BMW 5 Series gets a new rival: Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake

News | November 10th, 2010 by 24
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Mercedes-Benz has confirmed plans to put the CLS Shooting Brake into production in 2012. A year after BMW has unveiled their Gran Tourer, 5 Series …

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed plans to put the CLS Shooting Brake into production in 2012. A year after BMW has unveiled their Gran Tourer, 5 Series GT, the new vehicle will enter the same segment as BMW’s highly controversial, but later somewhat accepted 5 Series Gran Turismo.

The Concept certainly brings out an attractive look, carrying forward the next generation CLS language previewed in the Mercedes F800 Style. The rear end offers a more pronounced coupe look than seen on the 5 GT, with a tall roof.

The car features a long hood, narrow-look windows with frameless side windows, and a dynamic roof sloping back towards the rear.

Powertrain for the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shoot Brake will be carried over from the four-door-coup CLS lineup.

mb cls sblarge0151 655x436Engine choices for the CLS sedan will include a 3.5-liter V6 making 306 hp, a 4.7-liter V8 making 435 hp and the top-of-the-line 5.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 making about 555 hp. We expect similar choices for the wagon.

Some label the CLS as a wagon-type of vehicle, but we’re incline to believe that the demographic will overlap with the one for the 5GT.

5 series gran turismo wallpaper 7 1280x10241 655x524

Despite the initial skepticism, BMW 5 Series GT sales have exceeded the target. In Europe, BMW sold 19,172 units in the first three quarters of 2010. In the same time period, 5 Series Wagon sales sheet recorded 17,617 units.

Is this a winner takes all segment? Most likely not, so we expect the two German automakers to retain their customer base without much crossing over.

24 responses to “BMW 5 Series gets a new rival: Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake”

  1. sok says:

    New MB CLS Look nicer than BMW 5 GT

  2. Giom Mouton says:

    Stylistically, the CLS looks more modern and interesting than the 5 GT. This might draw potential buyers away from the GT. But the GT was never meant to be a catwalk model, instead, it brought us luxury with practicality like never seen before. I’m sure MB took notice of this.

    The Benz isn’t to everyones taste, tho. Some mentioned ‘over the top’ ‘big ass’ ‘confused design’ etc. Personally, I love the way the GT looks, but some of their earlier – pre-signed off designs had better, softer details (I saw this in their making of video series). I’m not always agreeing with the final decisions, but you can’t have everything your way…

    In the end, Merc is following BMWs lead, and that is a huge feather in their cap.

    • JakeM says:

      “In the end, Merc is following BMWs lead, and that is a huge feather in their cap.”

      What lead? Mercedes’ brought out the CLS before anyone had a similar car.

      Technically, the 5er GT competes with the R class which was also out before the 5er GT.

      What lead are you talking? Most likely market research and consumer feedback told them that there is a market for this car which is why they’ve decided to produce it. This article spins it of course to make it appear as if the 5er GT is worrying MB. The 5er GT competes with the R class, not this.

      • wazon8 says:

        5GT being R-class competitor? Man, if I was looking for such car as R-class, i would pay nearly no attention to 5GT. The first one is simply a 7 seater van, the second one is not – it’s rather huge and luxurious car, which shares no feeatures with vans. 5GT is much closer to this concept than to R-class. Moreover this concept looks as huge as 5gt. True, MB invented CLS, but not this version of it. Do you really believe that their aim wasn’t to still BMW 5gt customers with this car and provide something for a niche that 5gt created?

  3. wazon8 says:

    Front end of new CLS is sufficient reason to dislike it IMO. Something interesting is in its rear end, although it’s definitely too large as for this kind of car. It looks like big wagon’s trank, not something one could associate with coupe base functional model.

  4. viper says:

    a rival for what 5gt?
    This MB is a beauty , you compare that elephant 5GT to this cls?….
    you must be joking because that elephant 5series is ugly as shit and this cls is the most beautiful shooting brake ever.
    you actually comparde 5series and cls..which is silly. bmw blog , get a life.

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    first of all this is mercedes study or concept and not production ready model….
    and still 5gt looks better then the merc…

  6. StraightSix says:

    Since this is still a concept, I have to admit it looks very nice. Nicer than GT sadly. In my opinion of course.

  7. T says:

    BMW have a Shooting Brake based upon the Gran coupe 6er which is in the final consideration phase. CLS Shooting Brake might just give BMW the incentive.

    However BMW are keen to point out that the 6er Convertible , Coupe ,Gran Coupe and possible Shooting Brake are more premium than the equivalent CLS and A7.
    Also due to their sleeker more dynamic proportions more sportier aswell.

  8. bunker says:

    The Benz is pure WIN. My heavens this is a beautiful car.

    The BMW is pure PIG. And thus, of course, we will expect to see a 3er version of it. Somebody shoot me already…

    • FreudeKing says:

      I am sorry but I would have to agree although I am a BMW fan. This Merc does look gorgeous and BMW does look like a PIG compared to this lol. Look at that BMW Pig nose. I don’t really like the front of the Merc though.

  9. Kenee says:

    What the 5 GT has done is to wake the German car industry of what certain consumer sectors are looking for. It has also proven to be an unexpected success within the top of range so called VIP sector. It is therefore no wonder that Benz is now intent on trying to cash in on the GT’s up to now exclusive market.

    Obviously, the Benz concept is very futuristic and thus it is most unfair for this post to compare it with the current 5 GT. A more sensible comparison would be to look at it in the context of the next generation 5 GT, which is likely to be even more impressive than the current 5 GT and this Benz concept.

    All in all, I think the BMW 5 GT is one hell of a car and its place within the engineering world is well secured by its sheer perfection. I doubt very much that Benz would ever match such an acheivement, no matter how hard it tries.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Well, BMW could have tried to wake the industry (which they did not try to do, they would want to be the only one as long as possible to cash in) by producing a much more elegant car than the current 5GT. Seeing that the 5GT has just been launched, you will see a model change in 7 years’ time, so this Merc coming out next year will a suitable car to compare the 5GT to.

      It’s a pity that BMW can perfect all the engineering stuff but cannot make a car that is attractive, let me be more specific, they cannot make a 5GT that doesn’t look ugly. Look at the rear of that 5GT – so flat and ugly, like it’s been chopped off.

  10. Tom says:

    big nose, squinty horrible eyes and a repulsive interior. MB keeping their design language up to par i see! hahaha

    come on mercedes, really?

  11. Efoza says:

    This MB looks like a minibus rather than a car. The 5 GT will continue to break all expectations. It is by far the best out of the two so far. I hear that Audi is now going to also compete with the 5 GT and so is Lexus. Bring them on, I hear BMW say.

  12. TB says:

    Now I’m sure BMW will greenlight the 6er GT (6er Gran Coupe Shooting Brake). Btw, CLS Shooting Brake is not in any way a rival to 5er GT.

    • FreudeKing says:

      I heard BMW is making the “6.25 Series Gran Coupe Shooting Brake Active Vehicle Efficient Dynamics Tourismo” to compete against the CLS.

  13. Doug says:

    Whereas the 5 GT de-emphasizes the rear cabin area, this cls leaves it as a prominent part of the design. The resulting proportions are reminiscent of a banana-shaped dodge magnum. Which isn’t a bad thing, except that that design lacks continuity where the rear hatch is concerned, so it’s like a banana with a trunk. Had they left those lines alone, it might have been more interesting. Not that I’d ever buy either one of these aberrations, despite my need for a hatch.

  14. Ben says:

    Give me a BREAK. This monster is long and heavy and probably the driver needs to BRAKE hard to bring it to a stop.

    What’s with the German’s naming of the concept car? Break or Brake, It doesn’t make sense here in the U.S.

  15. ARON says:

    The 5 Series GT has about as much sex appeal as a 400 hp sledgehammer. Having said that, the Mercedes aesthetic doesn’t appealed to me. Those “flared banana” haunches stop the dramatic sweep of the side creases. It’s distracting.

    At least the CLS Shooting Brake is a lot more wedge-like. I’d imagine that means better handling and a more planted ride. The bimmer is a big fatty—controlled only through fancy engineering bits.

    Not my favorite examples of either make.

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