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BMW X3 | October 31st, 2010 by 3
2011 BMW X3 TEST DRIVE 2311 750x500 Videos: 2011 BMW X3 in motion

BMW releases a new series of video of the new 2011 BMW X3. The International Media launch took place earlier this month in Spartanburg and …

BMW releases a new series of video of the new 2011 BMW X3. The International Media launch took place earlier this month in Spartanburg and our own Hugo Becker brought back the first driving impressions.

Here is an excerpt from our review:

“First impressions formed from the passenger seat on the drive from the Fulton County Airport to Painted Rock Farm is one of quiet comfort. The optional sports seat with power adjustments should be familiar to any BMW owner. The interior is significantly more upscale that the previous X3’s and could tempt shoppers of competitors’ vehicles into looking at the new X3.

2011 BMW X3 TEST DRIVE 2311 655x436 Videos: 2011 BMW X3 in motion

The new X3 is immediately recognizable as a BMW from the inside. There is the common theme of gauge placement, fonts on gauges, and location of controls. This commonality of design aesthetic and ergonomics from one vehicle to another (from the top to bottom of BMW’s lineup) helps focus the brand’s image.”

For more information on the new X3, feel free to visit its dedicated section. 2011 BMW X3

Now, let’s have a look at these new videos.

3 responses to “Videos: 2011 BMW X3 in motion”

  1. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    It may not be the most beautiful or perfect but it certainly is a major imrovement over its predecessor. Though we all know BMW can do much better than that…

  2. FreudeKing says:

    Not nice at all, especially the front view. You can see if the Exterior Design: 2011 BMW X3 video that the front can be described using the following words: Bloated, Flat and Ugly. The sound of the hood closing is extremely cheap, sounds like tin. The engine sound of the Twin Turbo engine is also bad.

    The interior,as said before, looks extremely cheap with the extensive use of black plastic. For those of you buying the X3 with a colour other than black, you should choose the option where the lower part of the dash is in that other colour, or else you will get a cheap looking cabin with a completely black dash with a tasteless splash of wood in the middle of no where. Furthermore, you will also get a cheap black seat cover as seen from the rear seats. I am not impressed.

    As for the videos themselves, where are the high quality videos that BMW used to make: e.g. for the new 5 Series, 3 Series Coupe, 3 Series convertible that have music and people??? They are such good videos and now they come with this with a car that does not sound good at all!.This is not something that I would download and show my friends. This will make people fall asleep.

    My all time favourite is the BMW 3 Series Convertible video from BMW. It is such a nice car and the video is so well made! Not this cheap quality effortless trash!

  3. X5SoB says:

    I’ve got to agree with FreudeKing about the piss poor nature of these videos. The X3, however, is starting to grow on me. Seeing it in motion better reveals the subtlety of the creases and curves, although there are still some gaffs, particularly the strange kickdown on the front fenders, and the strange application of black on the back bumper. I also think the inclusion of a Hoffmeister kink makes the side glass line too strange, and looses the pleasant kickup of the previous X3. I am glad that it didn’t completely lose its “hightop sneaker” feel! But, BMW could have done a better job, particularly in a segment that has some fairly stiff competition. I think I’ll stay with my X5.

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