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Andy Valencia of GermanCarForum puts his creativity to use and renders the next generation 2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible. Due to be unveiled by the …

Andy Valencia of GermanCarForum puts his creativity to use and renders the next generation 2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible. Due to be unveiled by the end of this year with a 2011 March debut at Geneva Motor Show, the new 6er Convertible joins the recently unveiled Coupe Concept.

Designed by the same team, the new 6er Convertible follows a similar design language that will be seen across the 6 Series family. Similar to the Coupe, the new 6er Convertible features shorter overhangs and wider fender flares, and has a wider track than the current generation. Overall dimensions are said to be between the new 5 Series and 7 Series.

The corona ring headlights, a BMW trademark, made their way into the new 6 Series as well. The taillights continue to sport an L-shape and LEDs. The high-end convertible continues to make use of a soft top, despite initial rumors that a hardtop will be offered for the first time.

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New 6 Series will feature a combination of diesel and petrol offerings. The high-end diesel model will be the 640d, powered by the N57 turbocharged straight-6 common rail diesel engine outputting 306 horsepower. The 650i will be the highest offering powered by the 4.4 liter V8 Twin-turbo engine found in the other 50i models.

The first U.S. 2011 6 Series model will debut in March of next year in the form of BMW 650i Convertible.

ddsfs 655x491


5 responses to “Renderings: 2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible”

  1. viper says:

    same with bmw , deja vu , engines and everything , shorter than 5m , not wider than 7er

  2. Tom says:

    beautiful. but i have the biggest feeling the headlights will change in the production car. and i kind of hope they do. that small angle next to the kidneys throws it all off, i hope that gets deleted. funny something so small has such a big impact, to me at least.. (gran coupe design doesnt have this angle, which is why i think it shows better to some people)

  3. Any ideas on approximate MSRP for the U.S market? I think I need to see this car in my favorite color combo; black on black, in order to fully appreciate.

    IF I were to get a convertible, it would be a toss up between either this one or the Benz E350 but I would need a price for the Benz in order to make a comparison. I have a feeling it will cost more than the E350.

  4. Dedra Lumar says:

    i have a 654i and its a peice of shit. i’ve had it for 2 years and i have had problem after problem. in july2010 car was in the shop for 6wks they could not find the problem finally they realized it was the transmission. need i remind u i took the car back to the app. 3month after purchasing it for that problem. now i have more major problems. one week ago car ran hot and burst hoses and tanks. Bmw said it was repaired which was not true. i received the car back on friday afternoon drove to chalmette the next morin car ran hot again left me strained there. i only had the car in my possession for 1 day. i CAN GO ON AND ON but its just a lil to much for me to write. I think a U go is a better car than BMW. Guess what they didnt repair it under their warranty and now they r under my extended warr. and they still cant get the job done. bmws r beautiful cars but they r not reliable and they seem to be unrepairable. I AM VERY UNHAPPY BMW OWNER. I HOPE I CAN GET MY CAR REPAIRED SOON OR I WILL HAVE TO CALL 6 ON UR SIDE AND 9 NEWS BECAUSE I AM BEING HANDLED WRONGFULLY. I THINK IAM DUE A REFUND. BRAIN HARRIS BMW HAS SOLD ME A LEMON!!!!!!!!!!

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