone buy 335d ,terrible car with nonstop-unceasing pressure converter problem.Pathetic

    • Murph says:

      The 335d runs the same power level as the top-end C350 from Merc at 265HP AND the 335d gives 420+ ft-lbs of torque – this all in addition to 36 MPG on the highway for roughly the same money.

    • Zack Brak says:

      I would rather own a Hyundai Sonata than a cheap looking Merc C-Class. The inside of the Merc is all cheap plastic and the engines are terrible.

      There is NO logical reason why anyone should buy a Mercedes. They are overly priced and they have never won any comparison tests. If you want a silky smooth ride you buy a Lexus. If you want a driver’s car that can handle you buy a BMW. There is no reason anyone should by buying Merc or Audi….unless you’re retarded.

  3. Joeincs says:

    My Grandfather drives a Mercedes, it is the perfect old man’s car. Maybe when I get to be 80 I will have to step down to one too.

  4. Skye Day says:

    Why is a Mercedez freak on BMWBLOG?

    • Laszlo says:

      in 1 word – envy. I like them both, in fact I like all cars that deserves to be liked.
      One of my old time favorite car is the 1990’s Mitsubishi Diamante. Great car for the price and excellent quality. I owned one from 95-97 put over 100k miles into the car without any issues but with normal maintenance. Try that with a new BMW or Merc and you realize why the Japanese cars are popular despite the shortcomings.

      BMW diesels are great as long as they are new. As they age the issues tend to be more serious and costly. As always the common issues are the results of a emission and fuel economy restrictions. These swirl flaps for example are only needed to lower partial/low throttle emission.
      The converter issues are also the strict emission related. If they would concentrate on the longevity 1st and emission and economy 2nd and 3rd the engines would be a little less clean but would ran forever.

      • Frederik says:

        I did 230000 km with my 535d

        Before that I had a 525 tds.

        Never, ever have we had to repair anything. And I promise you, those cars were used.

        If you’ve ever driven a 3 liter diesel by Mercedes, you know the BMW 3 liter diesel is far far far better.

  5. tweer says:

    Mercs must be classed as luxury cars in the states, over here in europe its a maker of Taxis and poorly built soft sports cars.

  6. Bence says:

    I own a 525d, bought has more than 150tmiles, bought it as used car, 9 years old and over 3 years has a $1k issue with the engine since.
    For me every year saves the double of that amount in gas with european gasoline and diesel prices.

  7. BMW LED says:

    i have a 2010 BMW X5 35d purchased Nov 2009. It is a year since I first drove this baby home. So far so good with 15000 miles on it already.

    It has great power, sounds good. The only isue is that the diesel burns oil very quick!!

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